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[Visage] Malark Tallstag - T2


Official Alteran



IG NAME: Mercury_Steve
CHARACTER: Malark Tallstag

PATRON: Visage

TIER: Blessed, T2



TRINKETS: Firefly Wand

STATUS: Bringing the ocean, teaching, figuring it out


T1 Aesthetic - They can change their eye colour to be any other natural colour applicable to their race at will. This does not replace or remove other effects to the eyes (Vyre, Spiritblessed).
T2 Aesthetic - At will, sections of their body can take on the appearance of cracked porcelain, though it acts as normal flesh would and provides no benefit.

T1 Quirk - Emotions and thoughts become somewhat hazy to those looking in. Thus making it somewhat harder for mages to read and Lover Vyres to feed. (It is still possible, but takes more time/concentration.)
T2 Quirk - They are able to breathe underwater as if it were air, and seem to be good swimmers.

This can be as in depth or as simple as you like, or you may even opt to remove the spell list entirely. I personally keep track of spell casts on my own profile and have descriptions of the spells for my own referencing, but it does not need to be that way. Spell casts at least can show your activity and use in them.

[Universal Spells]

: Prayer and the holding of a container of water.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One day.
Spell: The caster blesses the equivalent to one cup’s worth of water and changes it’s qualities depending on the deity worshipped. It must remain in a container, and contact with said container must be held for at least ten seconds to fully turn its contents. The contents may be poured into another container but will turn back into water the next day. This cannot be stockpiled, for any liquid will revert back after the duration.

Jishrim, Skraag or Visage: It becomes blood that is able to be consumed by any Vyre to the same standard as a healthy individual, and is also able to burn any Mage, and any individual who worships not of the Pantheon with the same heat and effect of boiling water. The burns shall heal over the span of three days. Has been known to repel supernatural entities such as ghosts/wraiths/etc.


: An uttering of; “[Divine], let them hear me.”
Cost: 1SP
Duration: Five minutes.
Spell: A halo of light forms behind the caster’s head, the colour thematic to their deity. For up to five minutes, those in RP chat range will be able to hear them clearly (providing they are not behind a wall or so on) and consider them paying attention to. They may instil a faint sense of Calm, Fear, or Courage within the audience.
Note: Should a higher tier blessed cast this spell in the same radius, it will over-ride the lower one.

VISION [ x12 ]
: Touch, or the offering of an item thematic to the divine (holy symbol, coin, bone, letter, etc).
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One minute.
Spell: By touching the target or offering an item, the caster wills the scene of something vaguely thematic to their divine in the mind of another, though it is not distracting enough to hinder them in combat or tense situations. With enough focus, the target can try to tune it out, but it cannot be entirely ignored. Can only be used on the same target once per day.


: Prayer, and ritual/offering themed to the Divine.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: As long as it takes to ask a question and receive an answer.
Spell: With a ritual based around their chosen divine(such as lighting candles or incense, giving an offering, etc), a blessed may ask a question, and receive a response. This is limited to once per OOC month and must be at an event in game to be given. This is only available to T3 and upwards.
Divine Request Thread: [ x ]


: The prayer of, “[Divine], carry my words.”
Cost: 1SP per rank.
Duration: Must be asked and answered in the same day.
Spell: The caster is able to send a word or sentence depending on the rank it is used, which become available as your rank higher in divine tier. It can travel any distance, and the target will hear it spoken in their mind with the voice of the caster. The caster must know their target in some manner, be it name, face, or alias, the spell will work based on intention for who it is for and cannot be accidentally sent to another.
Rank I - T1
The caster can send one single word to their target. They cannot be given a word in response.
Rank II - T2
The caster can send up to ten words to their target, and they can hear a response of up to as many in response.
Rank III - T3
The caster can send a far more cohesive message, and they can hear one in return. The word limit here is one single PM, so whatever you can fit into that box.


: Prayer. They must keep their hands on the location on which to summon it for one minute.
Cost: 1-3SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster summons forth a platter of food that can feed up to three people. It can be cast upon an existing surface (table, for example), or the floor. Eating divine food will restore some energy, ease minor pain, and give a sense of warmth and comfort from the divine in question. Once the spell ends, everything flickers away.
This spell can be cast at 1SP per person, up to three.

Visage; Feast of Whispers
Plates and glasses form of cracked glass, though smooth enough to act as if they are unbroken, with utensils of simple silver. It forms upon a type of thin sea fog that only disperses when the spell ends. Foods from all cultures are found on this table, not sitting to any one type. The drinks vary.


: Prayer, an offering to the divine, and touch.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent.
Spell: The caster offers something thematic to their divine (an animal, a corpse, golden goblet, sword, etc - It should be notable) and prays whilst marking a symbol upon an infant anywhere from newborn to three years old. This marking can be in water, ash, blood, etc. and does not denote where a marking (no bigger than an inch long/wide) will form. The marking location is at the choice of the parents OOC, and whilst most markings will be replaced by another, it is possible for a secondary mark to be present as a 'birthmark' only (in the cases of two parents of different faiths). Clarify with Divine staff if it is applicable.
Note: This can be cast on a pregnant mother instead, in which the child will be born with the marking already applied, automatically applying to both twins/triplets if applicable.

Visage; Mark of the Watcher
The offering disperses into small, harmless shards of mirror before vanishing entirely. A mark appears upon them like an inky smudge or eye shape, of either grey or blue hues. Children who grow up with this mark may show traits of being particularly curious, learning how to read and write easier than others of their age. Some tend to find water almost fascinating.

[ Visage Spells ]
ILLUSION I [ x27 ]
: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 1 SP Duration: 30 minutes or until touched.
Spell: The caster creates a small illusion that is no larger than a dog, capable of emitting basic sounds but disperses into smoke upon being touched (or touching a living thing) by anything aside from the caster themselves. It has the ability to give off no more light than a candle, regardless of if it is an illusory campfire. Up to two illusions may be active at a time within a range of 10b. Illusions react to other illusions at the casters’ discretion, but cannot be dispelled by them.

