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1.14, The Sorrows, The Nether, and you.

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Hi all,

Now that I have some additional testing and development resources at my disposal, here comes 1.14.(4). It won't be an overnight upgrade however it I am setting a target date of August 16th, 2019 as upgrade day. I'll release more specific and confirmed timing as the day approaches.

With this, we will be resetting both the Sorrows and the Nether. These maps have been overdue for a wipe for a bit but we've been pushing back until 1.14.4 was stable.

I do not expect issues like we had migrating from 1.12 > 1.13, and it will be thoroughly tested in a development environment before we make the changes to the main server.

Any questions please let me know here

September Newsletter 9.1.19

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First day, 1st of Fogwater, 2306
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • 1.14 (Village and Pillage) update-- Unfortunately, there has been some delay with this server update and transitioning has been pushed back. Not to fear however , the switch should be coming in the next month or so.
  • Help Us Run Hollowworld-- So far the community has raised a 345$ to go towards migration of server hardware and yearly licensing fees, any additional donations would still be much appreciated and will help reduce the monetary stress of future...

Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition

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Help Us Run Hollowworld: Community Donations Edition

As you may know, it can be expensive to pay for and host this community we all call home. HollowWorld has been around for many years, and we would like it to be around for many more. Staff is happy to volunteer their time to keep everything within the community moving, however, the server costs money to operate. We recently underwent a migration to new hardware to reduce costs, however, the server will still cost $95 per month, before any incidental costs such as yearly licensing renewals.

In order to keep HollowWorld sustainable and operating, we are reaching out to the community in an open and transparent way. Whenever the server is short funds for a month, the server owner must pay these funds, which becomes expensive over time. We as a community must become more sustainable...

Campaigns Update

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With the end of Starfall, there has been a small lull in events, or campaigns, and I'd like to apologise on that front. You might've seen 'Schism' appear for a while there, but it has gone now, and with me coming into the 'Event Co-ordinator' position I'd like to try and explain a few things and update you on where things stand currently. Additionally I'll try and sort this little sub-section after this is posted, but that's for another time.

Where is Schism?
Lannis was the runner of this campaign, and it was scheduled for mid July - But he has a hectic life at the moment and is more absent from the server as a result. With the shift in Co-ordinator position too, this campaign has now officially been put on hold. As a result, there has been nothing immediate to replace it, and that is where the lull comes in. Fortunately, there are things in the works.

'Cults' - Released!
While this is not a campaign, this is an upcoming (within the...

[Support Ticket] The Support Ticket Guide & You.

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Hello, all!

The staff team and I have gotten a cool opportunity to try out a new system that we think will be helpful for communication -- The Support Ticket System.

Support Ticket System: Staff and Player Communication Made Easy (At least by a little)

Q: Why do we need this? Why did we put yet another system on our forums?
The support system ticket is a way to increase visibility for issues and form them into tasks for staff. Issues can be created and sent to departments as a whole, and then have status marked as the issue is resolved.


Player X has a question regarding the effects of a spell. That goes to the Lore Department.

After Department, you may be required to pick an additional category at the bottom of the ticket based on which part of Lore you mean to address.

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