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(Contains swearing and vulgar
~Alanis Faleth~


-I consent to Alanis being a slave/sold into slavery.
-I don't consent to killing and maiming Alanis without my knowledge before-hand.
-I consent to torture. (With good RP reason)
-I don't consent to PVP killing/fighting.
-All Consent rules are waivered in Violent Regions.

Name: Alanis Faleth. (Formally Alanis Soresta).

Full Titles: Elder Tree.

Nickname/Alias: Alanis.

Mood/Emotional State/Mental State:

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(By Myself!)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Forest Elf

Social Status: Middle, about 40k.

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'9

Weight: 100 pounds.

Date of Birth: ~

Date of Death: Not yet!

Homeland: Uhm...the sea?

Current Home: Compendiom, Roguh's Hearth, Mockingbay.


Alanis's Outfit Number One. Mostly made of leather and cotton. She wore this outfit for 15 years of her life.

Alanis's Outfit Number Two. She wore this one for 3 months.

Alanis's Outfit Number Three. This outfit is what she wore for Soresta Shalherana.

Alanis's Outfit that James had made for her.

Alanis's Preistess Outfit. What she wears when she gives sermons.


-Sage (For dead bodies wheee)

-Food (Mostly bread)

-Water (in bottles)

-A Shalherana symbol


-Alanis is around Storm's Landing for a couple of weeks.

-Attends first event, some festitval in some moor elven faction. Meets Auxilius, the Shalherana Priest.

-They talk at his home in the Silver Isles. Auxilius mentions Preistess Teeke.

-Alanis joins the Soresta family and the Valley.

-Demon portals open up, people start getting marked.

-Meets loooads of new people.

-Helps out with the Valley, also taking one on one lessons with Teeke.

-Desides that being a Priestess of Shalherana is one of her goals.

-Becomes bored with living in the Valley, makes weekly trips back to Storm's Landing to talk with people.

-Teeke leaves the Valley, Alanis leaves the Valley to her former home, Wayfayer's Rest.

-Alanis learns Teeke came back.

-Alanis visits Teeke, Alanis tells Teeke she left the Valley, and Teeke said's she cannot be apart of the Soresta family anymore.

-Alanis asks to run a bookstore in Mockingbay.

-Alanis is intrested in buying a home in the Compendiom.

-Alanis leaves Wayfayer's Rest.

-Alanis moves into the Compendiom.

-Alanis get's ownership of the bookstore. She names it "Blazing Diamond Library".

-"Where are am? Why am I here?"

-Alanis is free!

-Started Natura Rititio.

-Miss Muffin. . .

-Get's Natura Ritito it's first headquaters in Queen's Port.

-Is foucing on being a Shalherana Preistess and plans on hosting sermons.

-Descide to move on from James and fell in love with Gael.

-After going on two dates, she confessed her true plans to Gael, which he accepted.

-Blooming relationship with Gael.

-Learning of the war between Kane House and Hallon, Alanis went to Gael to comfort him. (Mostly herself)

-Took the Spiritual Walk from Storm's Landing to Natri'Evar.

-Learned that Gael was critically injuried when fighting a demon. Went to go visit him.

-Heard of the cultist attacks on QueensPort.

-Learned that Athyl had returned.



1=Starting out, not so good at this.
2=A little bit better, but still very bad.
3=Almost half way there. By this she's at Apprentice level.
4=Still at Apprentice level and learning new things.
5=At Adept Level, knows how to do it at the basic level enough to make it good.
6=Still learning, but not as much.
7=Teaching others how to do it at this point.
8=Almost Master at the skill. At this point she might offer her teachings to other people or to the public.
9=Near or Second Master at this point. Alanis is no longer learning any new things, or very rarely does.
10=Master level. Alanis is teaching, writing about, sharing, and can make a good thing without worrying about her screwing up.
Brewing: Alanis doesn't know how to brew ales or wine. However, she can make simple drinks. She's currently experimenting with this. Alanis as discovered brewing is very hard and takes lots of effort. She's given up brewing. She can however, make simple drinks. (4/10)

Cooking: Alanis loves to cook. She cooked mostly with Meditriain food because she was on a ship for 14 years. She is a Master at cooking with wheat, olive oil, other grains, fruits, vegitibales, and seafood. However shes a bit clunkly around meat and dairy. Alanis now cooks with only vegtibales, fruits, and dairy as she as shunned meat from her palate. (8/10)

Archery: Alanis being a Forest Elf would train on the boat with her Mother and Father. They'd set up target practices in the forms of sugar or flour bags. Alanis gave this up resently when vowing not to hold or use a weapon, however, Alanis still secretly practices in case she wants to vent her anger on some poor sack. (10/10)

