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Finished [Sallana] Mother's Embrace {December 9th, 7pm EST}


Loyal Servant of Altera

In the last few days, Sophie has been pleasantly surprised with not only one, but TWO, pregnancy announcements from her close friends, Illyrana and Florence.
It left her with an idea to throw a party for the two and their partners, a congratulations on the new additions. All of this is done in a form of thanks given unto Sallana for her bountiful gifts of love and fertility.
There will be a brief speech over fertility and the gift of childbearing, followed with music, wine, tea, art, presents, laughter and a whole lotta love.

Date: December 9th (This may change)
Time: 4pm EST

What?: A party in celebration/appreciation of Sallana, and Florence & Illyrana's pregnancies
Where?: Florence's vineyard home in Linistel
Public/Private: Private
Rating: Peaceful

Formal invitations are sent out to the following, written in Sophie's neat calligraphy:

Florence & Uriel
Celestea + BoredBrit

Illyrana & Marceau
The Cartoon Witch + Morbid

Sugar & +1

Ruu Darling


Fronslin & family
Fronslin + The_VALKYRIE + Queen





Divine: Elz & Brit who is already tagged
I'm not expecting a divine presence, just wanted to tag.
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