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Tybalt Rhett | King of Marr


Lord of Altera
Tybalt Referance.jpg
Character’s full name: Tybalt Rhett Marr Engem
Reason or meaning of name: He was a Founding Member of Marr and Joined the Engem Family
Character’s nickname:
Sword Guy: By Raindes
Tybs: Som and Raindes made this popular and it stuck
Hair Tuff: Scardrac
Tibels: .........Helios is really annoying
Tybsies~: Only Violet can call him that
Tybbers: LolElmond
Tubs: Ylva
Freezer King~Coined by Nwalme~

Reason for nickname: Already stated silly
Birth date: I'll get to work on that

Lord Tybalt Rhett of Azerport,
King of House Marr,
Emperor of The Arcturian Empire,
Voice of the South,
Knight of Rahas,
Knight of Justice,
Knight of The Trinity,
King of the People,
Theodra's Ghost (due to a battle in Al'Bathor),
Guardian of Vermella,
Ex - Imperial Scout-Master of Turia,
Ex - Electorate of Turia,
Former Royal Guard of Marr
Former Legionnaire of Marr/Arcturus
The Taker of Crowns,
Freezer King,
Boy King
"Apache" The Attack Helicopter

Physical Appearance
Gender: I Identify as an Attack Helicopter
Race: Half human/Half Elf,
How old does appear: 18
Sexuality: I sexually identify as an attack helicopter
Weight: 130
Height: 5'7 ... Don't make short jokes
Body build: Not the big muscles type, but by no means is he weak. Through staying active and rigorous training he does have abs. Is really strong for his size.
Shape of face: The shape of a face.
Eye color: Brown but when he experience great emotion the will flicker and change to a Vibrant green
Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: He has a Keen Eye and has no need of em.
Skin tone: He has a slight tan. From Living in the Coastal Town of Azerport
Distinguishing marks:
+Has a Scar running down diagonally on his left forearm. Recieved in a battle with Luke, Bandit Lord of The Blood Serpants.
+ Engem Tattoos lace down his right arm in a vinelike pattern.
+Tattoo in black lettering on his right arm, "The Blood Serpent Comes" above that is a dagger with a Serpant wrapped around it, dripping blood"

+ The Red Mark of Crusade is marked on his chest, right above where Crusade had stabbed him with his sword above his heart REMOVED
Predominant features: Strong shoulder muscles from training in Archery his whole life. Also his Emerald Green Eyes tends to grab attention
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Type of hair: Soft and silky. It's rather fun to run your hands through his hair and play with it.
Hairstyle: Not too short not too long. He keeps it out of his eyes by pushing it to the right and keeps it right a this eyebrows. If not it be bout an inch past his eyebrows. Ehh, Has a "Hair-Tuff"
Voice: IDK yet
Overall attractiveness: Rather Attractive
Physical disabilities: None Jack
Usual fashion of dress: A dark verdant cloak. Like the color of the Eastern Forest's trees. With Similar green Clothing

Armored: A set of black Arcturian Steel armor. Chainmail underneath.
Favorite outfit: The one Raindes made for him, his green hunting attire
Jewelry or accessories:
No longer carries the crown of Marr on him.
The Signet Ring of Marr and Arcturus

images (14).jpg
He is pretty much the embodiment of the traditional American spirit.
So if like you hurt or killed on of my friends, it'll be something like this


Is less trusting

Good personality traits:
- Caring
- Honest
- Straight forward
- Brave
- Willing to defend those who cannot defend themselves
- Follows Instinct, and acts swiftly on it.
- Able to make Quick Decisions
- Loyal
- Resolution - He has an astonishing amount of Resolve
- Faithful - Diligent in following the teachings of his God Rahas
- Diligent - He performs his duties promptly and thoroughly
- Valorous - Expresses Great Courage in the face of Danger
- Prudence - Shows Caution and Sound Judgment in engagements
- Truthful - Remains honest in his words. Unless of course it is Scout-Master Work, which he simply keeps quiet about. Could have been an Ignis Follower if he chose so.
- Charity (Generous) Gives to Charity often, and holds a deep hatred of Greed
- Temperence - Escaping his previous temper...he exhibits self-control and holds his tongue when handling politics.
- Just - Always takes the moral high ground. Will not resort to killing innocents. Always upholds the Right when found against the Wrong.