Hunting: Alanis didn't really have much to hunt on a boat. She'd shoot at fish for the most part. Alanis gave this up when she joined The Valley. Alanis still doesn't do this, even though she's left the valley. (2/10)

Craftsmanship: Alanis doesn't really know how to make a lot of stuff. She doesn't really have any intrest in it either. (0/10)

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Alanis doesn't really like this. However her Father taught her the most simpilest basics in case she get's in a fight. Duck, and punch. (1/10)

Swordsmanship: Alanis doesn't really like swords, she perfers daggers. Thus, she was never taught. She's resently picked this up due to war and other concerns. She hopes to be taught by Gael. (1/10)

Staffplay: Alanis as never used a staff in her life, nor does she have intrest in it. Alanis relizes it might be a good time to find a staff teacher, with all these demons running around. But the thought of lugging around a big heavy stick isn't too grand.. (0/10)

Daggerplay: Alanis is very good at this, taught by her Father for 14 years. Alanis as given up on this due to her vows. She rarely practices anymore. (10/10)

Sprinting: Alanis is very good at this. (10/10)

Medicine: Alanis as no intrest in medicine. (0/10)

Alchemy: Alanis as no intrest in this. (0/10)

Arcane Knowledge: Alanis knows the very basics from the books in the Compendiom. She also knows when dUMMY told her about "Second Death" that people can get revived. She isn't sure how, though. She resently learned of the Sisterhood of Shalherana that revives people. (2/10)

Music: Alanis as no intrest in this. (0/10)

Communication: Alanis is very poor at communication because she is timid and shy. Sometimes she is outgoing and loves meeting new people, but sometimes she hates being around people. (2/10)

Learning: Alanis does not do well with very detail oreantated subjects. Math and Science being the hardest. Alanis does well with few rules, creativity, direct one-on-one teaching, History, and English. (4/10)

Problem Solving: Alanis as a very hard time problem solving and usally guesses her way our of problems. (1/10)

Teamwork: Alanis hates teamwork, and will ditch her teammates as fast as possible. (1/10)

Dependable: Alanis is not dependable, and needs others sometimes. (1/10)

Flexible: Alanis is not flexible, and requires repeated amounts of normalness. (1/10)




[ H means healed, X means it's not healed yet. S means scar.]

-Cuts on her legs from broken dishes. (Ari healed some of the deeper cuts) [H]

-Two whip lashes on her back [H-S]

-Bruises around her neck. [H]

-Bruises on her hips. [H] FADED.

Build: Skinny, slim, typical forest elf. As resently aqurried some mass due to her long walk. Strength and Endurance is up.

Hair: Straight brown.

Eyes: Grey.

Skin: A bit more white than normal.

Identifying Marks: Two whip lashes on her back.

Appearance: Brown hair, grey eyes, slightly not-tanned skin. Slim, as all Forest Elves are.

Clothing: A revealing dress with white/blue gloves.

Weaponry: Alanis got rid of all her weaponary a long time ago.

Prized Possessions:

Stuffed spider pushie, Dove plushie, Evergreen fabric, and a clock.

Hygiene: Ok.

Voice: Rose Quatz, from Steven Universe.




+Seeks and Values Harmony

+Passionate and Energetic

+Highly Imaginative




Fears: The dark (can't see well in the dark).


-Too Idealistic

-Too Altruistic


-Dislikes Dealing With Data

-Takes Things Personally

-Difficult to Get to Know





Intelligence: Average.

Languages: Common, Elven, Forest Elven.

Profession: Librarian, Natura Ritito Leader.


Personality: Happy, cheerful.

Religion or Cults: Shalherana.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Short Term Goals:

Stay away from Queensport. (

Find another Wood-Elven home. (

Get accepted into Compendiom, buy a house. (

Get an interveiw with King Kaiser Peter.
(FAIILED...he's kind of dead.)

Get an interveiw with Lord Nwale Furvur. (WAITING...)

Find a new home... (ACCHIVED)

Find new members for Natura Ritito.

Figure out James... (FAILED)

Bloom relationship with Gael.

Long Term Goals:

Be friends with Amrik. (

Make a Wood-Elven/Nature settlement for everybody to enjoy! (
FAILED...It's kind of already made...)

Build a basement shrine to the Nature Goddess and Silas. (ACCOMPILSHED)

Host monthly sermons to Shalherana.

Figure out James....(FAILED)

Get ready for the Spiritual Journey in two years. (


Place: The Compendiom

Pastime: Hanging out with friends.

