Dynmap Icons and You


I think I might like it here
region: hardanger

You've enough plots and one big complete build open for rp. As soon as you have your roads and port set up, group will do final query on the place before adding in the icon.
Transport wagon has been added!


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Transport wagon has been added!
Awesome- thanks. After a brief discussion with a few staff members, we've come to the conclusion that we'd like to see more builds in the area to signify it as complete or more lived in. Those with dynamic marks have more than one complete build it the area, to signify it as more of a hub to visit. I could suggest some vineyards and small farm houses. but it's all up to you and what you're going for.

Also- if you can make sure you have a road to your region, it'll make it more accessible. That was a requirement for a port- but it may have been looked over. You can at least make a request since there's a queue pending from the people who build them now. {See thread here}.
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