Bad personality traits:
Can be over Zealous As he aged he grew out of his old ways and became more level headed
Emotions Cloud Judgement Has a good grip on his emotions. He has seen much and acknowledges that he will send many a man to their deaths. And he doesn't need his heartstrings getting in the way of sound judgment.
Ambitious - As much as it is a good quality, it has it's downs.
His Faith, Diligence, unrestrained Resolve, and Dedication to upholding Justice tends to put him amiss the Battlefield and attention of Tyrants.

Mood character is most often in: Serious and to the point, but with courtesy
Sense of humor: He loves to laugh
Character’s greatest joy in life:
To be free and to see the smiles on the faces of people he cares for.
Luna, Sheila, Allindra

To hear the words, thankyou
Peace and Justice
Character’s greatest fear:
Failing Marr
Loosing the rest of his family
The Tyranny of Evil men
To die before he sees this world United as equals
Allindra's tears

Why?: He's had to say goodbye to too many people now. He is responsible for Marr and feels responsible for each person within Marr.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: If Sheila, Alanna ,Allindra, or Luna died.
Character is most at ease when:
Hunting in the Forest of his homeland
Or with Luna Alindra, or Sheila
Surrounded by Brothers and Sisters in Arms

Most ill at ease when:
An Important Decision has to be made. Gained Confidence to lead.
When something is amiss and he can't figure it out.

Enraged when:
People will not listen to reason.
Around Roran No longer lets emotions take hold over him
Being useless, unable to overcome a situation (Usually Divine in nature)

Depressed or sad when:
Reminded of the Days of Corruption.
His Cider Bottle is Empty
Those he feel is responsible or cares for is in harm's way

Priorities: Instinct. His Family, People, Alterans
Life philosophy:
Follow Your Heart and nothing else. It is the only thing that will not lead you astray.
This is best expressed, through one of my favorite songs of all Time
Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.
Family comes first.

If granted one wish, it would be: Peace...a world where the Kingdoms worked together as equals
Why?: He takes Rahas teachings to Heart. Gone all full Templar for God.
Character’s soft spot: ......
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: .......
Greatest strength: Archery, Longsword Combat, Master Swordsmen of Arjan de Rhunon (my IC Equivalent of Fiore de Libre which isItalian Longsword Combat) Leadership
Other Strengths: Tracking, Stealth, Hunting, Swimming, Tactician, Blades. Leadership. Warhammer
Greatest vulnerability or weakness:
His Loved ones. Will do anything to ensure their safety.
Biggest regret: Choosing Marr over Violet, Not discovering the virtue of Temperance sooner..
Minor regret: Trust placed in unworthy places.

Biggest accomplishments:
  • Reunited with his sister Alanna.
  • Being one of the top Swords Masters in all of Altera
  • Becoming King of House Marr
  • Reforging the Arcturian Empire
  • Cutting down Al'Bathor's City Guard with just Helios, Galo and two scouts.
Minor accomplishment: *points to a nice humble house* "I built that!"
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: Not succeeding in saving Violet when going back to the cathedral and taking on Kilrox. Later they tortured her and Violets permanent smile cut into her is a painful reminder everyday of that failure
Why?: ........
Character’s darkest secret: Best learned through RP
Does anyone else know?: Just about the entire Northern Kingdoms know. Wants to stab the people that spread details of his personal life. @blargtheawesome

Drives and motivations: Family, Word of God
Immediate goals:
  • Purge the Traitors Completed!
  • Unite the South
  • Finish Basic Training with the Recruits
  • Finish Teaching the Twelve Guards to his Legionnaires Decurions
  • Learn more of the "Rogue Threat"
  • Grow as a Man of Rahas and adapt his virtues of Faith, Charity, Valour, Sagacity, Prudence, Temperence, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope, and Justice. Representing all the Virtues of an Ideal Knight of Rahas
Long term goals:
  • Defend Family and Friends
  • Defend those who cannot defend themselves
  • Assemble the Knights of Rahas and Spread his teachings

  • Keep training with Longswords
  • Unite Altera together as Equals.
  • Prepare the world in case another attack of the Divine and Supernatural disaster.
  • Make Altera Competent to defend itself without the Gods for when they leave this world and the Protective Grace of the Divines is gone.

