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Finished [Violent] [12/10 3 p.m. PST] Paying it Forward.


Lord of Altera

Paying it Forward

A note was nailed to the board of Storm's Landing. A local hunter has offered for any passer-byers of his current camp to come share a meal before he leaves to travel once more. A lucky party snatched the paper from the board! Now it looks like they have a ticket to a free meal while they head to their own desired destination. Instructions on the letter of how to get to the camp of the hunter are scribbled on the back of the note.

Party: The Brassbound

Name: Paying it Forward
Date: 12/10/2020
Time: 3 p.m. PST
Event Description: A small party of five on budget accepts a free meal from a friendly stranger.
Location: Forest, south-west of spawn.
Public/Private?: Private.
Rating: Violent.

DM: Catanomical with supervision of Elz
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