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Inappropriate Roleplay; Clarification of

This is an explanation on inappropriate server Roleplay and discussions that will not be allowed in OOC or RP or any chat within the server or forums. Warning: Some words may be offensive

+Player was banned, Reason: Inappropriate Roleplay
This ban reason can be avoided by following the rules. To avoid offending, hurting and upsetting others, we would like to avoid the following topics, let us explain a few things first:

+"It happened in Medieval times"
Yes, yes it did. But these aren't 100% medieval times, and while it is a Roleplay community/server based in medieval times, we have rules against this behaviour because we prefer avoiding things that shouldn't be discussed openly around people you don't know, and especially don't discuss/roleplay it on the server.

These discussions/Roleplays we're implying are:
Rape/Sexual Assault​
Torture/Graphic Violence*​
Drug use*​
Suicide/Self Harm*​

*Will be clarified below

Please do not put rape in backstory at all, mention it or let it happen, it is a bannable offense. Definition of Rape is to force someone into sex without consent and touching someone inappropriately without their consent. If we hear even a wiff of implication of it in-game, we'll be banning. So knock it off!

+Why aren't these things okay to roleplay?

All sorts of discussions can cause different reactions. These topics are things that can easily offend almost everyone (at least a high majority), it can also give a bad impression if we let these sorts of things happen. Yes, that does mean that some rules are made to make the server look good, but it's also to protect people. Especially knowing this is a server that ranges from 14-year old players to 20+

Instead of getting offended at conversations that happen and causing fights or leaving the server, we set rules to make sure most of these things don't happen and people can feel comfortable and safe to be here.

+But what if we're both okay with it? (Or keep it in a private channel)
While we do appreciate the ways you went to try and avoid getting caught, this doesn't solve that the rules was broken in the first place. It doesn't matter if it's a private conversation or done with simply actions and a few vague keywords. It's against the rules and if other players catch it happening then they might think it's okay. It'll snowball and unfortunately the staff will be the ones that will be banning people that are are usually very well behaved players.

We want this to be a happy and welcoming community, so please understand why we put in these restrictions.

+Clarification of those in the * category:

We allow 'panning to the fire place', 'fade to black', or general time-skip scenarios when consented sex is involved in roleplay (always make sure the other player is ok with it). It can be happening in background stories between roleplay, but none of it should be roleplayed on the server. Keep intimacy to a PG-13 rating.
+What's the line: Details about the act of sex, or sexual organs in play, in roleplay will be automatic bans.​
+We aren't tinder. Do not advertise being an ERPer on this server. It will put you on our watch list and you don't want big brother watching your every move.​
Torture/Graphic Violence: Can be done vaguely. You can give more details with Cut and stab but you cannot go into great detail with gore that makes the other player uncomfortable. Just be sure of who you're roleplaying with- tolerance level for everyone is different and there is always a line.
+Any torture leading into sexual abuse or an implication of it, will be an automatic ban.​

Drug Use: We're allowing more leeway on this category. Players can mention medieval drugs and have it occur in the background, but no abuse of it will be roleplayed in-game. Ie- no one should be roleplaying 'high' or abusing drugs on their own or others characters.
+Alcohol, Potions and smoking pipes are ok to be roleplayed.​

Incest: We're inclined to allow incest in roleplay, only in the case where the characters don't address each other as siblings- and must not be any generation apart (half-siblings, step-siblings, cousins and siblings are fine).
+Characters, related in this scenario, more than a generation apart leans on a creepy factor that makes a lot of people uncomfortable, therefor- we do not want mention of it or roleplay of it at all.​

Suicide: The topic of suicide is a sensitive one- and we're including this here more so to clarify the topic, rather than say it's banned. It can be mentioned in backstory and discussion of it can be roleplayed. We're allowing discussion because roleplay tends to help characters through traumatic events. Always know your audience and who you're roleplaying with. If a player tells you they aren't comfortable with the topic, end the roleplay and void it.
+If a player pushes a self-harming character onto players who aren't comfortable confronting or dealing with this sort of roleplay, we'll be stepping in.​
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