Food: All. (Expect spicy)

Drink: All (expect liquor.)

Colour: Green.

Animal: None.

Least Favourite...

Place: Wherever the 'demons' are coming from.


Food: Anything spicy. Muffins.

Drink: Liquior.

Colour: Purple.




-Gael: Silver Elf, blue eyes and white hair. Dark red shirt and green pants. Black boots.
Family was refugee's, raised him in de Courtnay lands. Tasked with finding and serving a Queen. Favorite color is gold. Favorite food is anything, Favorite drink is only the finest wines. Religion is Rahas.


]-James McGuffin: Black hair, blue eyes. Nicely dressed man. Always smooching his wife. Favorite color is blue, white and gold. Favorite drink is wine. Favorite food is muffins. Cares about his girlfriend, and his kids, and that's it. Thinks emotions are silly. Worships Billworth, Jax's brother. Why? Why are you doing this? This is really weird, but if you think this the best course of action, then who am I to judge? I still don't know your full reasons, but I trust you. This is still really weird. And Miss Muffin? Geez. I don't know about Miss Muffin..but you...oh gosh, I'm getting feelings for you. I know this is greedy, but I want more than what we have now. But yet, I can't really have I'll just have to find somebody else.
The Tottot


-William: Black hair, missing an eye, Silver Elf, blue eye.
Is really funny, my nickname for him is 'Marshmellow'. He's my best friend. So our relationship didn't work out. Oh well.

-Joe: Black hair and black eyes. Black, green shirt and pants with brown gloves. Faovrite color is black. Favorite food is potato soup, favorite drink is coffee. Worships Theodra.
Wandering Ranger


-Aspen: White/grey hair. Caprri. Grey/Brown/Black clothes. Fluffy white tail. Thinks the war is pointless, because nobody needs to die. Favorite color is purple. Favorite food is steak, drink is corn whiskey. Was a Grey Lady follower for a couple of years. Shalherana, Theodra and Silas now. Favorite sport is archery. He seems like a kind old man. I haven't seen him in a long time.

-King Emeric Ralotumal: Mother raised him. Father left after mother got pregnant. Father came back when he was ten. Lives in Halbed. Dark Elf.

-Queen Diamond Azerwind: A really nice lady that's Queen of Azerport. Oddly enough, she didn't want to be treated like a Queen when I met her. I wonder what makes her so different from the others? mokwar

Queen Alison: Evil lady. Full of sass. Black hair, green eyes. Your sorta ok now...maybe Bennard's charm is rubbing off on you? Well, you offer me some sound advise, so maybe your actually ok.

-Sir Peter Longtree: Brown hair, green eyes, white shirt with brown jacket. Black pants and brown shoes. Longsword. Sir_Arc

-Linden: Capprii, red hair, blue eyes. White and gold dress. Brown shoes, brown shawl. No favorite color. No favorite food/drink.

-Sif: Dressed in dark black and blue. Is a hell of a fighter and swords person. He gives really good advise, despite his rather scary armor, and the fact that's he's combat happy.
The Courier

-Athyl: An old Forest elf who was alive even before I was born. He seems to know a lot of stuff. I know he worships Silas. He thinks the God's play people like chess peices to get what they want, so he's lost all respect for them besides his patron. I wonder what knowledge he as in his brain...? IceandFire

-Cloud: I-I accidently made him upset and angry! O-Oh no..I need to fix this! The Living Ghost


-Tanithil: Silver hair, golden eyes. White/grey outfit. I don't know much about this man.

-Mara: Lady with shield and sword. I don't know much about her.

-Arduin: Hair is rather messy, clothes have patches and holes in them. Favorite color green. No favorite food or drink.

-Dominar: black hair, black eyes. No favorite color. No favorite meal.

-Aspen: Capprii. I don't know much about this person either.

-Tzemik: A Nakat that Alanis saw performing magic. She was agruing with two other people about something. Yikes, she seems stressed all the time. Alanis feels like she should help her. Michcat

-Eskel: Old man in black clothing. Long grey beard. I don't know much about this person.

-Sugar: Capprii, blond hair and orange eyes, red tube top, brown skirt. I don't know this person either very well.

-Timocrates: Shaggy brown hair and green eyes. White and blue toga. Faovirte color is blue. Faovrite drink is water, favorite food is none.

-Auxilius Drev: Priest of Nature, scholar and herbalist. I like you...but you seemed really awkward around me and my humor...maybe you just don't like me? *Worried frown* Haven't seen you around either.