: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer or Touch.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: 5 minutes.
Spell: By murmuring a prayer or touching their target, the caster plants a small idea in their mind, if it is too unlike them to think of doing it then they will dismiss it but it has the potential to become something of their own (this is heavy on the target and how they wish to proceed). This spell can almost be used to give a suggestion of emotions to a target, a flare of anger or a touch of sadness. They are fleeting, but enough if used in the right circumstances to become their own until they rationalize it.

: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer and a marking in white chalk.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: Three days.
Spell: The caster marks out an area or item with the symbol of an eye at least as big as a palm, and they may close their own eyes to focus for several minutes and see through that symbol. They see in a black and white spectrum, and whilst they can see people talking they cannot hear them. They may focus on it whenever they like, but the mark will fade after three days and must be recast. The mark can be mobile, but looking through it rends horrible nausea onto the caster until the object stabilizes. The mark is waterproof, and provides perfect vision underwater if the mark is lowered into the depths.

: Visage.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer and the touch of the mirror in question.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One week.
Spell: The caster blesses a mirror to become a mimic for any natural sound, so long as it is something the caster has experienced themselves. It can replay this sound until the mirror is broken or up to a maximum of one week. They apply a trigger to it of their choosing, but it must be one of the following: A set timer, when light shines upon it, when in total darkness, when movement is detected, or when a key word is uttered.

: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster whispers a short prayer to Visage, and grants themselves the ability to understand all spoken words regardless of the tongue used for a period of time. They cannot use this ability to learn the language, though may pick up on the occasional words and know what languages are spoken outside of the spell.

: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer and touch for 30 minutes.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent, until a new location is made.
Spell: With a kneel and verbal prayer, over half an hour the Blessed wills an area of a 15 block radius to become veiled with a dense sea fog, seemingly endless once entered. Any entering this area are unable to be detected in any capacity, as if they are both there, but not, but also someone else. All colours become a muted black and white, whispers sound from each direction among the sound of waves, and those blessed of Visage may control what is said. Mirrored surfaces float and linger without walls, and bookshelves hold books held in any common library that are publicly accessible. These books cannot be removed from this location, and can only be read by those of Visage. Should this be cast again elsewhere, the old one fades.
Note: You can build this yourself or ask another for help in doing so. This can be removed if placed in a place that conflicts or offends another divine, by a blessed member of said divine. (i.e placing a Jishrim variant in a Shalherana grove).

: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: 30 minutes or until dispersed.
Spell: The caster can create an illusion of something no larger than a horse within 10b of them, capable of basic sounds but also able to give the brief impression of touch before it disperses. This includes the faint sting of a bite or stab, though it will leave no physical wounds. These illusions are capable of giving off as much light as a torch if desired. Up to two illusions may be active at a time, though will disperse into smoke if a more forceful touch is given with a delay of a minute. The caster is able to touch and hold them with no issue. The illusion responds to other illusions at the caster’s discretion, and is capable of dispelling those created by Illusion I—but cannot be dispelled by other illusions itself.

: Visage.
Tier: 2
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The caster wills an area to be obscured by a dense sea fog up to the size of the average tavern. Those within struggle to make out the faces or voices of those around them, the caster included, but may be able to recognise those they are close to by way of colours or words spoken. The caster may whisper a single sentence that will be repeated throughout the fog from multiple sources in voices unrecognisable, and beyond these whispers the sounds of the ocean are distracting enough to muddle other conversation. The fog fades after 30 minutes. It is dense but players can see one another up to a maximum of four blocks away. Can not be used if it is nowhere near the coastline (ie middle of the continent)

Lessons learned and Knowledge gained to T1:

Begun daily prayer from this date, wishing for guidance to new found knowledge and a way forward to further worship. Possible avenues: Consult with fellow folk of worship.
Goal: Acquire a book and quill to document my experience.

I've enjoyed my time at Storm's landing. The little hut I rent by the slums is all I need to keep going. No opportunity for work I find interest in has popped up yet... I can't stay here forever though. Amongst the many ships and caravans travelling to many unknown places to me, I made a hasty decision to go out and explore. Learn something new, hopefully. I said my prayers to The Watcher, grabbed my fishing rod and took the first caravan I saw, which was going to a place called "The Rift".

During my time there, I turned away from the molten rock filled land, opting to take a nearby road. My first moral conundrum came of my trip. Coming across two chickens, I remembered my need for a book and quill. I searched for resources to make my own, though had no luck. But here was 2 sources of what I needed. Do I feel I morally can not strike an animal as I would not a fellow person? Would this be a hurdle to a simple solution to advance my own way of worship? I pondered this, watching the two cluck away as they stared at me.

I came to a conclusion. The advancement of the races who walk and build on this land, who I drink with, share food with, laugh with... it is only the natural process for us to harvest from these lower creatures for our own survival. No, I would not be going against my moral compass to strike these chickens down for their quills. After all, I'm only starting my path... I'm not going to let two mere chickens get in the way of that. Same goes for any animal.

I traded the catches I made for many vials of ink. Now all I need is some leather and paper...
Made a friend with a wild horse. After a bit of coercement, I gained it's trust. I plan to use it until I find myself back at Storm's Landing.

I've come across a tree with piercing blue eyes as I noticed a campfire whilst I travelled along the road. (Note, lore wasn't complete at time, void until it is)

Returned back to Storm's Landing in the AM's of this day. Processing the information gained through my experience, I feel as though I should work towards getting something to conceal my identity if I am to begin actively worshipping The Watcher. A mask would do good. Must find someone to do it for me. Perhaps I can make an anonymous notice by the tavern.

Asked around for the materials I'd need to make my book and quill. Got told by some folks they had a shop in Eldpoint. As I went to travel, Isla met me and offered to come along. The journey wasn't too eventful unfortunately, besides learning more of Isla.

She gifted me a book and quill she hadn't been using. I appreciate her gesture and will use this to document my major experiences as I travel this world.

I've come to the conclusion that opinion around The Watcher is varied. Some consider them an "Evil" God, some say they are not to be trusted. Some consider them "Alright". Though from my own view, I don't see this, nor any evidence of it as of now. I see a divine being who was corrupted by REAL evil. Influenced, not inherit.