How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Hard work, determination. Training, Diplomacy
How other characters will be affected: That's a long range of effects. Hopefully for the better!

Hometown: Rhunon, a secluded Forest Elven settlement deep in the sorrows
Type of childhood: Happy... Yet he was pushed quite a bit to make use of his potential
Pets: None
First memory: His sister Alanna and brother Nindir's face.
Most important childhood memory: Kristen
Why?: She kept him from going down a dark path after his family died and still do
Childhood hero: His Brother
Dream job: Hunter
Education: His mother made sure to educate him and taught him how to read write, and do math, altho he never received a formal education. He was taught and picked up on many more useful and practical skills than sheer Knowledge. As it wasnt supplied in the sorrows.
Religion: The elven neighbors would tell him story's of the gods and the immortal kings.
Tho due to their nature, they really only stressed Shalherna and Theodra.
Tybalt was a prodigy Marksmen. And always looked up to Theodra, her becoming his patron goddess.

Finances: They worked for what they had. It wasn't much but they always got by and they were happy.

Current location: Azerport
Currently living with: His two daughters Allindra and Luna
Pets: Otto the Otter. Squeakers the Squirrel. Helps run a petshop soo..
  • Rahas: He is a Priest of sorts, a Knight of Rahas, The God of The People. Sworn Knighthood to this God, and took a series of Oaths. He finds himself in sync with his Lord and all of his virtues. Intends on spreading his faith and seeing through that Justice is kept and Equality upheld.
  • Theodra: Tybalt favors her as he followed her in his young youth. Enjoys hunting and rarely shows mercy. But his his Fate lays elsewhere.
  • Shalherna: The Goddess of Life. She is the mother of All and the mother of his Lord. Pays Respect to the Goddess.
  • Crusade: The God of War. Tybalt hates this god with a burning passion ever since the god cursed him that day so long ago. Tybalt followed him in the assault on Port Silver Cathedral during the corruption days. Even despite his extreme hatred, as a warrior Tybalt respects the god.
  • Valor: Altho fallen, Tybalt still follows what he represents and tends to acknowledge him by his true name Korigon. Brogan was the one to introduce Tybalt to this god and together they formed The Brotherhood of Korigon. Now known as The Brotherhood of the Trinity.

King of House Marr
Emperor of the Arcturian Empire

Finances: He's actually pretty well off, Being a King and all. But unless you know hes a king,you wouldn't know, he hates greed and gives to people freely~

Money is an abstract human happiness, so who is no longer able to appreciate true Human happiness, is completely dedicated to it..

Mother: Atlanta
Relationship with her: Loves her greatly and misses her deeply
Father: Archaes Fronte
Relationship with him:He tried killing him and his best friend Violet on numerous occasions and tried taking Marr for himself....but recentloy he did save his Sister Alanna's Life...Mixed Feelings.

Lizzy Fronte - Loves her~

Alanna Rhett- Loves her as well. as he always had despite their Hardships

Morna Rhett - "I'm going to kill you deader than dead" Vermella forgives you and wish me to leave you alone... " Yes, I know her...she is a person" He has a chilling neutral feeling for Morna since his transformation to a man of God.

