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[Visage] Xozu Zalster - T3


Lord of Altera

"To The Watcher above, it is the yearning of my heart to know more of You and the inner workings of this world I live in. I pray to You that you will guide my eye and develop in me, a teachable spirit."
╔ ————————————————————————————————— ╗
╚ ————————————————————————————————— ╝


Character Name
Xozu Zalster

Character Profile



Blessed, T3

Spell Points
7 SP

Watchful Gaze Duration: X

Mirror Mimicry Duration: X
Elusive Objects:
+ Blooded Silver Dagger +
+ Lockpicks +

{ Tier I }


: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 1 SP
Duration: 30 minutes or until touched.
Spell: The caster creates a small illusion that is no larger than a dog, capable of emitting basic sounds but disperses into smoke upon being touched (or touching a living thing) by anything aside from the caster themselves. It has the ability to give off no more light than a candle, regardless of if it is an illusory campfire. Up to two illusions may be active at a time within a range of 10b. Illusions react to other illusions at the casters’ discretion, but cannot be dispelled by them.



: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer or Touch.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: 5 minutes.
Spell: By murmuring a prayer or touching their target, the caster plants a small idea in their mind, if it is too unlike them to think of doing it then they will dismiss it but it has the potential to become something of their own (this is heavy on the target and how they wish to proceed). This spell can almost be used to give a suggestion of emotions to a target, a flare of anger or a touch of sadness. They are fleeting, but enough if used in the right circumstances to become their own until they rationalize it.



: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer, and the marking of a location in white chalk.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: Three days.
Spell: The caster marks out an area or item with the symbol of an eye at least as big as a palm, and they may close their own eyes to focus for several minutes and see through that symbol. They see in a black and white spectrum, and whilst they can see people talking they cannot hear them. They may focus on it whenever they like, but the mark will fade after three days and must be recast. The mark can be mobile, but looking through it rends horrible nausea onto the caster until the object stabilizes. The mark is waterproof, and provides perfect vision underwater if the mark is lowered into the depths.



: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer and the touch of the mirror in question.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One week.
Spell: The caster blesses a mirror to become a mimic for any natural sound, so long as it is something the caster has experienced themselves. It can replay this sound until the mirror is broken or up to a maximum of one week. They apply a trigger to it of their choosing, but it must be one of the following: A set timer, when light shines upon it, when in total darkness, when movement is detected, or when a key word is uttered.

{Tier II}


: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster whispers a short prayer to Visage, and grants themselves the ability to understand all spoken words regardless of the tongue used for a period of time. They cannot use this ability to learn the language, though may pick up on the occasional words and know what languages are spoken outside of the spell.



: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer and touch for 30 minutes.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent, until a new location is made.
Spell: With a kneel and verbal prayer, over half an hour the Blessed wills an area of a 15 block radius to become veiled with a dense sea fog, seemingly endless once entered. Any entering this area are unable to be detected in any capacity, as if they are both there, but not, but also someone else. All colours become a muted black and white, whispers sound from each direction among the sound of waves, and those blessed of Visage may control what is said. Mirrored surfaces float and linger without walls, and bookshelves hold books held in any common library that are publicly accessible. These books cannot be removed from this location, and can only be read by those of Visage. Should this be cast again elsewhere, the old one fades.
Note: You can build this yourself or ask another for help in doing so. This can be removed if placed in a place that conflicts or offends another divine, by a blessed member of said divine. (i.e placing a Jishrim variant in a Shalherana grove).



: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: 30 minutes or until dispersed.
Spell: The caster can create an illusion of something no larger than a horse within 10b of them, capable of basic sounds but also able to give the brief impression of touch before it disperses. This includes the faint sting of a bite or stab, though it will leave no physical wounds. These illusions are capable of giving off as much light as a torch if desired. Up to two illusions may be active at a time, though will disperse into smoke if a more forceful touch is given with a delay of a minute. The caster is able to touch and hold them with no issue. The illusion responds to other illusions at the caster’s discretion, and is capable of dispelling those created by Illusion I—but cannot be dispelled by other illusions itself.



: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The caster wills an area to be obscured by a dense sea fog up to the size of the average tavern. Those within struggle to make out the faces or voices of those around them, the caster included, but may be able to recognise those they are close to by way of colours or words spoken. The caster may whisper a single sentence that will be repeated throughout the fog from multiple sources in voices unrecognisable, and beyond these whispers the sounds of the ocean are distracting enough to muddle other conversation. The fog fades after 30 minutes. It is dense but players can see one another up to a maximum of four blocks away. Can not be used if it is nowhere near the coastline (ie middle of the continent).