Though this is just a theory. I could be entirely wrong. Though, I have faith. And I wish to be able to practice this with as little issue as possible. I've decided to create a second identity, a sort of unnamed mystery of sorts. I visited Tib's Clothing at Storm's Landing and got a fitting cloak of which I can use to hide my defining features to be identified. I also crafted a very crude wooden mask out of what I could, though it's nothing fancy. It does the job at least. I also got a pair of white gloves, just to be safe.

At least this way, I can visit the shrine at the Grand Cathedral without exposing this secret of mine. I fear ill judgement from the few folk I know. I'll gradually figure out who this mystery persona is.

New goal: Find a good spot to pray under the glorious moonlight. Figure out something to bring to The Watcher as an offering.

Spent most of the day fishing until my very expensive rod broke. Traded with the local at the market to inks and put them up for auction. Hopefully, I can make some radiants out of this so I may purchase more books.

I plan to travel to Linistel at some point as I had sent a letter to Lana Wake, a well known author of many books. I had purchased one of hers about "Spiritblessed" and learned a good bit. She replied saying she had many books to learn from and could possibly teach.

I feel I should do something for The Watcher. So, I think I will do a long reading session in front of their shrine, feeling their aura and gaze as I learn more of this world. Hopefully this can be a step towards them noticing me. (Possibly notable act for requirement checklist).

Spoke with Lana. I gained a great deal of knowledge and logical facts of the history of the world, how it came to be, of culture behind language... this was all valuable knowledge. I hope The Watcher looks down upon me as I make an effort to expand my own knowledge. Lana seems very experienced. She knows what's she's talking about...
She is also one who was blessed by Visage themself... and they abandoned this, regret behind her...
I need to learn more of Visage.

*Goal: Next visit, learn more of The Watcher, and Lana's experience with them.
Learn Elvish

Met a 'Foxbells'. They informed me of some pretty interesting stuff... though if they tell the truth, I wonder. I'll ponder on it.

Outside of the Tavern at the landing, I came across a very interesting halfling. He seemed to be a traveller like myself, though he held no formal residence. A brief storytelling later, I found myself drinking with this small new friend. We shared a good few words, getting to know one another. Though, it felt at times we were gaining information. A slow dance, of which we were both controlling the pace. It gave me a good feeling of them.

Regarding the tree, I knew I had to secure a trustworthy person whom would keep this information private. Someone who could watch my back, and would do without thinking otherwise.
Well, after taking the time to figure this small fellow out, I prodded the bear. His mention of a nearby shrine to the pantheon gained my curiosity. As I asked if he worshipped, he didn't tell me straight. So, we talked more. I slowly revealed my findings, though set up a road block. If he was going to learn what I had to know, I needed to confirm my suspicions. And I was right. A fellow seeker of knowledge, one who wishes to be watched. One who valued whispers and secrets... I knew this halfling is my guy.

We set our common ground without revealing what we both already knew. I invited him, he accepted.

An exchange of a deep secret, revealed only to one of the same... did you see that, Watcher? Was your gaze upon your learners as this whisper occurred?

Visited the shrine to the pantheon Xozu told me of. I felt I could express myself and not worry on judging eyes here. I prayed under the moonlight. I need to consider what would be a valid offering. Perhaps my ever expanding notes? Though, I wish to keep my log... though, I wish for my memory to improve, of course.

I've dedicated these past four days to working on my smithing skill. Though the blades I make are still basic and nothing special, I'll learn more as I go. One must expand their practical knowledge as well, of course.

I attended the festival of the wilds. More importantly, whilst there, I encountered a shaman named Tylla. A very new experience to me... she talked of walking the spirit realm and seemed to be inhabited by a spirit known as 'Ori, King of these forests'.

They granted upon me their wisdom. I conveyed to them my uncertainty in choosing my path of worship, how I do not wish to be evil, though my thirst for new knowledge is great. Of course, I kept the dirty details back. They convinced me to dedicate myself to this experience; that the experience learned from it will be valuable enough... which is what I know The Watcher also values. The new perspective they offered gave me the knowledge and confidence in myself to continue this path. I will dedicate myself to The Watcher.

I think I have a good idea for an offering to The Watcher. Being he is a keeper of knowledge, I have invested in the purchase of another one of Lana Wake's books. Once I finish reading it and take my own notes on it, I intend to offer this up to The Watcher. I believe the history the book holds is of great value and I only pray Visage will accept it.

I've almost got to a new milestone with my Smithing. I feel in the next few days, I'll manage to craft a much better quality weapon. I've managed to sell them on, making a living out of this. I've learned a good trade and can only further it. And, after all, who expects a smith to be a Visage?

Alright... I may have spent 10 or... maybe more... days without contact, just smithing and smithing away... but my god was it worth it. I've managed to get pretty decent at this, sold many of my blades and moved to a nicer area. I feel like I can use this skill to perhaps learn the way to handle a blade. I should find someone capable of this.

I've quickly learned that though I will always strive for the peaceful option, sometimes, the option isn't there. I'm not going to learn if I die. It's as simple as that.

I also find myself continually reading this spiritblessed book more and more... perhaps seeking these out would bring me more knowledge...

But for now, Xozu wants me to make him some daggers. I'll continue my daily prayers.

Today, I learned a VALUABLE lesson.

For the first time, I had brought a weapon upon another in my own defense. Whilst at the tavern enjoying a nice day, meeting new folk, a heavy fog came. From it, 3 zombies attacked. Me and 3 others managed to defeat them, myself using a dagger from my own craft. It was my first time putting the practice I put in with the blades after crafting them. I successfully defeated a zombie. This was a great accomplishment, but I need to get armor.

I aquired an extraordinary looking bow from the zombie. Perhaps the watcher would accept this as an offering; a token of my first kill as a result of new skills I learned. A symbol of my advancement of knowledge. For I would never had defended myself and sat back if it were not for my want to learn that The Watcher has awoken in me.

Today is quite the special day. A whole month of worship.. and look where it's brought me to.

