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[Lore] Pioneer Project


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The thrums of hammers upon anvils ring. Various metals molting fizzle. Textures form from threads sewn together. The pioneers within the crafts of Altera pursue to create the best of the best, the most unique of their discoveries. Some use it to hoard within their Kingdoms. A few share among their companions. Others use it to enlighten the public.

Altera enters an era for Pioneers

Crafters can use their Masterwork to submit a new lore proposal for a craft within their skill sets. The craft must follow the researcher’s method and the rules below. It’s recommended that players balance their own craft with crafts already known and made to ease the process through tickets. Players can work together on their discoveries, but must rely on one lead researcher as the speaker of the ticket.

The craft, if and when approved, will become available inside the crafting system. The craft must fall within the following Master skillsets and their branches:

Submit following the {Research Criteria}

Method of Approval
-In respect to the uniqueness of lore, no two crafts submitted should be alike (cannot make a variant crafts of one already known).
-Instead of long discussions to get your lore approved, we’ll be going by the simplest method. Checking if you followed lore and requirements, the craft is a decent addition to roleplay, nothing overlapping something already existing, and is balanced.
-We will be flexible concerning ‘techlock’, opening our doors slightly in lue of innovations, but will still follow guidelines to not expand beyond the Medieval themes of our server
-Lore reserves the right to deny a submission if it doesn't meet criterias of lore, progress of character's research abilities/skills, themes fitting the server, balance, unecessary additions or reiteration/replacing of crafts already existing

Ooc notes
Your Master Crafter will be the sole figure who’s discovered the craft and may teach others at their own pace. If another player submits research in learning it, and figures out the combination or method in getting there, they’ll be able to learn it as well. If two people send in around the same submission, we’ll refer to one who has the most straightforward or first submission, where the second player can learn it as well, or consider the discovery as a joint process. Working with other players is encouraged, but only one spokesperson will be the designated ticket speaker. If there are concerns of someone metagaming the information of learning a craft, please send a moderation ticket to ensure your submitted lore was learned properly. However, all crafts will be added to the crafting system and players are allowed to discover the craft through it on their own, as it'll be available for all to see. It is highly recommended not to make new discovered crafts until they're publicly known or taught. All approved submissions will be posted oocly.

Once approved- we will have you use up your cooldown on the first craft with a screenshot as proof. Each character can submit at least one craft every 3 months. This is to prevent overflow of lore and tickets.

If you have Questions, ask below!
Projects Complete:
The Diving Bell - James Varyn TheDeester
Rose Gold - Glimmer Solus
Immortal Diamond Gem - Frost and Kethron Fronslin Heie
Theloan Bow - Jaden CloakedReaper
Cursebreaker Steel - Laicelem xVigil
Featherlight Elixir - Lana Wake I am Wake
Frost Grenade - Valtae & Frost The_VALKYRIE Fronslin
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+Opening up to having a Discovered craft be one per character, rather than player