Spouse: I love only one...and she is gone
Relationship with him/her: na
Children: Luna Black, Allindra Rhett
Relationship with them: Loves them deeply and if you touch her you die

Other important family members: Brogan, he's like an older brother to him and is his current inspiration
No one needs a traitor. I am sorry...You were always my mentor and Brother... I am sorry I could not keep your final wish...I am sorry Brogan... I tried so hard...but I was not the reason our Lives work and Empire crumbled...
Color: Blue and Green
Least favorite color: Grey
Music: Elven, Engem Tribal Music.
Food: Venison, Murdocs Bread, Anything he catches in the lands of Marr.
Literature: Tomes on History, Elemental, anything Divine or Informative in Nature.
Form of entertainment: Sitting on the foothills of the highlands, in the peace and quiet, as Allindra wonders the plains below. Being around to raise her in general. @Alyssa
Mode of transportation: Walking.
Most prized possession: His brothers bow that he takes care of now that he's passed:(
Hobbies: Research, Swordsplay
Plays a musical instrument?: Engem Drums
How he/she would spend a rainy day: He loves the rain! He'll be outside~
Spending habits: Tends to give money to those who needs it. Spends it on Marrs Development
Smokes: Nope
Drinks: Never touched it
Other drugs: NEVER!!!
What does he/she do too much of?: Handling Zealot Kings and Diplomats
What does he/she do too little of?: Relaxing
Extremely skilled at: Longswords
Extremely unskilled at: Alchemy
Nervous tics: If you can catch them in RP. Good for you perceptive one.
Usual body posture: Carrying his bow. Straight, happy
Mannerisms: Likes to hop over the bar counter in Azerports inn
....... He is childish
Polite and Courteous, carries himself with confidence.

Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist/Realist
Introvert or extrovert?: Was introvert, now extrovert
Daredevil or cautious?: Audacious while observing Prudence
Logical or emotional?: Logical, will act on emotions after thinking it through.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Neat and efficient
Prefers working or relaxing?: Working
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Confident
Animal lover?: Loves all the animals :heart:, cept Hellhounds. He can kill him some hell-hounds @Scardrac

How he/she feels about himself/herself: Even if I may only be mortal, no Elemental, Figment, Corruption, Dragon, or even God will ever break my will. Call me useless, let me prove you wrong.

One word the character would use to describe self: Determined
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: "How would i describe myself? Heh, well that's a rather big thoughtful question isn't it? Mnm... I am a man of god, the King and Servant of my People.
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?: His loyalty
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?: Fear of Uncertainty
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?: His Fitness
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?: I Could be taller
How does the character think others perceive him/her:
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: Nothing, he likes being who he is no matter what people think.

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: There is alot of good people out there, Innocent... too bad they can be blind from their lack of Diligence in the war against Tyranny. They must be protected.
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?: Not at all unless he "likes" them
Person character most hates: Morna, Viola, Barroes Hawklight, Robert Senatoor, Peter Hallon
Best friend(s): Violet, Fronslin, Sheila, Sayd, Chalkan, Murdoc, Landir, Drake
Love interest(s): Sheila S. Cor.
Person character goes to for advice: Chalkan, Som, Theodra-The woods
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Violet, Luna, Allindra, rest of his family
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Depends who and when and under which circumstances
Person character openly admires:
Person character secretly admires:
Most important person in character’s life before story starts:
Kristen, Nindir, Atlanta
After story starts: Brogan, Sheila, Violet, Raindes, Som, Morna, Alanna, Morna, too many people to list


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Lord of Altera
Love Interest: Sheila S. Cor.
Allindra Rhett - Allindra is one of his two daughters and the youngest one at three years old. She was left in the Inn at Azerport, dropped off by an old member of the Blood Serpents, just a little girl that looks almost exactly like him. Ever since she has been the greatest joy in his life and loves her to the end of the world and back.

Sheila Cor. - Undeniably his best friend. He only wishes the best for Sheila, will always be by her side, and will be there forever when she is in need to pick her up when she is down. Just as she has done for him. They have been best friends since always, over time his deep friendly love for her has grown into a romantic kind. Saddened, somewhat angered that it is likely only it is only because of a God of Madness that this could never come to pass, and even more because he knows that she will get burned, and Jishrim will only leave her heartbroken, and broken in general in the end of this, again. But will not let this dishearten him, will always have hope.