This calls for something drastic. Something special... I've been a little bit reserved with my curiosity and kept relitavely safe, but it's time to push myself. I headed to the ashlands with my Irzis-Fyr glaive, crafted myself. I recall my experience reading the 'Spiritblessed' book that Lana gave me. This is the perfect opportunity to learn hands on. What better way to gain knowledge in the name of The Watcher than to seek it out?

I sat under the soot and watched the lava pools. My breath, after a while, felt short. No luck, I call out for a Fire Elemental. Nothing.
I move to another spot. Last try before I could really do bad to myself. And I need to watch out for these Ash hounds. I find one final spot, far away, and call. I catch the attention of one. I offer it to work with me in my warm forge, to let me learn of it whilst it uses me. It... laughed at me and left.

A great experience none-the-less. I know through The Watcher's gaze, I may be confident in my strives for knowledge. I returned, exhausted, my throat in terrible state. I will rest until Xozu's adventure takes place.

Today I accompany Xozu and a few others on a journey to some ruins. Not sure if the others know, but I'm helping him as a fellow worshipper and, of course, friend.

Before this, I decided to visit the Shrine of Visage at the cathedral with an offering. I've thought on this for a bit, and I've decided to offer something that's grown on me in recent times. From my very first kill against the Zombie in the tavern that dropped this amazing looking war bow. The sentimental value this has held for me pains me to give it up, as I wished to learn how to use it. However, with the fire spirit within me and my learning of being a smith, I'm sure I wouldn't have the time. it's extremely well made, so I hope it pleases The Watcher...

On this day, the fire elemental I've taken in got to me. A rage was unleashed and I took many an injury. Evidently, this seeking of knowledge through experience is a huge challenge... But I won't stop until I figure out more. I can't have such a missed opporunity.

Begun scheming. I've sat about long enough and made my home. I'm spurred on by the elemental inside me, still to give them a proper name. Though, they give me great inspiration for a scheme... what causes chaos better than a classic fire, eh?

I've established two alibi's for the 20th of Springrise. The scheme comes along... I hope you're watching, Watcher.

Through whispers, I shared my scheme with a fellow visigite, the only other I trust. They have agreed to vouch for me if the scheme goes south.

After the events of the undead attack on Storm's Landing, Malark made new friends with many dwarves, an elf, and another human. This human took great interest in his elemental, asking a myriad of questions. Ah, what a perfect opportunity. For now, he is influencing the sooleran man by telling him each benifit that comes with elementals, perhaps one day they may get one themselves and Malark can incorporate him in to his schemes. This mask of a friendly smith has been working out well.

Unfortunately, due to these events and attacks, his scheme must be pushed back. A shame, really. For now, he'll continue to seek new knowledge to do with elementals and the planar infinity.

On the previous day, Malark had been involved in the Storm's Landing sewers 'adventure'. He wanted to test his own abilities in an unideal condition for the elemental in him and see if there'd be any noticible difference.

He found that he did indeed feel uncomfortable by the water and that his fire abilities were of little use against the water-logged zombies.

Though, in a fit of rage during an ambush by ghouls, the elemental within him sparked a fury after he was injured and he recklassly jumped to get to one of them, ended up with a heart through the chest and ultimately his death, losing the elemental.

Now, today, his soul wished to return and throught he brotherhood of Jishrim he was brought back, though finds he can no longer speak, read or write Common.

Was it worth it? Was this action and the entire elemental journey he took of importance to The Watcher? Malark can only pray, though he will not give up on his studies to find out.

Malark attended the Gala. He heard many whispered conversations, enjoying eevsdropping them. Later in the night, he talked extensively to a new friend, Astreia. She is a fireblessed. He has begun to encourage her bond with them. He misses Irz, and can't wait to uncover the unknown public knowledge pertaining to the world of elementals.

He wishes to achieve a few things:

- For the Watcher, he wishes to refine the process of bonding between individual and elemental. In it's current form, it is very untested, unrefined. He aims to make it better.
- He intends to create a cult in the watchers name. This would consist of a group of individuals, spiritblessed or not, wishing to learn more of the planar infinity and strengthening the partnership between our worlds. Likely claiming it's domain as the watchers.

On this day, Astreia came to his home in some sort of distress. He invited her in and offered comfort, and eventually, she offered a drink. This quickly turned to 2 bottles of wine, then to her home for 2 more. In this state, he gained A LOT of secrets she spilled to him.

In exchange for his deepest secret, that being his worship, for her deepest secret. This went down pretty well, but he's put a deep trust in her, that he'll likely regret at first. All he can do is hope it was worth it...
» Seeketh far thy words of worthe.
» Selectingly giveth thy knowledge.

The secret was absolutely worth it. An ideal trade.

Malark, Xozu and Anwar travelled to the compendium, where they researched on both elementals and the Planar Infinity. This was greatly benifitial to Malark as he gained great information and knowledge from a journal titled 'Elemental 1' by a Rahm Engem. Here, he learned a great deal about The Shoreless Gulf, that the barrier was 'broke' and much, MUCH more. Then, he seemed to dance around with what he believed to be a shadow-elemental. Following it, listening to it, he eventually was tricked by it as it tried to drop books on him, though he dodged this. He then came across a scorched journal of the sort after seeing written in fresh ink letter behind the bookcase that said "MEMORY". A symbol was in this tome as it spoke of many things.

Then the three of them had a run in with this weird spirit. It was able to dull the lights completely, injuring a clerk. They followed it, which lead to them having to run out, which he sustained some injuries from, however the encounter was interesting none the less. The knowledge gained was worth it.

All of these are in a word document.


Became blessed 16/04/2021.


Upon becoming blessed, the words of The Watcher commanded unto him, he took this day off of his work to dedicate it to researching and testing his abilities blessed upon him. In the Kraken's Den, away from prying eyes, he casted ILLUSION I to make the image of a deadly nightshade flower, with a shine of the moonlight upon it, and 'brought' it from behind Astreia's head, testing if it looked real to her. It fooled her perfectly. (1/3SP). Then, when she started coughing violently due to the curse from the Elemental she had cast recently with his help, he tried to focus her thoughts with SUGGESTION to regulate her breathing. It.. kinda, maybe helped. Maybe didn't, no idea. Didn't hurt to try. (2/3SP). He then ended the day sending a DIVINE WORD to Xozu saying 'recognition' to inform him of his blessing. (3/3SP).


