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December Newsletter 12.1.19

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Firstday, 1st of Winterfeast, 2306
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Help Us Run Hollowworld-- Due to hitting a donation goal limited special titles specific titles have been made available. Make sure you have 1 HW donation credit in your inventory (Must be of Legend Rank ) [x]
    • Winter (December) Ranks Include -- 104980[ATTACH type="full" width="90px"...

Broken Chains

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Archon is within the world, and the world will never be the same for its presence.

The dead walk among the living, and the living among the dead. Spirits are throughout the world, and the long dead have returned for all to see. People no longer die, new life cannot be kindled, and life in the presence of becoming remains in limbo. Wounds no longer heal, the dead never truly die, the world is in a state of perpetual stasis where death and life are meaningless, outdated terms.


ou can make a conversation with Elz and I prefaced with [Revenant] and your character's name, signifying your interest in playing...

Special Cultural Injunction

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† † †​

On April 5th, 2019, the Authors of the Arget Isles and associated IPs requested that both the physical island itself and the lore relating to Arget be removed from our setting. This is a request which was jointly granted by both the IG-Technical Dept. and the Lore Dept. On that date, the Lore Dept. considered the Arget Culture an official legacy language with special rules applying.

On July 24th, 2019, an official explanation for the destruction of the Arget Isles was approved and subsequently posted on the “Rumors” thread.

On August 20th, 2019, members of the Lore Dept. updated the official “Languages of the Eastern Continent” thread with:
This has been updated as Aurion has been moved to a dying language.
It can now only be learned it via characters who already knew it.
Two days later, on the 22nd, the statement was superseded by a new statement in...

Guild Template

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Please follow the link here [
x] if you want a subforum for your guild.
Guild Subforum Requirements:
+You must have a Prestige Guild in-game

The following are suggestions for players in how to format their Subforums. A guide made for players by players.

Proposed Stickied and Locked Threads:

Guild Introduction
- This thread should include the crest, the motto, any relevant goals or political alignments, and a summarized history of the Guild. You can list people of...

[Complete] Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition

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Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition

Hello! You might have wondered here from the main page. Currently, we have reached our Community Donation Goals to get passed the August and September monthly costs to run this server. The following is the thread's introduction with details on some add-on costs and license costs for the forums.

We earned $345 that helped us pay for
-a forum license of xenforo (This helps us with bugs, and keeps us up to date with xenforo, etc)
-a Minesync add-on (This links your server rank to display as your forum rank)
-and funding for August and part of September for monthly server costs.

Thank you to all!

As you may know, it can be expensive to pay for and host this community we all call home. HollowWorld has been around for many years, and we would like it to be around for many...

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