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Active Glenn Louvel


Survivor of Five Rivers

"And so the shaken thing returned,
Battles lost and throat quite burned;
The charm of the past, desperately sought.
Ruined, then- or so he thought."

((By Magic Intern ))

"Welcome back, little bird."
A week, a month- time is hard to track. But he's been gone, and some version is back. We'll see if it's the one you were missing.
-End of the Queensport Arc-

[Current Status - Spoilered for the squeamish]
+Temporary Physical Update: His features are gaunt, eyes slightly sunken and skin pale. His already small frame has grown smaller, somehow. His hair is roughly chopped, uneven. Most importantly, his left eye is an icy blue.+


+Overhauled the whole thing
+Massive personality update
+Updated with a playlist and new art!

"Those who see and those who don't."

+All Misfits



"Stripped away."

+Charity's eye


+Ol' Red
+ Amalbert

"What little I can offer."

Skill Down!

+Gained (temporary) Stagefright+

OOC Stuff: Possible further updates throughout the day. Credit to everyone who chatted with me OOC about this madness. I appreciate y'all checking in- never fear. Good things loom on the horizon, like it or not. Happy (early) new year!


Survivor of Five Rivers

"If you venture into the good night,
mind your throat for his ragged bite-

He'll sink his fangs up to the gums,
cut your lips and bind your thumbs."

((Doodle by Magic Intern))

Ain't it just the way?

"Sticks and stones might break my bones,
But words cut worse than either."

+ Kinsey - Fluffy Bristle
+ Gunter - Philipe
+Branko - Kostadim
+Maebh - Magic Intern
+Bok'ra - Retro Hagrid
+Sugar - Ruu Darling

+Mathieu - BoredBrit
+ Izhmoz - Tideborne
+Marian - mageaegis
+Fronslin - Fronslin

"Been working on little ol' me."

Skill Up!
+Lute skill up!
+Stagefright ended (2 nat 20's???? Somehow???)

New Songs Below the Cuts

There once was a knight in red and green, his eyes the hue of copper
He pledged an oath to serve his king, and sought the noble's daughter
The king there was a doubtful man and wished to prove his worth
And so he gave the man his task, though spoken with some mirth.

'Go slay a dragon in mine name and you might have your prize,'
But faltered as he saw the deep confusion in his eyes.
Much to the wonder of the court, the knight- he did not know,
And thus the king, he sighed and said, 'You face a mighty foe.
The dragons here, they hoard their gold and steal it from the nation-
They take the lives of lesser men to prove their higher station.'

The slow-witted knight considered long, his face a mask of thought,
and after a good moment said, 'Do these dragons harbor rot?
Do they sit upon their treasure, isolated and ensured?
Are their scales adorned in silver, all their comforts quite assured?'

"'Indeed!' the king exclaimed. 'At last you understand.
Now go and kill the blasted thing to meet my one demand.'
'Very well,' said the knight. 'I will kill this dreaded thing-
No longer will the people suffer under a vain and jealous king.'

The courtiers all gasped as one when the warrior drew his blade,
and on that winter night, a mighty history was made.
Now of course the merit of this tale belongs to you, the gentle viewer-
But beware the strength of tired men who seek oppressors for the skewer.

Lay with me, my lover, and I'll sing to you a song,
One that's carried by my heart and beats with hours long-
The melody, my revelry, which none can steal away;
It speaks for you the yearning of some ol' forgotten day,
I've bound for you my spirit and I've bound for you my tongue,
And in my case I've kept each solem poem, lute unstrung;
There's a darkness at the corners of my head now, oh my love,
And it's hardened up the callouses, the old marks under my gloves,
That darkness is a secret, but one that most folk knew,
You can't truly cage a songbird if the songbird never flew;

The darkness I call Theodoard, eight-eyed watcher of the night,
For at each other, long we stare, dark sockets meeting bright;
I'd battle it with valor but the creature knows their face,
It took upon their features, but it botched the detail's place;
Despite their rows of teeth my blade would still be stayed,
Cowardice, perhaps, I'd sooner let my skin be flayed;

Not every word's a eulogy, just most rhyme long' that way,
My Hearts write songs in color when the eyes show only grey;
Everyone's got blood to spill, but most keep it in their veins,
Sane folk find a one to love, and their bonds are bloody chains;
Call me a fool, my loves of mine, I'll bleed most any day,
For all you rotten, cursed souls- you keep my dark at bay.

OOC Stuff: Needed an update sooner than expected, honestly. Y'all give too much good RP!
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Survivor of Five Rivers

"With a new direction,
the bard rights himself,
dusts himself off,

and sets out."

((New profile art! Look at him!))

((By @pandushkie on Insta!))

Minor housekeeping done, and a massive overhaul of relations. He's also no longer a gaunt little gremlin, which is a lovely change.

"New bonds forged."



+Andrew - Mr.Slime
+Lura - abirosse
+Atrus - Squidziod

"Steady does it."

+Added some goals

Skill Up!

+Minor Lute increase

OOC Stuff: Alright, I'm never posting in this thread again, I'm dead. I don't know how you all manage to develop this character in wild ways every few days but I'm choosing to blame Dee, Intern, and Phil. I'll quietly update as needed but don't expect to see posts for a while. :>


Survivor of Five Rivers
We're BACK baby, now with
a few relations and minor edits
But more importantly darkmode compatibility
@ me for relations this is the laziest update post of my life