Malark began constructing a small shrine in a secret location known only to him, thematic of his work learned and of The Watcher. Afterwards, he visited the compendium once more, re-reading the book he found from it. Then in the evening, he cast Feast of the Gods to bring a meal for him and Astreia on a high point in the Comendium, under the moonlight. He also casted ILLUSION 1 to create a vase adorned with symbols of moons and tides with flowers similar to the one he created on 16/04/2021. He enjoys creating awe with the blessings he is given to those who do not fear it.


Cast Divine Word to inform Hellmann of his recognition by Visage. She replied with "meeting".


Spoke with the visagite he trusts the most and gave knowledge for his trust and scholarly input.


- Confirm the existance of an elemental of 'the northern mountains' which was offended by the immortal kings and us mortals.

- Confirm the existence of an elementals called 'The Smolten Eye', a supposed once-demon of Queen Grief.

- Lure and investigate the weird spirit in the Compendium.

- Learn more of the bloodlines mentioned.

- Find out what the symbol means from an animancer.

He then took a trip to The Compendium, with the free time he had before starting his next order. There, he read more journals, reading on the experience of a 'Dalinar Klavier ', a scholar who wrote a two-part book series called 'Blue Horizons'. It detailed their journey south ("a journey in to the endless blue") from the docks of Azerport (?). They wrote of an experience in a storm, one which the rain seemed to go sideways by the force of the wind. Perhaps this was the Sea of Storms doing.

The name 'Scardrac' was mentioned in a journal series called 'Voyage' detailing a Caparii who went with 3 ships to a new land. They experienced a weird 'plague' like sea experience, their Queen was with them, and they made land where the lord was an old architect. The name 'Scardrac', a part of a royal company, once a demon but no more. 'The Smolten Eye' fits this... the Queen Leminth mentioned is the one who sacrificed herself to stop Queen Grief. Scardrac was once 'The Smolten Eye', then saved by Queen Leminth, perhaps. Maybe an early consumed spiritblessed of great power... where that elemental is now, likely gone. ALL of this MUST be before PC2240, as this is when Queen Grief was defeated.

In another journal series about a missing scribe, a trip to a tomb made by an old ancient tinkerer who made a deal with queen grief for immortality, Rahm Kenny was a Caparii scribe. Perhaps the same as the other books detailed.


He met with Hellmann. Information was exchanged, Vyrism was planned, told, discussed, he learned of The Game and started playing (despite having technically already lost, but that's being picky). Xozu arrived, and they informed him of it all. He is intent on this plan.


He casted ILLUSION 1 to trick Aelnic, newly met elf, in thinking that a shadow elemental was in the vicinity. He did this to instill his knowledge that he knew how to deal with these, and to perhaps gain trust in the individual. Scaring the life out of them in the process. Fun.

THEN ho boy, he now has the body of Talos the construct in his storage room, soon to be moved to the shrine. You bet your ass he's gonna research, experiment and see what he can make out of this, and something to be crafted as a perfect offering to The Watcher perhaps. Moral reasons aside, this is a big W.

In a recalling that night of a story, where he learned more secrets of Astreia's past, he cast ILLUSION 1 once more, to depict a scene of a previous exprerience with real detail. Knowledge was saught and given, words of worthe exchanged for such.


He cast ILLUMINATE to calm down Astreia after an encounter with Iqya'mut. He learned a small piece of knowledge as she seemed to taunt her, causing her great distress.


Malark reached 'Expert' in smithing. Finally grasping the ability to refine steel, among many other things, he begun studying the body of the construct body of Talos he had.

That night, he went to the Kegheart tavern. He recieved the entire metaphysics collection from Lana Wake, which he plans to read, and promised a proper day to learn from her. Then, he went with Briarwood to the guard house, where she revealed she knew of the plot with Astreia and Alfonso to commit murder. Though she hid many details and offered to be friends in exchange for knowledge. He played dumb so that he could throw a few hints out there, believing he recieved some back. Then, once he felt like they weren't trying to 'gotcha' him, he gave information. He got away with some things. He then sent three divine words to Astreia for that night, warning her of briarwood investigating the murder.


On this day, Malark went to Frostwarts, a long awaited trip.

Most of what he learns will be in word documents, but for my own benifit and for this log, here's a list of goals completed, and an updated list:

Goals Completed / Info Learned

- Confirmed the existence of 'The Northern Mountains', having a strong theory of it being the 'Obsidian Mountains' mentioned in a tome.

- Confirmed the existence of 'The Smolten Eye', linking it directly to a demon named 'Scardrac', once under the influence of Queen Grief, saved by Queen Leminth. Type of elemental in this demon, unsure.

- Learned more about Vyres and the bloodlines in the library. Learned a lot of the Azarin bank and bloodline.

Current Goals

- Write a book detailing the four mentioned strongest elementals he's learned of. Also about the conflict, reason why they're here. (And any more should this info come.)

- Find out what the symbol means from an Animancer

- Investigate more on the weird spirit in the Compendium.


Began writing book on elementals. Cast Feast of the Gods for me and another.


Schemed with the captain.

Was sent two divine words, with plenty of space to talk, by someone he doesn't know. Some names are known to him, but nothing ever conclusive. Cast ILLUSION 1 to conceal his face one time, staying in Halbed for 2 days to study at Frostwarts library and continue writing. Make it hard for this stranger to find him.


Aelnic shows great interest in learning about Visage. Perhaps, I could turn this potential in to something... great. I'll learn more about them.

Xozu wanted a meeting. Will meet him at dusk.

Sent three divine words, sleeping in an inn in Halbed. The book's coming along well, I await Hellmann's go ahead for the scheme.

07/05/2021 - Significant act 1 (Choosing Azarin)

Met with Bok'ra. Bargained with him. Managed to get 1 week before having to make a vital decision, and now considering his options.

Abandon his closest friend, submit to the spider, take his chances... this isn't gonna be easy.