{Tier III}


: Visage.
Tier: 3
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 4SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The caster selects a target within line of sight, and upon a maintained gaze of 1 round/10 seconds takes hold of them for the duration. Their own body will slump and the eyes close, similar to needing a nap. If this is a player entity, they will be able to give them an idea, describing it to the player as if they were experiencing a brief daydream. Players are able to direct how this idea goes. If this is an NPC, they will be able to additionally control their movements, it being under the guise of them believing it to be their own choices and not feeling it forced unless it is an act they'd not willingly do (DM discretion). This is explained as strong or weak willed individuals, and players who are willing to have the NPC option apply to their own character are able to do so.



: Visage.
Tier: 3
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 4SP
Duration: A half second.
Spell: The caster spends their power to charge an empowered evasive ability. Their body is engulfed in heavy smoke, distorting their appearance. They accelerate immediately to a sprinting speed, moving in any direction for a maximum of 5 blocks. Divine magics protect the caster from inertia, and they exit this state with the same momentum they entered it in. They are not invulnerable in this state, their body is still physically there. The caster must decide a single block to land on, and may not change its course after casting the spell. It takes about a half second to complete the evasion.



: Visage.
Tier: 3
Action: Touch.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The caster targets someone in sight and wills their surface thoughts and recent memories (at the discretion of the target) into something reflective in hand. This can be a basin of water, a mirror, or a shiny blade. The target will feel a faint tugging sensation, of being watched, something behind them. This can last up to 30 minutes, but the caster must keep touch with the reflective surface for it to continue.



: Visage.
Tier: 3
Action: Prayer, and the touch of the designated item (Can be a Book, Quill, Dagger, Vial, Coinpurse, or Mask.)
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent, until replaced.
Spell: The caster spends the initial SP to place up to two items into an elusive form that they can summon forth thereafter. Items can be removed from the maximum two and replaced, but each replacement costs the initial 3SP. Summoning their objects must be done from a place of shadow, such as in sleeves, under cloaks, etc, and will take one round/10 seconds to materialise in full. Can include magical objects so long as they fit the limits of objects stated in Actions.

: Prayer and the holding of a container of water.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One day.
Spell: The caster blesses the equivalent to one cup’s worth of water and changes it’s qualities depending on the deity worshipped. It must remain in a container, and contact with said container must be held for at least ten seconds to fully turn its contents. The contents may be poured into another container but will turn back into water the next day. This cannot be stockpiled, for any liquid will revert back after the duration.

Jishrim, Skraag or Visage: It becomes blood that is able to be consumed by any Vyre to the same standard as a healthy individual, and is also able to burn any Mage, and any individual who worships not of the Pantheon with the same heat and effect of boiling water. The burns shall heal over the span of three days. Has been known to repel supernatural entities.

: An uttering of; “[Divine], let them hear me.”
Cost: 1SP
Duration: Five minutes.
Spell: A halo of light forms behind the caster’s head, the colour thematic to their deity. For up to five minutes, those in RP chat range will be able to hear them clearly (providing they are not behind a wall or so on) and consider them paying attention to. They may instil a faint sense of Calm, Fear, or Courage within the audience.
Note: Should a higher tier blessed cast this spell in the same radius, it will over-ride the lower one.

: Prayer and touch of the target.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One minute.
Spell: The caster wills the vague imagery of something themed to their own divine into the minds eye of another. This may be blinked away or shaken off if considered too disturbing, but is more akin to an unwanted thought or brief daydream than a forced visual.

: Prayer, and ritual/offering themed to the Divine.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: As long as it takes to ask a question and receive an answer.
Spell: With a ritual based around their chosen divine(such as lighting candles or incense, giving an offering, etc), a blessed may ask a question, and receive a response. This is limited to once per OOC month and must be at an event in game to be given. This is only available to T3 and upwards.
Divine Request Thread: [ x ]

: The prayer of, “[Divine], carry my words.”
Cost: 1SP per rank.
Duration: Must be asked and answered in the same day.
Spell: The caster is able to send a word or sentence depending on the rank it is used, which become available as your rank higher in divine tier. It can travel any distance, and the target will hear it spoken in their mind with the voice of the caster. The caster must know the name and face of the target they commune with.
Rank I - T1
The caster can send one single word to their target. They cannot be given a word in response.
Rank II - T2
The caster can send up to ten words to their target, and they can hear a response of up to as many in response.
Rank III - T3
The caster can send a far more cohesive message, and they can hear one in return. The word limit here is one single PM, so whatever you can fit into that box.

: Prayer. They must keep their hands on the location on which to summon it for one minute.
Cost: 1-3SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster summons forth a platter of food that can feed up to three people. It can be cast upon an existing surface (table, for example), or the floor. Eating divine food will restore some energy, ease minor pain, and give a sense of warmth and comfort from the divine in question. Once the spell ends, everything flickers away.
This spell can be cast at 1SP per person, up to three.

