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[IC/OOC] In Search of Bowyers and Weavers


Bird, Knows What's Good
Staff member

Missives are posted in Verdant Valley, Eldpoint, and Storm's Landing, bearing a stamp of a bird...

Hello. This is Thryss Vendolyn, or Queenfisher, of Queenfisher's Odds and Bodkins. Recently, my shop has experienced an increased volume of orders, for which I am thankful.
However, I am but one woman with two hands, and so, I am in search of one or two employees, apprentices, what have you. Intermediately skilled Weavers and season Bowyers are sought to assist
in the shaping of bows and weaving of strings, for a negotiable cut of each order. With extra hands, orders can be finished quicker, and in their owner's hands sooner. Apprentice-employee people will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve their own skills, with directed work. Bowyers who prove able to carve up to snuff will be paid the highest cut.
Write Verdant Valley, as usual!


* * *

Looking to collaborate with Carvers and Tailors!
On an OOC level, one will need to be a journeyman weaver and/or expert bowyer.
This is so 1.) Silk bowstrings can be made and 2.) Bows sold are still [Excellent] quality.
However IC, all are eligible, because their character may find it fulfilling.