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The Hollowworld Kin - The Hollow


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Find us on the EU-RP Server Laurelin.

If any of you haven't experienced Lord of the Rings Online it is now Free to Play!

Use this thread to discuss all Kin matters.

Kin Leader: Steelcryo (Steelcryo)
Officer: Frodrimbo (cherbert)

(Post your character names here so I can complete the roster of members who are already members of Hollow.)


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i made an account and downloaded it but it was in a pc format, is there a mac download?
There's no official mac download, and I went through a hell of a lot of trouble to get it to play on my mac. The best option is to torrent a wine version. Don't bother with crossover games as they'll make you pay like $40 to play after your 2 week trial.

Anyways, does anyone know if you can shift servers? Right now I'm on one that's called Arkenstone, I think. Any way to move it to Laurelin?


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It's fun until you need to start to pay at like level 30 or so
Then it's like 10 dollars a month to make it worthwhile


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I am reading the books of the Song of Ice and Fire series right now, and I watched the Game of Thrones on HBO, I love it!


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Thats been happening recently. Until then you can only download it elsewhere. Roopot knows where, but unfortunatly I don't.


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Wow had a pain of a time trying to access my transfered account :( Finally in now but er then I realised I don't have it installed at the moment :D