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Music suggestions for my sound pack


Loyal Servant of Altera
If anyone read about my soundpack, they understand what it is. If not, it's just a resource pack that you throw in your game that changes most of the ambient music it the game and about half of the music discs.

I'm looking for just a few more suggestions to fill it out better.

Most of the music I put in are from games(mostly Zelda), but I'm open to hearing others.

General rules are:
- Between 2-4 minutes
-No lyrics
-Fitting to a fantasy world
-Ambient music is supposed to inspire exploration, it shouldn't be too upbeat
-Music discs are for certain situations like a temple or a funeral.

For ambient example:
Minecraft theme
is changed to
Faron Woods
It's fitting with the background music of a fantasy world so it fits.

For music disc example:
Record 13
is changed to
Ico music
Records in this pack are meant to be played in certain locations/situations. This song sounds like general town music or light party music so you'd play it in those situations.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to link some songs you think would fit well.

Available slots:
2 slots for surface ambient music left
1 slot for nether ambient music left
1 slot for the credits music
5-6 slots for Music Discs(I really like stal as is, but if you find something similar but better I might replace it)