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[Last Update] Official HW Album - Teasers, Release Date, Cover Art Reveal


An Alteran Bard
Tavern Songs From Altera

! ! ! U P D A T E ! ! !
One more final update before the album is released!
For today's update, I want to share a video where I talk about the album and plug HollowWorld into YouTube.
I'd like to show you the cover art the Kamaoe made and I'll tell you the release date for as far as I can tell.

Cover Art:
The amazing Kam has agreed to make the art that will be the icon for all songs of the entire album, both on Spotify and Youtube.
I want to thank Kamaoe for her contribution to this HollowWorld music album. She's done an amazing job at making the cover and I'm super happy she decided to help me out. Give her some love in the comments, because... Just look at that. Look at how inviting that picture is. A mysterious book, with lore-related items. What tales will this book tell us???

Teasers in a video:
I've put little snips and snaps of songs from the album in this video. Watch the entire video and you'll hear teasers from every song!

In this video I review which is the distribution platform I use to get my music out there in the world.
I talk about Audioscape Studio where I recorded my songs and I put Kamaoe in the spotlight to thank her for her art. is also mentioned and plugged well enough! :)
If you haven't already, please help me out by subscribing to my channel. You'll then receive notifications with each now song that is released.

Final Release date:
Everything depends on Amuse now...
I've uploaded the files on the 29th of February. I thought they needed 2 weeks to go live, but they in fact need 3 weeks.
I've sent an email to Amuse and reached out on FB to ask them if it's possible to get it up before the 14th. In this case, It'll release exactly on my Birthday!
If they aren't able to help me out, you can expect the entire album to drop on the 21st of March :D

Final Words:
That's all for now. You may expect the thread with the full release within this very month!

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