Finished [27th June][4 PM EST] The Summit - An Escort Quest


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==={The Summit}===
An Escort Quest


Sights n'eer seen. Peaks untouched.
Stars and men are lacking, I find myself missing muse.
Mountaineers, Seekers, and Guides. I ask you to pledge help in my ascent.
We will stop just short of summit which I will reach alone.

To look upon sight unknown to any other.

Environmental Hazards

Evens as always.
Never do something for free.

Each participant will gain 1000 Radiants OOC/IC

Near Halbed.
Prepare for cold weather.

June 27th, Saturday.
4 Pm EST


[Sign-up is appreciated but not required.]

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Giving this a bump now that it isn't four weeks in advance.

Sign-up is no longer required, but still appreciated as I am a broke MF, and I might not have enough money if a bunch of people join. So I will be prioritizing payment to those who signed up.


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Rolls for Woven to not die occurred in this order: 4, 3, 1

Sometimes. Fate just wants to strike you down for some poetic justice.
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