Kristen Campion - Tybalts childhood friend and past fiancé and lover. They had one child together that Tybalt did not know of for three years because of her time held captive by the Blood Serpants. She met a tragic end when on the night of her escape she was shot in the back by Mirna Rhett, when being held in Tybalts arms in a clearing.

Luna "Black" Rhett - The eldest of his two daughters.(10) Luna was the daughter of Faeron and Eleonore Black. Both close Freinds of Tybalt and when they perished it was made known that he was Luna's Godfather and he has loved her just as if she was his own.

Violet - *Insert long huge emotional roller coaster story here* Tybalt was made her Royal Guard long ago. Since then they have been through many adventures together and he fell in love eventually. Their story continues up to where Violet loses all of her memory, and doesn't even remember him. He doesn't know where she is. But wherever she is his heart is with her and wishes nothing but the best and a better life than what she has had so far.

Alanna Rhett - His sister. Twin sister to his big brother Nindir. He remembers her from his childhood in the Sorrows and they have reunited in the Northern Kingdoms where they now co-lead the House of Marr. He loves her as she is one of the few remaining members of his family and will never abandon her.

Lizzy - His Half-Sister, wishes they could see each other more often.

Som - One of his closest friends from his time in Eresse. Once when he was younger he had a crush on her, but Som became more of a big sisterly type of figure. When Raindes died Eresse fell apart and so did their community. He hopes to see her again more along with the other old Eresse members still around, but he knows she's busy.

Engem - Tybalt has joined the Engem Tribe and sees all of them as his like-minded brothers. The Green Flame Rises.

Brogan Makorath Engem - Despite his betrayal and siding with the Lavoyard pigs, Tybalt still sees Brogan as an older brother figure and it pains him to have to fight his Brother and former mentor. He just hopes Brogan will come back one day before they have to fight each other. His old mentor and friend has passed on from this world. Doesn't know if he can go through with his last wishes.

Storm Marr-Engem - Tybalt isn't nearly as mad at Storm. Because Storm has always been like a father to him. Always giving him the best advice when needed. Storm seems to be neutral to both Lavoyard, Marr and Engem, and understand why Marr and Engem are fighting against Lavoyard.

Ignatton Marr-Engem - One of his oldest friends and an Engem sister. Always been able to go to her for advice.

Lizzy Fronte - His half sister. He would do anything for her even though they don't see each other often.

Ko'Lon Chalkan - Ko'Lon of the Engem Tribe. He is Tybalts current mentor at both arts of war and Engem ideology. Tybalts and the Engems beliefs and values of Family, Love, Loyalty, and Courage is the key factor on his relationship within the tribe and he believes he can always find a friend in Chalkan, and Chalkan can always find a friend in him.

Elmond - An Engem Brother. Despite having to fight him during the war when he was corrupted, they have moved past that and are good Freinds. United by being both Marr and Engem.

Likes messing with him when Hes tired and loopy. Another good friend passed away. This world is getting lonelier and lonelier.

Sayd - Out of all his Engem brethren, Sayd probably is who he is most like and connects with the easiest. Sayd was a ranger who left, Tybalt wanted to join the rangers but then stopped pursuing once rejected but still continued along Theodras path. They hunt regularly together and even have started their own secret hunting camp/ settlement deep in the forest and wilds, called Nadindel. for those who are Serious about living by Theodras word and wanting to connect with nature.

Annabeth - Daughter of Fronslin and Juno. When Juno died and Fronslin left his children in Tybalts care to travel north, Tybalt watched over her and sees her much like a little sister. He taught her to follow Theodra and they enjoy hunting together.

Iteraldi - A dear Freind whom he sees as the nicest and most pure thing in the world and appreciates her help by taking care of Allindra when he is traveling doing work for Marr. He truly believes if everyone could be like her, the world would be a better place and there would be no war.

Idon Marr-Engem - A boy that grew up under Engem and Marr influence. He follows the ideals of Rahas close and Tybalt loves him like the rest of his Engem bretheren, and is deeply saddened and hurt at his untimely death. Has something planned for him.

Theodra - As said above, she is his patron goddess and driving influence in his life, being dedicated and given to her by his parents at birth. He has always held onto her words dearly and the way of the hunt, and will especially in the days to come... And hopes they guide him through these changes.