-Arianna Soresta-Strand: Elf, wears a dress.. Blond hair and blue eyes. Vines on her arms with a lot of tattoo's.

-Soul Allister Oakhold: Human, teen, orange hair, green eyes, Red and blue shirt, grey pants.

-Cayde: Elf, black hair.

-Eala: Elf, red hair. Grey eyes.

-Ben: Blond hair, blue bead's. Brown shirt.

-Venno Astro Crow: All black outfit. Brown hair, black eyes. Scruffy beard. Electric

-Truce: Halfing. Ginger long hair. Female. Green/white/gold dress.

-Edger Kress: Black hair and black eyes. Black/white/grey shirt. Black pants.

-Bliss: She seems like a good kid, but I'm not too comfortable around kids.

-Prince Ciaran Niall: Lord of a volcanic settlement.

-Lord Balatro Wise: Silver elf, runs Rough's Hearth. Favors the unmentionable. Favorite color is white. Balatro

-Louis: Human, blacksmith. Brown hair and black eyes. Sotty white shirt, black pants, and brown boots.

-Victor Roichstead: A tall man. General of Mockingbay. Black hair and black eyes. Tanned skin. The Tottot

-Trystan Fuvur: Black hair and black eyes. White shirt with black jacket. Black pants. Gold ring on finger. Elz

Unsure of:

-Dum'ni Plug: 5'3 man, black robes with blue highlights. Is with the Gaurdians of Immortality. Or GoI. Group that strives to keep souls safe. I'm kind of uneasy around him. He seems scary...

House Furuv: Apprently their the good guys in the Anheld-Fuvur War, but Alanis knows that every side as two coins. She's currently wishing to speak with Nwale herself, but after the Storm's Landing Battle, he's in hiding. blargtheawesome

-Theodore: Black hair, black eyes, white/brown shirt with brown pants and brown boots. Favorite color is yellow. Favorite drink is black rum. Born son of a shepherd, raised a shepherd. Learned Lavoyarde. Descendant of a knight. Doesn't have a religion. Favorite sport is Horse Racing. Would rather live shorter and be happier. Logically thinks. Is optimistic. He is a handsome man, who's clearly trying to woo me over. ...Why not go for it? After him leaving for a couple of months, Alanis is unsure if she really wants to try this out. Alanis regrets this deeply, but she cannot have feelings for a man who vanishes for a couple of months, and there's only letters. When Theodore returns, Alanis will tell him.

-Albion Godfrey: Black hair, black eyes. Pale white skin. Grey and white outfit. Favorite color is spruce green. Likes anything fresh. Religion is Theodra.

-Lokela: Friend owl named Icarus. Favorite color is gold. Black hair, black outfit, slightly tanned white skin. Black eyes. Has a mask. Favorite food is sweets, favorite drink is coffee. Religion is Shalherana. Would rather be happy for a short time than miserable for a long time. Is realistic. Practical.

-Prince Mortimer Overmeire: Black hair, black eyes. Red beret. White and light brown shirt. Wearing chain mail armor. Prince of the Voiceless Isles. Black hair and black eyes. Blacksmith. I heard he resently left his Voiceless Isle. I hope wherever he goes, Jax goes with him.

-Tellruin: Brown hair, blue eyes, mage robes. Lives in Queensport. He seems like a nice man. I wonder about his past? He died in one of the battles between Anheld and Fuvur. He's resently come back to life under a new name. But he's changed. He's cold and different. He was resently hunted down and killed again. Crafty123

-Westmay: Some rough and dude. Grey-ish brown hair. Married to Queen Alison.

-Tri'Lnu: Brown haired, bright green eyes. Brown coat, green shirt, brown pants. Favortie color is green. Is heretic. Worships How'gard. Thinks elves are the top race.

-Ben: Blond hair, blue bead's. Brown shirt.

-Miss Muffin: So this is really weird. I feel really bad, but I'm just not sure about you. Is it bad I like your husband more? Maybe if we get to know each other, we can try again. Ruulu

Wary of:

House Anheld: Apprently the bad guys in the Anheld-Fuvur War, but Alanis knows there's two sides to every coin. She's hopes she can get an aduience with King Kaiser Peter. Cap

Afraid of:

-Karn: Greyling. Nicely dressed. No favorite color. Licked my hand. ironassassin


Jecht Seymour: Belongs to Eberhall. Likes to pick fights with unarmed women. Is an asshole. "Grape Boy". Is marked. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Elf. Wears chain mail.

