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Game of Thrones [No Book Spoilers, but filled with TV Series Spoilers!]


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I hate you :p
you dont mean that :p
im everybodies favorite...well one of the favorites :p teehee

p.s. ill write a review about the game once ive got the chance to play it ;)
i pre-ordered Dragon's Dogma aswell they'll come out around the same date


Lord of Altera
Just watched S2, episode 5 and I nearly facepalmed 20 minutes into it. It seems the moment I think everything is going to go as expected, something crazy happens. It's completely unpredictable and I love it.


I think I might like it here
Up to episode 4 now and I am totally epic-ed out so far. Cannot wait for the next episode!

Bron? I always thought it was Bran, like the horrible healthy cerealy stuffs

Never mind I probably would miss spell about 80% of the character's names :p
Bron is a character introduced in episode 5 im pretty sure

Master Pheonix

Lord of Altera
Bron is a character introduced in episode 5 im pretty sure
I know who he is, I just did not know what way to spell his name. I thought it was spelt like that horrible powdery yucky healthy cereal thing 'Bran'. It must be their Northern accents that have been fooling my hearing into thinking that :p

Master Pheonix

Lord of Altera
Bran is another character. Brandon Stark.

Ohh, good good. Thanks I thought I was spelling his name wrong. I knew his name was Brandon but everyone always just called him Bran. Like Benjamin is usually shortened to just Ben :p

I should have made my earlier post a bit clearer, that I meant Bran --> the Stark kid, not the Mercenary/ body guard dude for the dwarf (Tyrion)


<3 Hollow World
Just got caught up on season 2 to episode 5 thanks to a friends dodgy downloads. Going, not sure I like this shadowy figure though - seems a tad daft compared to the rest of it.

Love how there's so many storylines going at the same time, feels like a proper epic saga and not a totally cut down version (like Frank Herbert's "Dune" was when made into a movie).


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I got the first season and just started watching as "homework" for hollow world.
Somehow I thought Cherbert would feel proud... :p
From what I read and heard about it I was convinced it was not my cup of tea. Too much blood and politics.
I only saw the first 4 episodes and so far:
-I already want to slap about half the characters...
-I will not mention the foul words that fled my mouth when they killed you-know-furry-who.
-I felt the bitter taste of disappointment as I discovered that Alaila's first lesson with a sword belonged to Arya... down to the pointy end...
- My two favorite characters have to be Arya and Tyrion. Maybe its a matter of size. :p
- I'm hoping Daenerys will evolve to bring a bit more of girl power to the show.
- I'm starting to have the feeling somewhere, somehow, there is already a drinking game where people cheer every time someone says " Winter is coming".
- I want one of those wolves.
- Everytime the queen mentions her husband I have to fight the urge to yell " This is Sparta!"

Anyway... I didn't think I was going to like it all that much but I am enjoying it.