Visage; Feast of Whispers
Plates and glasses form of cracked glass, though smooth enough to act as if they are unbroken, with utensils of simple silver. It forms upon a type of thin sea fog that only disperses when the spell ends. Foods from all cultures are found on this table, not sitting to any one type. The drinks vary.


Divine Artifact: The Chrysalid's Countenance
Description: A tattoo of a chrysalid that sits on the spine of the attuned. The ink takes the appearance of blue cracks in the skin and seems to be shifting ever so slightly in the light.
Passive: When there are less than four people in a 5b radius of the attuned, the attuned and the targets feel a sense of serenity and can find themselves collecting their thoughts better.
Active: The attuned can will the ink to spread across his or her upper body (torso, neck, face, arms) to defend against incoming blows over the course of 2 turns. It takes on the appearance of a chitinous material, similar to that of a chrysalid and it provides as much protection and functioning as chainmail. It lasts for up to one hour IC before shrinking back to the original design on the spine of the attuned. Can be done once per day.

Arcane Trinket: Lucky Coin
Description: These items are glimmering golden coins with an overly detailed gleeful face on one side, mouth too wide, and a grief stricken expression on the other. Kept on a person, it is rumored they have more of a lucky streak with things, entirely at DM discretion. Sometimes it does nothing, and sometimes it does. Inform a DM in advance.

Arcane Trinket: Hefty Backpack
Description: A simple leather backpack with a variety of pockets.
Effect: Whilst it appears as a normal backpack, it is able to store far more than it would be able to, about on par with a barrel.

Arcane Trinket: Clarity
Description: A snowglobe that has the top darkened like the night sky.
Effect: Once per night, the holder may shake the snowglobe to clear an area of overcast clouds in order to reveal the night sky in all its beauty for one hour. The stars seem brighter, clearer, to the holder. Does not work in storms. Limited to RP range.

T1 + They can change their eye colour to be any other natural colour applicable to their race at will. This does not replace or remove other effects to the eyes (Vyre, Spiritblessed). + T1
T2 + Their eyes become like a mirrored surface at will, reflecting their surroundings and obscuring exactly what they’re looking at. + T2
T3 + In darker places they opt to become partly transparent, ends of their clothing dispersing into smoke. They appear as normal if light is shone upon them, clothing unaltered. +

T1 + They can see through natural smoke, mist, and fog, as if it is hardly there at all. + T1
T2 + They are able to read any common language (Elven, Common, Mok’ra, etc). + T2
T3 + They can change their voice at will, sounding different every day if they so desire. + T3
(When masked, Xozu will change his voice to sound plain and featureless. Unable to denote a gender. He changes it back and forth to suit his needs)

Cult Passive: Mantle of the Moon -- Cult members can see as if they hold a faint light source at all times.
Shrine Passive: Skraag -- Upon casting a piece of bone to the ground, they may grow a zombie from it over the duration of three rounds/30 seconds, three active at any one time.

Public Divine Log
Xozu starts his day with prayer, making a journey to the ocean. He states his daily prayer and whispers new or especially important knowledge to the shrine.

Path to T4

The future is clear, and another grub has been found.

Change in fire

A divination in whispers.

Knowledge gained, a history taught.

Blending in, seeking knowledge.
Offerings to the sea. A spider's corpse, a magician's instrument.

The beast of the huntress was felled. A new title gained: Garulf Slayer

A sermon was given on the
ocean and under the moonlight.
An oath was sworn.
A claim was made, on what is rightfully His.
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Lord of Altera
T1 and the path he traveled.

= - = - = - = - =
A fledgling larva
discusses his faith in kind
His Visage is shown.
= - = - = - = - =

[12-7-20] (Divine Discussion Created)
Xozu began to devote his time and effort into worshiping Visage. This is where he began to dig up all information pertaining to his worship.

Xozu began to learn Elvish in The Watcher's name to better his individual research.

A vow was taken:
My service as a collector and keeper of knowledge is yours,
What I know is yours, and is ours to keep.
The whispers back and fourth and back again will be yours as long as I draw breath.
I will vary the forms thyself, and the world take.

Seemingly danced around his interest with The Watcher, with two individuals.

Developed a routine to deepen his relationship with The Watcher.

Xozu has become aware of a variety of places of worship for The Watcher and rotates which he visits during his routine.

Several trades of information were made. Xozu will be trading his limited knowledge of Elven for lessons in Mok'yra through Anisar.
He also had a conversation with a curious stranger, secrets were exchanged. I purposefully placed a hint out into the air, and he seemed to pick up on it.
I need more to confirm my suspicions, but The Watcher seemed to guide my eye this day.

A hefty time was spent in front of the shrine to The Watcher, praying. The only copy of his research notes and observations/a star map showing the approximate locations of Xozu's most frequented shrines was given as an offering.