Cyyr Elensar Marr - Has a mindset much like his own. A true best Freind who has stood by his side from the beginning. Would save him from Lavoyard jail time and take a bolt to the butt anyday for him ;) , but he is deeply saddened that he is leaving soon. Fell to the blood Serpents, misses him much and is ashamed their last words were ones of unrightful anger.


Edmund Campion - You live up to your family name, unlike your brother. Nor have you ever shown disloyal intent. I am glad I can still trust you old Brother.

Azuran - Trusts him enough to appoint him as Murdoc's replacement of Grand-Marshal. He trusts Azurans loyalty to Marr and sees him as a trustworthy Freind. He is going to try to make up for his mistakes.

Evadne - Marr's Courier, she naturally has to be trusted. Good Friend. Owes her a lot for a bad judgment call.

Arvallon Engem - Like Darius, Tybalt trust him but hasn't got to know him as much. Especially wants to understand Arcallon more seeing as they are going to be working close together it seems.

Juno Marr-Caldwell - A long time Freind of Tybalts. He trusts her but he's noticing that her mind is quickly deteriorating. Is going to try to find Vallahad and take her to him. Killed by Mila, thinks he could have prevented this by ignoring the obviously wrong people who said to give Mila a second chance when he had her in his custody; Therefore takes blame for Juno's death and feels the need for Vengeance

Amethyst G. Azerwind - Doeant know much about her, but what he does know is that she was the original land owner of Azerport, and the legitimate Heir to Marr. He trusts in her love for the Azerport-Teilight Falls delta area.

Arencena - Cena looked after and protected Allindra when she was taken to Thiil. Even died too keep bandits from taking her. He holds her in the highest respect he can give, owes her his life.

Jenny - Seems like a nice enough woman, always freindly and pleasent to be around. But her unfaithfulness to Idon hinders his opinion of her

Drake Rock - We started off on the wrong foot, having to hate each other because peace wasn't an option. Since the formation of the Empire, and the quelling of the Rebellion, I have learned to rely on you, and trust you as a Brother in Arms and i would hate for that to change. Altho, immature, you still have some morals and your one of the last honorable knights I know.

Tybalt understands why the Rebellion started and does not blame Drake. Infact Tybalt may have sided Marr with the Rebellion if the Rebels leadership didn't decide to do a preemptive strike on Azerport.

Rose - Helped Tybalt and House Marr without being asked by being Tybalts spy and informant in Hellsridge, saved Evaine Blackrose life by alerting her of Scardrac's wishes for her death. Feels like he may be responsible for Roses death as she did not show up to their last meeting. Even more appreciative of her, and grown fond of her. Despite her faith in Jishrim, I still see her as a good friend.

Athryl - Has had their differences and disputes, yet Tybalt still sees the Elf as a friend. Especially since he's one of the few remaining Members of Old Eresse.


Illithior - He's alright. Saved his butt once and he's nice to Aldi. Hurt her and I'll slit your throat :heart: Play nice kids. c:

Nhyllis - Enjoys the company of the young pirate child. Melted his heart when she came over and spoke to him just because she thought he looked lonely. Sees alot of his younger and still current self in her, in her adventurous spirit. Somewhat protective over her

Fronslin - Used to be a really close friend of his. They fought many times with each other against corruption. But even tho Tybalt understands Fronslin had a duty to Aeryerus (please correct me) Tybalt thinks low of how he left his children under Tybalts care after Juno died, instead of raising them himself his own.

Rebecca Lynn - Seems like a good person. She actually had the guts to actually face Scardrac instead of running off when Scardrac attacked Azerport, and she also regularly participates in the practice of the hunt. He doesn't hold it to heart that she left for Valle, Ylva and Lucius was like parents to her, she just followed blindly like how he used to follow Brogan unquestioningly.

Alderan - seems nice enough, and is Azurans brother.

Azure Cerridwin - Seems to have good intentions with this study on Magic and She Who is Beyond Names. Perhaps for our upcoming Order, I should look into this with him.

