Poster Declaration of the Illegitimate

Sir Arc

Lord of Altera
Theodosius, self-proclaimed Basileos of Astrakhan and the Asrakosian people, what follows is an open letter in regards to your pitiful schemes and machinations: I, Peter of House Longtree, am aware of your actions and intrigues. I know of your plans to extend the weak and brittle fingers of your so-called imperium toward the once-great Sungrad, a jewel of the fallen Amalfian principality and the very nation from which I was born and reared.

Let me state this plainly as can be, there shall be no further action taken in the efforts of claiming Sungrad. Your claims are illegal, baseless and plain insulting to the memory of my people. The title deeds of Fort Sungrad were granted to House Iding in times gone by, a House that has since fell into the unknown- a House that was under oath to House Courtnay of Artois. This fortress of Sungrad, belongs to their liege lords- the illustrious House de Courtnay and to no other. It is in protection of this lawful inheritance that I demand your illegal seizure of the fortress over. The fort shall revert ownership to the current Heir of Courtnay and his regent. That is to say, Mathieu de Courtnay II and his regent Podric Flanders, the famed Prophet of God.

Even in defeat, your grubby hands are grasping at straws of a man you have long cowered away from. Stay away from Sungrad, petty-king, you are playing at a game far bigger than yourself or your supposed imperium. Ignore me and it is not only the House of Longtree you insult, but also Podric Flanders, House de Courtney, and the very memory of Amalfia.

[Thanks for BoredBrit for helping me]
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