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Newsletter: August 2023


HollowWorld's Announcer
Lore Staff
Server Outreach

First Week of Mistset
Season of Harvest -

Welcome to the August edition of the Hollowworld Newsletter!....

The Event Team and Staff DMs continue to work through the Event Request Thread this month. I encourage players to focus on events hosted by other players- especially those of festivities and cultural gatherings.​
Some event Arcs that are ongoing. - The Twisted Star Arc is nearing its latter half as player groups have seen the climax. Now it's a matter of racing to the resolution. - The Serpent Sanguine Arc continues as players search for their missing friends and family. - The Last Bastion prepares its next incursion against the undead soon. - What We Sow still continues its build-up in resolving the tragedies occurring in the desert.​
We continue to encourage players to try their hand at minor DMing on a player level. A thank you to the current Player DMs Scroll120 (now staff), Reedie, and nexscarecrow for hosting their own arcs and for picking up player event requests.​
Divine Team has had a lot going on in real life lately, essentially across the board. Rank-ups are our top priority, and we've spent some time working with Arcane to hammer out spell guidelines that we are using to rework Divine spells. Those are likely to be rolled out incrementally and could represent some significant changes. Stay tuned!​
Arcane has been busy over the past few months! A lot of our work is finally reaching the light as we ramp up our output. First and foremost: custom spells are open once more! We've limited it to just one submission per player for now, rather than per character. Arcane also released the Universal Spell Guidelines alongside the Divine Team, which has been a huge effort to standardize the thought process behind spell balancing. As such, Arcane Team is also looking to hire some folks to work as Arcane Hands! Their primary focus is on helping with the custom spell submissions, as well as some of our behind-the-scenes work within the arcane system. Lastly, the Arcane team has released new information about Sanctums. You may still create a sanctum for APG, but we have decided to remove the ability to raid one until we can decide on a proper course for it. That's all the changes thus far, and we hope to have more out in the future.​
In terms of team composition, we are sad to say goodbye to Moosh, who was a wonderful and valued member of the team. He has decided to retire due to reduced hours, and we miss him every day. Somnastra and Jstar are on a hiatus for now, though we hope to eventually see them soon.​
Lore is catching up on some tickets as it works on revamping threads and pulling several new faces to the team to assist. We welcome xVigil, Chuiden, hayhaiya, and nexscarecrow to the team to help us work on tickets, research, and modernize threads in Lore.​
Our recent launches have been the following:​
+Revelation of Demonic artifacts​
+The History of the Hellscape​
+An update to HC Lore concerning our new armor rules. The update includes the following items:​
-Emperor Scorpion​
Stay tuned for more updates and reworks.​
Server Outreach is beginning to focus on Spawn and how to help develop it further. New systems, a revamp of the Cathedral, and some smaller arcs are in the works. The team continues to strive to focus on player retention. Dailies continue in the Landing as well, and some work on a new tutorial is underway. As we continue into the summer, our hope is to also begin to spread the love to new players and find exciting and new ways to engross them in our world and teach them about the server. Thoughts and ideas are more than welcome!​

Be sure to check out the [ Roleplay Announcements ] thread!​
[ x ] The constructs across Altera seem to feel a tug, some changes have occurred! [ x ]
[ x ] A storm is still brewing over the Badlands. Was this an accident, or on purpose?​
Some events planned for the upcoming weeks can be seen below, though check the [ Calendar ] regularly so you don't miss any!​
[ x ] The Arena of Sand - [ August 5th - 4pm EST ] [ x ]​
[ x ] Cultivating Profit - [ August 8th - 5pm EST ] [ x ]​
Be sure to check the [ Alteran Rumors, Gossip and Hearsay ] thread!​
[ x ] A handful of dealers in the Storm's Landing undermarkets start to sell high-quality opium at seemingly impossibly low prices. A few fights break out, but after a day or two of people still coming back, it seems to be legitimate​
[ x ] Rumor is as the All Hammer guild for crafting had just opened their door along with an auction being hosted for everyone to sign up sooner may be wise for different artists to start to get crafting or look around for common items as trinkets to be sold at the auction to make some radiants​
[ x ] Rumour has it, that a secluded town has fallen under the sway of a cult devoted to a strange, vile creature. The villagers seem not to like talking about the strange occurrences, but the word is that the local priest is begging for help from other faithful.​

If you think you know the answer to this month's riddle PM Mara on discord, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer.​

✾ This Month's Riddle -
Voiceless it cries, Wingless it flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters.​
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