Came to a decision. Things will need to be done, preparations made.

Decision turned out.. 'well'. Best outcome, given the circumstance. Almost finished book.. close one.

Kept the knowledge, as well. Don't mind if I do. 3 divine words sent overall.

10/05/2021 - Significant act 2 (Teaching Tenets)

Cast ILLUSION 1 to trick Ruvan, Anwar and the other Sool they were with. Not that he saw their reactions, but it made Ruvan and Anwar very confused. Some fun is to be had there.

Whilst robed and masked, cast ILLUMINATE when he came across Hellmann and Loriss at the shrine outside storms, followed by VISION, to show Visage to a young caparri child named Lorabella. Spreading the good words of worthe to the innocent, so they may take interest in the cause of knowledge.

Significant act: Spreading words of worthe, giving knowledge selectively. Spreading the good word of Visage.

visij1.PNG visij2.PNG



Cast 3 divine words.

14/05/2021 - Significant act 3 (Secrets - The Schemer's Schemes)

Bok'ra visited him. Thought this was brief, he gained a great secret by offering he paid for his services: [REDACTED]. (In secrets document)


Cast ILLUSION 1 twice in the early AM hours to create a fiddle and mask-wearing human figure, recalling music from his childhood and dancing with another. He then cast VISION to enshroud the area around them in sea fogged shadow with a glow of moonlight over them, a tide outline and a vague moonlit glow.

16/05/2021 - Significant act 4 (Secrets - Minion of the Wight)

After a long time of getting to know someone, a tortured soul who had many secrets hidden behind plenty of barriers; the first and last non-follower (that he planned) to reveal his worship to, he finally got to the last thing to know. Many, many things and intricate details were given as he was now able to put the whole story together.

He gave the knowledge of his worship, selectively to this one person, and in return was given many, many words of worthe to this point. He holds plenty of knowledge on them, which he has kept a secret between them the entire time.

A powerful insight in to the dealing of a Skraagite as well.

(Screenshots all in secrets folder.)

* Cast Illusion 1 later that day

17/05/2021 - Signifiact act 5 (Schemes - A helping hand/Offering)

[REDACTED] asked for help, finally, after killing [REDACTED]. He was aware they already planned to kill them, though wasn't a part of the plot originally. Now, he was, dealing with the cleanup and bringing the body to his shrine of Visage as an offering. Cast ILLUSION 1 over the body for the upper half and head to look like a passed out drunk man, so when he carried it back he didn't look like a straight up murderer.

Upon the body not being taken the next day, he takes it and casts it out to the sea. One way to learn Visage doesn't care for corpses; he will find a suitable replacement to show he will learn from this.


Turned into a Lover/Glut vyre through sheer hate towards Bok'ra. Scheme had to be amended. Shoot.

Azarins will still help... soul is fulfilled, but not ideal until this changes.


Shrine has been relocated to far off home. Knowledge seeking can continue.. must plan to host a teaching on elementals, perhaps ask the keghearts for a venue, invite those closest. (Event). Seek more knowledge on the Shoreless Gulf, speak to an animancer and then plan something, perhaps ask Hellmann to sail far west for us to search for shipwrecks fallen victim to the Gulf and hope for encounter tomes/logs.


Cast feast of the gods in the morning once for the 500ml (1 litre) of blood it provides to satiate some of his hunger.


Cast feast of the gods 3x in the evening for 3 litres of blood to satiate his hunger.


Sent a divine word.


Offered 3 tomes to his shrine:

- The copy of 'Cloak of Decay' notes he was given from Bok'ra.

- His first ever journal, given back by Xozu after his death. He's learned what he had to from his past, though has written a copy regardless.

- His second shorter journal, his first notes on the begginings of his learning of elementals, which served as a starting point for his first book.


After waking from a coffin nap, got a letter Hellmann to cast Watchful Gaze to spy. He did so.


Recast Watchful Gaze after no activity.

Cast illusion 1.

Planned with Xozu and Ginnian. We're going on an adventure in search for knowledge, I'm searching for what I want. We'll take what we got, though.


Cast Feast of the Gods x2. Fed on both goblets of blood.

Divine word (T1) later.

10/06/2021 - Significant act 6 (Secrets - The kid's tragic past)

After castion Vision and Illusion 1 at the cathedral in Storms to communicate with three others by the Visage shrine, they offered to share dark secrets for their own. A kid they, unknown to the kid, know, shared a very personal and dark secret. In turn, they gave a secret of another he disliked which may spread to their downfall and then one of himself, a shrine he is making out far. This can be used further. (Secret in folder).

A deal was made.


Cast Suggestion on Ruvan to speak his mind.



A change in blood and mutation. He, finally, is an Azarin noble vyre. Divine word sent to important person.

13/06/2021 - Significant act 7 (Assisting a fellow worshipper)

Malark cast Vision and Illuminate. Using this, he assisted in the unbonding of a Shadow Elemental in a fellow worshipper, for he knows now that one can obtain this knowledge without the experience. A fellow Visagite must be protected, after all.


A simple trade. Secrests for knowledge.


Cast F.O.T.G x2 to satiate his vyrism hunger.


Went on an event with the boat gang, casted a divine word at the end of each day to let someone know he was safe, cast F.O.T.G once during the trip. (ICly 1 week I'll say, last cast on the 8th).


Cast F.O.T.G 3 times for 3 pints of blood to feed after inflicting wounds from a staked pit fall trap, burying himself to do so.

02/07/2021 - Significant act 8 (Guidance and Advice, a promise of tutorship)

Malark passed on advice and guidance to [REDACTED] in their search for proving themself to The Watcher. He promised that once he gains Visage's approval to teach and give lessons to him, he will guide him to his gaze. He told him to engage in daily prayer and to dedicate his knowledge seeking in Visage's name.


Cast Illusion 1 to make a red wine glass to hide the fact he just snacked on someone.


Cast Illusion 1 to make a small bead of light to help a random orphan kid called Lyra not be afraid of the shadows. Really, just an excuse to get her to sleep. Here, look he even prayed for it.



Cast divine word x1.