James Fairborne - The two have previously fought together and died in the same fight. Marr's ex-admiral.
Unlike most of those who fled from Marr simply because times were looking dark and fleeing selfishly to save their own skin and leave those left behind to fend for their own, James is a more honorable man than that. He did it simply for his wife who was converted back over to Lavoyard. And because of her family on that side, altho they committed great crimes against humanity, he cannot fight them. Even tho that is not a valid reason for abandoning his post, he wasn't afraid to defend his home or family, simply moved to where it was going, and Tybalt can respect that, even tho he dislikes it.

Mila - You've improved on your destructive anger, but you are still foolish in my eyes to go against Tzemik, before you know of an entire case and it's details. Potential ally, but you have a long way to mend the damages you have done.


Darius Engem - Has fought alongside Darius in many skirmishes, and even scouted Le Havre together. He trusts him just like any other member of his Engem Brothers yet he hasn't gotten to know him as well as the other, but he would like to. {So he decided to become one of my families murderers. I must forget him ever being an Engem brother and do whatever I need to do to eliminate all threats to my kin, even had the nerve to come to my home afterwards, and not say a word. You made your choice, and you may die with it.} Actually still in shock over the discovery that Darius is a Serpent, and would hate to ever cross blades with him. Doesn't show this and tries to brainwash himself from showing any mercy, as he does not expect any.



Ylva Rei Artoris - Once one of the most loyal and patriotic in all of the House. It wasn't to hard to see that time was going to come to an end when she married Lucius Artoris, A Lavoyard prince. What was unexpected was her making traitors of other Marr's. Hate is a strong word to use against someone who used to be a great friend, but he pities how easily she fell for the corruptness of civilization and endless stream of lies that Lavoyard spews from their mouths.
Grant Anderson - After saving your lousy arse from execution..defending you in Lavoyard Court....You... you DARE treat one of my Legionnaires, my BROTHERS with such malice over what? Some stupid dumb COIN?!?! You will know pain soon Grant... I hope your faith in your god is strong....or gives a helping "hand" because I will put the fear of a god in you...

Further Hated:

Roran Campion - As one of the only remaining members if their old sorrows Village, being his brothers best friend, and fighting alongside each other for numerous years, Tybalt has a special kind of trust and faith in him. He is the Brother of Kristen, and the uncle to her and Tybalts daughter, Allindra.
"You betrayed your people, stabbed everyone who held you dear in their back, sided with the people who killed your own sister and the mother of my child. You better kill me, or I'll kill you first"
Naela Senatoor - Defector. Honestly, he didn't care about that. He's glad the love triangle and disrespect of Rahas doctrine in Azerport is gone. She commuted adultery and caused Elmonds wife to commit adultery with her. They took his child, Drexius, who was to become an Engem just like his father, to Lavoyard territory, where he will most likely be taught to hate his ancestors and his true people. The only reason this woman isn't being hunted is because of Tybalts loyalty to James...

Victoria Rytell - Read above... Is protected solely by Tybalts loyalty to James.

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@Hogo-Sha Kitsune


Here's one By the Amazing Sally~

Sheila and Tybs playing.
Drawn by the one and only @bettemus99

Anthony Gerwalt~ (Tybalt)
Also drawn by Bette. This was Tybalts disguise as a Renatun stableboy where he infiltrated the Lavoyard Ball in Goldenbay back during the Marr/Lavoyard Cold War. Duc Azoth took him under his wing and made him a Caedit Noble.
Tybalt - Lavoyard Ball Disguise.png
Dyed his hair black and actually spent a month in Renatus doing work as a stableboy, getting into character, learning the lifestyle and mannerisms. Month away from Azerport in the North he lost his tan and had more of a northern tan.



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Overall: Strained?

Mental Disorders: - PTSD: Alot of Death and fighting for his life since a young age, Swam in a sea of Bodies did a number on him.

