[Uprising] [14/9/19] Of Supplies and Ambush


Lord of Altera
Retired Staff
The Rebels of Eberland, finding themselves with a new leader after the death of Aleksy Bruce, look to make their first strike and supply themselves with the supply line maintained by Lord Bertrand d’Arras and his allies; With a clever ambush in mind and plot, the Rebels hope to catch the d’Arras men off guard, and take the first move of the ever growing war in the Eberlands.

As with the rest of the events of the Campaign, the event is considered private and violent, if you wish to be involved in any way, please contact me or Liam OOCly and the rest of the lads will make a combinded choice, thank you.

Date and Time: 14/9/19 2EST
Location: Ackerland
Rating: Private and Violent

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