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[Visage] Keeper of Keys - Tier 1


An Alteran Bard
= [ Visage ] =
Kublai Kulligar

Keeper of Keys

"There are many keys, taking many forms, which one can use to unlock forbidden knowledge."

IGN: Bartooliinii
Character: Kublai Kulligar
Profile: [LINK]
Divine Interest: Visage

Status: Setting up shop in Praes Divina, contacting possible allies, looking for Visage folks, planning a trip to Frostwarts to copy some tomes.

=[ The tragedy of Kublai Kulligar ]=

Kublai was a friendly, openhearted, jovial Dwarf. With a good heart. Someone who was easy to trust another.
He had been this loving and good-natured Dwarf for years, decades even.
He was then taken captive by the Sons of Jishrim, enslaved for months.
Without hope of others coming to his rescue, they broke him both physically and mentally.
He escaped the camp in the end, at the cost of others. The memory pains him.
The jovial Kublai burnt to ashes and from it rose a more sinister version of himself.
To cope with the pain of his actions, he tells himself that he would've died if he hadn't changed.
If he hadn't become shrewd, grim, stern, and reclusive...

Tier: 1
Spellpoints: 3
Trinkets: -
Passive: -

=[ Divine Log ]=
Tier 0 to 1:

The character is at least two months old OOC.

The character is at least sixteen years of age.

Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host an event that is of thematic significance to their divine.
Hosted an event to introduce a bunch of secrets to folks (secret doors, pieces of unknown items, divine knowledge scraps - 29th of May 2021). He hopes to inspire people who are not familiar with Visage to get a preference for enjoying secrets and enjoying piecing together puzzles. Kublai believes that the act of creating secrets and solving puzzles is just as much a form of veneration to Visage as it is to keep secrets and information from people.

Notable Acts:

Kublai made the "Invisible Book Keepers Guild" in Frostwarts long ago, which allows only a select few people to quickly distill information from numerous tomes. It's a way to find knowledge that is entirely hidden to those who do not know where to look. (Very Visagy I thought). He's continuing this invisible book keepers guild in Praes Divina now, hoping to gather Visage folks in the place.
Abandoned both Korog and Jax in favor of Visage.
Found out about 3 shrines to Visage, by asking people, without giving away his true intentions. All under the guise of 'helping an old friend at Frostwarts'. He then found his way to the Coven of the Faceless and writes a note to them, voicing his disapproval of the site of the shrine. Kublai feels like Visage has been worshiped wrongly. All that blatant dark stuff with masks and dark deeds. "Selectingly giveth thy Knowledge" and "Seeketh Far Thine Words of Worthe" seem to have very little to do with the current reputation folks of Visage hold. Kublai thinks this is exactly the problem; if someone does their worship well, they do not have any change in reputation at all. Yet, he's still curious about this group and hopes to find new wisdom from them, however dim he may find them to be.
Has become a member of the Coven of The Faceless without the mandatory spilling of his own blood and consciously swearing the oath to Ignis not to Ignis but to the mere dust in the shrine.

Offered a banner of Praes Divina to Visage in SL cathedral, symbolizing the secret aspects of the town and surrendering them entirely to Visage. A promise that its construction will always incorporate things that are in favor of Visage.

Show worship of a Divine for at least one month OOC from the creation of a divine profile/thread.

Tier 1 to 2:
Show extended worship, with one month OOC since achieving Blessed status.
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host at least two events that are of thematic significance to their divine.
The character should keep something on them that represents their Divine personally. (Items, Clothing, etc)
Must create a small shrine to their Divine, and grant it an offering. (Must be an item, check notes at the top of the page.)
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant seen favorably by their Divine separate to the event(s) above.

Tier 2 to 3:
Show extended worship, with two months OOC since achieving T2.
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host at least five events that are of thematic significance to their divine.
The character must have earnest and genuine faith in their Divine.
Evidence of a more unique understanding and outlook towards their own faith.
Must show evidence in their log of teaching another something thematic to their Divine. (Hunting, Fighting, Dancing, etc)
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant in the name of their faith separate to the event(s) above.

They must also pick one of the following paths:
[To Guide Another]
Ultimately they must guide another into the rank of T1 and showcase at least ten ways they assisted doing so. This can be through lessons, discussions, or other ways you feel are significant in the journey of the student. They must reach T1 before you can apply for T3.

[To Great Lengths]
They must showcase ten additional instances of significance in the name of their Divine. These should be of importance, be it through protecting a group, hunting down something of significance, the poisoning of a town, or some other action. Why these actions are considered significant should also be added to your logs, how your character personally feels them necessary or important.

Tier 3 to 4:
Show extended worship, with three months OOC since achieving T3.
Must have a significance presence in the world as an embodiment of the virtues of their divine. Must make a constant effort to guide and foster their faith through either significant personal acts or active participation in events.
Must hold at least one sermon in which they explain their own unique views and understanding of their Divine.
An event held to sanctify an area/region in the name of their Divine, or the creation of a larger secondary shrine/church.
Must be part of or create an organisation dedicated to their Divine.
Must show further evidence of having a unique view and understanding of their Divine and their faith. To truly show how they differ, and what faith means to them personally.
Must have at least ten instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant in the name of their faith separate to the event(s) above.
An offering of something of great personal value to the character themselves given to their Divine. Include evidence of why this offering is of importance and significance.

The character will also be contacted via a divine servant in some form when they are T3, and an Oath will be sworn. Include this in your T4 rank-up application:
Oath sworn: "Example of Oath sworn at T3."

=[ Spells ]=

Spells Cast

Illusion 1
The caster creates a small illusion that is no larger than a dog, capable of emitting basic sounds but disperses into smoke upon being touched (or touching a living thing) by anything aside from the caster themselves.
Cast: I

The caster plants a small idea in their target's mind, if it is too unlike them to think of doing it then they will dismiss it but it has the potential to become something of their own (this is heavy on the target and how they wish to proceed).
Cast: I

Watchful Gaze
The caster marks out an area or item with the symbol of an eye at least as big as a palm, and they may close their own eyes to focus for several minutes and see through that symbol.
Cast: I

Spells Available


Tier 1

Tier 2
Not Available

Tier 3
Not Available

Tier 4
Not Available

Tier 5
Not Available

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