-Teeke Sorest: Forest elf, is the Nature Priestess. Dark brown hair, black eyes. Green outfit with vines. Was supposed to be a Priest for Shalherana, but then a neighboring war killed everybody expect her and a couple other people. She fled to here to start a new life. Teeke as left the Valley suddenly, and without warning. She left everybody a note saying she wouldn't return. Alanis is deeply sad to hear this, but she wants to continue the memory, language, and culture of her of Forest Elven breathen. Things happened, Alanis left the Valley and Teeke doesn't want her apart of the family anymore. Alanis feels sad, bitter, and angry all at the same time.Teeke

-Cedlas: This jerk had the notion to accuse that I was making a mockery of my culture by wearing a different outfit. He also mocked me about not knowing what and how a tenth birthday is important. MTG Pro



-Amrak: Old man, blind in one eye. Guard. I /kind of/ pissed him off. Opps. Learned his secret. Your old house was empty and nobody's seen you! Where'd you go?! Apprently as been on the move, never staying in one spot. Was captured and killed. I haven't seen him a long time. I assume he's dead. LePancake


Alanis was born after all of the undead, the Sea of Storms. Actually, she was born on the ship heading to the new world. It was an easy birth, and Alanis mother survived. When they reached the shores of the new land, Alanis was already four. Her mother and father had already told her of the Gods and Goddess, and how the Old World was.

They told her of a tranquil place on the outside, yet rife with politics, war, greed, and especially the Gods. While she mostly favored Theodra and Shalherana, Silas was a close number third. She was taught to fear Jishrim, but all other Gods due to their over-aggression where only disliked. She was taught to respect them though, as they kept the balance. Most of her time was spent on the ship, reading, learning, play-fighting with the other kids.

Due to her slim and somewhat fragile body, she couldn't play as rough as many other kids could. This made her upset, but there was nothing she could do about it other than sit on the sidelines and cheer for her friends. She was taught to write and read, and that's where Silas came in. She loved reading stories about witches, magic, dragons, captured princesses in towers, and all sorts of adventures. She marveled the creativity of the writers, and aspired to be one herself.

When they were close to reaching the shores of the new land, the people on the boat heard the cries of "LAND HO!" and sprang into action. Alanis remembers everybody scrambling to get their stuff, swiftly packing only the essentials. Ushered out into the smaller rowboats, as Alanis gazed on the horizon on saw the yellow sand spilling closer and closer to her, she smiled. Adventure awaited, and untold stories threatened to spill from the land. Alanis already saw herself fighting monsters, bravley defending the land by day, and reading by night.

It was a gloriuos dream of hers. To fight monsters, find treasure, explore uncharted wastes. The adventure, danger and thrill made her eyes widen with exicment. But by night, she would be a lover's dream. She smiled, that picture perfect world coming before her, it made her happy and joyful. She would makes lots of gold, be happy, and have a partner or two. That was her dream, and she could already see it in her mind's eye. She would make her dream possible.

"I do what I think is right, and that's all I can do."



"Forgiveness is perhaps the hardest thing anyone can do, because the things that truly need forgiving are usually those that hurt the deepest."

"They shouldn't take revenge... but if they do, it doesn't make them monsters, and is in fact perfectly fine and justified method of gaining Justice."
"Not taking revenge empowers the offending party (the proposed target of said revenge), and the offender will come back again and again"

Alanis is very forgiving. She will not to harm others if they do her wrong. She knows she's not smart enough to pull some revenge-plot off, and would likly get caught in the act. However, that works against her sometimes.


~Likes Older Men~

"This is a (usually female) character who, for one reason or another, vastly prefers her male Love Interests to be a few years older than her. The reasons could vary from a character looking for emotional stability, the responsibility that comes with maturity..."

Alanis preferrs older men by at least 5 years than others her age. She doesn't veiw this as a bad thing, because most of them are between 20-25.


~Admiring the Adomination~

Alanis secretly feels a desire to learn about unwanted things. She's cuiroius, and will read and read about whatever monster may cross her path.


~Nature Lover~

"This character loves nature.

Whether living in the countryside or the city, this character opts for many picnics or long walks in the wilderness, or else fascinated inspection of animals and plants about; the character sometimes lives in the wild. Extensive knowledge of animals and plants is common."

Alanis loves nature. That's it.


~The Fool~

Alanis as no real skills or is very smart. Rather, she's gotten into things which others have got her out of. By sheer dumb luck, and Alanis being happy, she get's off with /some/ things. Alanis knows her luck isn't going to last forever.



Glados , for the wonderful RP we had.

blargtheawesome , RP and you just being a chill dude in general.

My in-game name is: firegirl7892467____________
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