Crusade's Changes

Emotional Stability: Usually can hold them pretty well.
As of late tho he has had angry and Violent tendencies.
Mental Stability: Completely in control of his mind and Sane. Blood...
Tad bit more complicated then that actually, but he
will be insanely blood thirsty
Insatiably horribly blood thirsty

Memory: As a Scout, its required of him to have a very good and accurate memory.
Calming Down: Its very hard to calm him down once he is enraged. There is only few that can successfully calm him down.
You thought this was hard before ...
Sleep: Plagued with Nightmares of the horrors he's lived.

- He sleeps much better when someone is beside him, that person being Lossy @aidoninja

Overall: He can get along with society just well. But he doesn't like it and prefers to be alone or just with a few friends. Being a Leader doesn't help with that.

Speaking: Outspoken. Can hold a pleasant conversation but he doesn't hide his opinion.
Languages: Common, Elven, Old Arcturian and the Marrian Dialect of it.
Making new friends: All the freinds..*Shrugs*All the enemies. First impressions matter to him.
Trustworthiness: Completely Honest most of the time. Unless he is working a case.
Defusing hostile situations: Yes, Shooting a murderer in the head tends to diffuse it.
Winning arguments: Doesn't win many, but people are often proved wrong later, and usually gets hurt because they never listened to his warnings.
Lying: If he -has- to use them, hes fluent at it.
Romantic encounters:
[X] Why would i tell you? Why the hell is this on here?

Overall: Very Street Smart. Primarily Forestry. I say overall pretty high.

Can Read/Write?: Yes
Nobility: He is a Noble but doesn't take well to the life of a Noble. You wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at him.
Etiquette: Bahahahaha, "Whats wrong with setting on counters?" *Cider sip*
Warfare: Hes lead the archers of Altera in the Assault of Port Silvers Cathedral in the corruption war. He knows the general idea but no master.
Mathematics: High! Hes an Architect. Math is a MUST!
History: Has a severe love of History. Especially that concerning his own nation. Very knowledgeable on the topics within his time and some years before it.
Science: Is Lacking.
Medicine and Anatomy: Knows a lot on Field Medicine and herbs you can find in the wild. especially those found in forest.
Geography: Astounding. First and Foremost he is a Scout. Surveying Land is a large part of his life.
Agriculture: Can farm a small garden. Relies primarily on hunting however and would strugle to get by just by farming.
The Arts (art history): None
Music: can play a Box drum and can sing very well. Can play a lute/
Religion: Theodra is Love, Theodra is life. She is his Patron Goddess and Tybalt lives by her ideals and follows her path. IS very knowledgeable of the others in the Pantheon

Overall: Very High

Hand-to-Hand Combat: His small figure doesnt help in this field. He is strong for his size but will usually lose in a match of brute strength.
Bladed Weapons: Is Proficient in this field. Better at Short swords and is an Expert at
Bows and Crossbows: Approaching Mastery.
Dodging Attacks: His small size and lightness gives him an edge in this field. High Dexterity, very quick.
Maces: Average
Spears: Trained alot with a Spear and knows his way around it as a tool for The hunt and a weapon of War.

Overall: Expert

Sewing: Can sew a wound and stitch up a hole in Cloth.
Gardening: ]Never tried it.
Stonecarving: Master Architect.
Painting: Lets...not
Sculpture: Novice
clay: Nope
stone: If used in Architecture, Awesome
wood: Proficient-Expert in most cases.

Bowyer: He is excellent at the craft. Can make a mighty warbow or a very decorative and reliable hunting bow of some of the finest qualities.

Overall: Master - Survival is his Game.

Perception: His sense of perception is noteworthy and has Eagle like Vision and keen hearing. He picks up on things others overlook, and sees things others wish to remain non-existent.
Stealth: His light frame gives him a quiet step. Think twice before you think your safe, you may not know whos watching.
Evading Enemies: Very good at that.
Wilderness Survival: Is very knowledgeable on the plants and wildlife found in the wilderness. He can make shelter and knows how to keep warm. The Wilderness is his Element.
Climbing: Can carry his weight and light equipment well.
Swimming: Strong Swimmer
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Added a picture of Tybalt on one of my reserved post :D.
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