Cast vision, offering a letter with his current most important secret to his shrine.


[EVENT] Went to Nid-Arach, hearing of lost knowledge. Chased an old man, bargained with an Arachian lord and traded his sword and armour for the book.


Cast illusion 1 to communicate as Antiquity without his real voice, gaining a dark secret from a hooded figure he knew was Aelnic, securing one listener for his lesson.

Cast Vision on Loriss to show her the Shadows and Moonlight once again that their Azarin eyes changed to red, with a sound of oceanic Tides.


Cast illusion 1 to communicate as Antiquity once more, speaking to 'Luna' and 'Frost'. He gave a short lesson in Secrets, gaining one listener for his lesson. Learned one Secret and one piece of new Knowledge.


[EVENT] Travelled to a lost manour of his sire, Loriss, and fellow Visagite to reclaim the long lost family household. They uncovered quite a few family secrets, fought a group of mercenaries and cultists, solved a puzzle of the sort. He used his illusions to help them combat the cultists. Overall, he gained new knowledge of both Loriss and her family, helped to uncover many secrets and foiled someone elses scheme for his own gain. He killed 5 overall, more than he ever had in his life and with his learned skill and proficiency. In the name of Visage and helping another.

Got a sacrificial dagger from cultist, offering to shrine.

Cast 2 illusions.


After this event, Malark took a long prayer to Visage at his personal shrine at his holiday home. Presenting all the offerings, he asked:

"Watcher above. You spoke that if I seek Knowledge in your name, you would continue to reward me. So I seek, having secured a way to fulfil the power in my soul that was missing, using deciet and my own knowledge to pass each hurdle. Your tenets, I have taught and spread. Your figments, I continue to tighten my grasp of my own understanding to their importance...

I have one who seeks to learn. My wisdom gained, I pass on, but.. I seek permission. I wish to bring them to be worthy of your Gaze, to form a following of dedicated worshippers to one day bring to you more than just worship. From what I learned from Nid-Arach, I seeketh to reform the fallen pane in your name. I have ideals, and I ask of you to let me seeketh far as your loyal, your faithful. My search for Knowledge has brought me power, I keep many Secrets and look to the Moonlight each day. My only wish is to please you, so that I may live this life protecting not only those I love but to preserve myself as your seeker.

Your gaze is my life. I pray it be widened."


Between this date and previous, many things. Forgot to log them, whOOPS.

Overall, cast:

- 2 divine words

- 5 visions

- 1 illusion

Also schemed with Branko, changed his bloodline once again.

Forming Reflections Truth, seeking members. One acquired so far, waiting for Visage to bestow permission to teach (T2 basically, he'll see as a sign.)


Cast 2 illusions and 1 vision VIA touch.




In order to first become tier three, the following requirements should be met;

Show extended worship, with two months OOC since achieving T2.
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host at least five events which are of thematic significance to their divine. (12/08/2021, 29/08/2021, 12/09/2021, 24/09/2021, 15/10/2021, 30/10/2021, 12/11/2021, 23/11/2021,)
The character must have earnest and genuine faith to their Divine. (Throughout his T2 journey, he has explored his own faith in various ways. Right now, he has formed a collective and seeks to bring those who seek Visage to Visage.)
Evidence of a more unique understanding and outlook towards their own faith. (Malark's faith in Visage is born through his own desire to progress. His outlook on how one should be as a Visage is that there is no 'holy grail' method to being one. He actively preaches that worship to Visage is an individual thing; there is so much to be uncovered and found in the world, we are always constantly learning and seeking to gain more influence, power, Knowledge and so on. He believes it important that the old perspective that a Visagite should be untrustworthy should be changed, regardless if that's true or not.)
Must show evidence in their log of teaching another something thematic to their Divine. (Hunting, Fighting, Dancing, etc) (03/08/2021, 21/08/2021, 25/08/2021, 18/10/2021,
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant in the name of their faith separate to the event(s) above. (01/08/2021, 05/08/2021, 12/08/2021, 15/08/2021, 22/08/2021, 25/08/2021, 19/09/2021, 21/09/2021, 18/10/2021,

They must also pick one of the following paths:
[To Guide Another]

Ultimately they must guide another into the rank of T1 and showcase at least ten ways they assisted doing so. This can be through lessons, discussions, or other ways you feel are significant in the journey of the student. They must reach T1 before you can apply for T3.

(10/10) Valerie: 21/08/2021, 25/08/2021, 17/09/2021, 24/09/2021 x2, 18/10/2021, 04/11/2021, 07/11/2021, 13/11/2021, 23/11/2021
* Valerie reaches T1 29/11/2021

Became T2 30/07/2021


Cast 2x T2 divine words to inform one he will guide and one most important. Cast 1x Divine word T1.

Reflections Truth is formed.

Cast ILLUSION II to speak with a new member for his cult, his new student.
He imparted a tome, one gained in his trip to Nid Arach, as a reward to his student for joining the cult and for reaching where he has. To answer his questions, to birth new questions. (TGA 1/10).

Antiquity cast Illusion 1 to speak, then Obscurity, whilst having some nice tea at the Blue Moon bakery. He spoke to many new faces, taught Visages tenets to both Orro and Aki, had a chance to test out the new spell. A bit of fun, mischevy, and teaching.
Another joins Reflections Truth.

Cast Illusion 1 and Lexicon, being more mischevious with his spells and trying to cause reactions in people. Some fun.
Cast Lexicon again. Damn elves.

In Eldpoint, followed a broken in-to courthouse and found Amelia, helped her in her plot to break out Elmon. Successfully worked, used his dagger to break a lock, cleared up the crime scene.

Talking to Valerie, he convinced her to share what she's been up to. She revealed her recent secrets of seeing Bok'ra and the like, their going-ons, amongst other things. Malark feels he could bring her to Visage, eventually, or at least bring her to Reflections Truth. He shared a few of his own Secrets, though ultimately she told him more in his eyes. Suggestion cast.

Cast Vision x2 to allow his blind lover to see the reflection of the lake.
Another joins Reflections Truth.