Xozu had encountered, slain, and almost been slain himself by many undead beasts. Most notably a pack of hounds which almost did him in. Encountering storms sickness, he made note of the symptoms he felt and the oddness that was the lack of his own heartbeat.

Attended a lecture at Frostwarts and, surprisingly to him, gained something of importance from it. [X]

A trade in secrets was made, a deal was struck, and a partnership was formed.

Rumors were found, information to be gained. Xozu formed a party to find this information.

Xozu made his way into the depths of the sewers of Storms Landing. The unsettling discovery of undead wendigos (Undedigoes, if you will) proved dangerous and almost life-ending. He made new a companion in Flourish, a construct who would soon prove as a useful ally.

Xozu visited a scholar in Linistel, he learned a great deal from the her at no price.

Secrets were overheard, stolen, and given.

Xozu orchestrated an excursion and quite literally risked his life for important information that nobody else knows. Though Xozu did not perform the best in combat, he found what he was looking for with the assistance of those he brought along. Xozu has only shared this information with one other, another worshiper of Visage. After taking his own more vague and coded notes of the information, he offered the original copy of the journal to the Watcher.
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Lord of Altera
T2 and the path he traveled.

= - _ - = - _ - =
A chrysalid forms
One with cunning and conflict
Will His will be done?
= - _ - = - _ - =

"Xozu dreams of a crowded marketplace, yet the colours are all a muted greyscale, the sounds muffled and the faces unrecognizable. He walks until he finds a single item of colour, a tan leatherbound journal etched with the detailing of a mask on the front cover. He touches it, and wakes from his dream, a lingering sensation of power within."

Xozu has become blessed by Visage.

Xozu spoke to a spider, plotting.
Xozu used [Suggestion] on Malark to spur on the fire spirit inside of him. Vary the form the world takes, bring about change.

Xozu partook in a hunt involving an undead gryphon. Ashes were collected and offered to the sea as the tide went out, an offering of memories for The Watcher.

Xozu paid the scholar another visit. A declaration was made. Secretes were traded. Tidbits of history were learned.
In the Drown Man's Grave, a tentative alliance was formed and a large secret was acquired.

The curse of the vyre found its way into Xozu's system. Change has been enacted. A plot, followed through with success.

Xozu has felt the full force of what he can only assume is a divine. First, his eye being removed. Second, his entire body being disassembled and reassembled in the cathedral by various insects. The perspective only grows his respect and fear of the divine's power.

Clarity was born, and secrets were overheard and stolen.

Xozu delved into the depths of the sewers with a gaggle of dwarves and Malark. Malark perished, consumed by the emotions of his elemental. Xozu dragged his corpse out of the sewers with the help of said dwarves. Xozu made sure to keep his journal safe from prying eyes. Xozu also offered the corpse of Malark to Visage, making sure the memories his body holds stay secret.

[4-1-21] [X]
Xozu ventured to Nid Arach with another. Through violent methods, the two made their way from Nid Arach to live another day. Xozu regrets what happened and intends to make amends at the loss of memories and of names. Information has been gained and he intends to follow up on what was learned.

Xozu took a trip to Queensport. He was given a key and his worship was elaborated to another. Change was made.

Xozu danced around his involvement with those that most might not find savory.

Xozu manned a stall at the festival and met quite a few characters. He met back up with a tentative ally and decided to have a discussion at a later date. Xozu attended a lecture at Frostwarts on the stars [X]. Xozu gained a new perspective and a couple friends amongst those who attended.
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Lord of Altera
T3 and the path he traveled.

= ~ - _ - ~ = ~ - _ - ~ =
He begins to crack,
A mirror shows him his worth.
He will return Her.
= ~ - _ - ~ = ~ - _ - ~ =

Xozu has taken a fledgling Visage underneath his wing and has begun to teach him what he knows.

A plot has been discussed.

The family of the beast has been clarified.

Xozu has guaranteed his identity a secret in one's mind by convincing them to swear an oath of secrecy under the Watcher.

Clarity found a potential grub. One who they may wish to continue to impart wisdom upon.

A change in Crimson
A feeling, a new Hunger
A fire is Lit.

Schemes and Treachery.

The shrine was taken.

An artifact, retrieved.

Stolen for a better cause.
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-=] [=-
A hard day's work is rewarded with a cool evening by the pier, where Xozu ambles at an easy pace. The muffled merriment from within the dockside taverns grow distant as he approaches the water, the sound of its waves calming him into an almost hypnotic state. For a reason unknown, he was drawn to it, unable to do anything beyond staring at his own shimmering reflection. The sea's movements mesmerize him, rendering his thoughts muddled and hazy, its sight alone inducing him with an unmistakable ascent in power. Xozu has risen to Tier 3.