Cast Illusion x1 to talk to two, gained a nice Secret in exchange for giving the name of a bower. Selectingly gave Knowledge, gained worde of worthe. (In doc)

Cast x2 divine words, T2.

Using Illusion x1 and Illuminate x1, convinced a possible new Visage follower to bond with a water elemental to help drown out the madness brought by Jishrimites that are going for her too. Scheming, hoping to beat the spider, and to bring another to the Cult and hopefully, Visage entirely.

Used Illusion x1 and Vision x1, held the first meeting and initiations of Reflections Truth. (EVENT).

Cast T2 Divine word.

Accepting a job from Branko, Malark grew tired of gaining only Knowledge from the Azarin family. He Schemed with Branko with a simple request, ended up murdering a caparii teenager who'd been snitching on him to the guards and sent a message. For this, Branko paid him in power, enhancing his Vyrism. This also brought a new connection for power and, hopefully, Knowledge in the future.

Cast Lexicon.

Cast Obscurity.

Talked to one other. They came to Antiquity and agreed to worship Visage and join Reflections Truth. In exchange for reveal who he truly was to her, she wrote a great Secret.
He taught her of Visage basics, the history that Silas was bested by Visage and his son Aldred, becoming The Watcher. Gave her lessons on what a Visage should be. (1/10)

Cast Lexicon, Illusion 1.

In the fallen cathedral whilst praying, was faced with Aki and Valtae. Aki threatened Antiquity, Branko entered and they both ganked Aki and Valtae. He got loot from the attack, which he plans to sacrifice to Visage as proof of his gained power and influence. He also got paid 4k radiants by Branko.

Casting Divine word T1 and Illusion II, had his student Valerie assist in a scheme to help clear suspicions of his alias Antiquity being himself. Schemes, teaching and utilising his blessing. Also taught her the importance of influence and power in a place such as Storms to survive. (2/10)

Two T2 divine words sent.

Cast Illusion 1 two times, Suggestion and Obscurity. New persona in the Kraken's Den put to the test, went generally quite well.

Cast x2 F.O.T.G to saite vyrism hunger.

Attended this event, cast Illusion 1 and Divine word T1. Recieved a trinket.

Attended a sermon/cult event. Spoke with the one he guides, expanded the one he guides Knowledge on Elementals, their origin, etc and guided her to a tome to learn their history.

Watchful Gaze cast.

Cast Illusion II. Started giving out Pendants of The Watcher, spreading that Visage claims the ocean whilst masked.

Cast Illusion I. Gave out two more Pendants of The Watcher, spreading the previous word. Used his artifact, gained memories and fears from two indiviuals.

Cast Illusion I. Got an insight to one individuals level of curiosity, a hard nut to crack.

Another lesson for Valerie. A discussion, where she was about to give Malark information for free. He taught that Visage commands we seeketh far for words of worthe, highlighting the importance of using trade, bargain and deception to gain more Knowledge when you give it. (4/10)

Cast suggestion 8+ hours later. Then, Illusion 1. Initiated more into Reflections Truth. (5/10, Valerie joining the cult).

Cast divine word T2. Cast Illusion 1.

Schemed with the other side, for once. Will do so until he gets what he needs, likely, and will play both sides.

Made a decision, devoted to his faith, and has left his lover to pursue his faith and put his entire focus to it.
Cast Divine Word (T2) and Vision.

Shared the story of his path to Vyrism with Aelnic and Valerie, two he actively guides and one he teaches. A lesson in the importance of power, and that we should control it, shape it to our will so that we don't succumb to the likes of insanity. Offered to take them both as vassals in the Azarin society, as his progeny and responsibility. Ultimately, to push his curse too, so he may become more powerful to serve Visage longer.

Divine word T2 x2 used.

Divine word T2 x2 used.

Cast Illusion II. Summoned the image of a 18ft Cobra in the SL library, putting Valerie's decision making to the test. Knowing she didn't like snakes, he had the cobra take curiosity in a random elf in the room, at first defensive. Valerie successfully calmed the snake by showing they were both no threat, and kept herself and the elf calm whilst the snake studied them, before it left. A lesson/test, which she passed.

A casual discussion with Valerie turned into a lesson on the importants of words, how they can be used to manipulate and influence a situation.

Cast Illusion 1

Cast Divine word T2 (x2).

Cast Vision and Illuminate during his curing of Vyrism. Ultimately, it impeded his worship and strayed him to a path he didn't want to focus on, however he won't give up his dedications to Reflections Truth.

An important discussion with Valerie. Discussed what was important to Valerie when it came to Visage, what her worship was for. Despite their goal for the Ocean, he made sure to drive home the point of not losing reason within faith, for we're not autonomous servants with no mind of our own.

Cast divine word T2.

Cast illusion 1 twice. Attended a Sallana garden party, working towards improving a public image by attending and causing no issue. Took a step towards establishing a meeting between the two collectives of Sallana and Visage, successfully making a connection with Anwar to do so.

For Valerie's tenth lesson, he pointed out that her journey has been her doing so far. He sparred with her, pointing out her indecisive nature and teaching the importance of maintaining her composure. The point was not to win the spar, but to make a rational decision using her mind, not her sword. Which she ended up doing by jumping in water to avoid the situation. Important, in Malark's opinion, to a Visage to be able to make quick decisions regardless if they're right or not. He also made a point: Silasites are askers, Visagites are do-ers. Told her she should tell, not ask, Visage that she's ready.

Cast illusion 1
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-=] I [=-

Malark; smith, scholar and secret keeper. He stood over his anvil and stared at the steel
he was yet to shape to his will and in it, he could make out a warped and blurred reflection.
His face stared back distorted by the folds in the billot. For some reason, he found himself
entranced by this mirrored image and he worked at spotting the similarities. There were
was his nose, his mouth and his eyes. Then, with a blink, strange blue cracks appeared in
the reflection.

He blinked rapidly but nothing changed.

A voice whispered from behind him but nothing was there. No matter where he looked, the
voice was always one step ahead. Here is what it spoke;

You have sought knowledge in my name.
Continue in this way and I will reward you.
Do not scorn me, not even in thought, for I will know.

Malark is now T1.