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[Update] Official HW Album - Sneak Preview of Violinist, Percussionist, and pictures last month's recordings.


An Alteran Bard
! ! ! U P D A T E ! ! !

No video this time, but news nonetheless!
This time, I bring to you the unedited versions of three songs: Alta eta Ghul, Linlea, and The Mountain and I.

Violinist input:
I've managed to snag the contact details of a great violinist from a friend of mine.
She's a busy woman, but she found some time to send me some of the things she tried with my songs. It sounds AMAZING I think!
She will also be giving extra feedback on the mastered version, before the final version, to make sure it all sounds great.
If you like to give the violin in two songs a listen, check these links out, they're not mastered yet so the volumes might sound weird:

Drummer / Percussion:
Then there is also a drummer who'll be doing some percussion.
There have been some misunderstandings so I'll have to sit down with him to make sure everything goes as planned.
But he's already managed to play some songs well enough to keep the recorded tracks!
Again, these are not mastered versions, but they give an impression of what we might expect:

Some Pictures:
Sjoerd has made a few pictures. They really do give an idea of what the vibe on the set was like.
We laughed a lot, we had a lot of fun, and we had times of serious listening and smoothing out the sharp edges.

Starting the day with some tea and a few jokes.

Sanne, who sings in a lot of songs and does lead for Maceo, singing the voice of Sallana.

Me trying to tap along in the rhythm to get a point across xD

Still trying to explain the general vibe I wanted to hear at Halbed.

A lunch break of baked eggs and all kinds of veggies in there.

Explaining to Ruben who Korog is and what his stance is on Maceo's actions. Ruben, who sings lead in Maceo, as the voice of Korog.

Singing the voice of Korog together to see how it would suit Ruben's voice.

Sanne, listening again to her voice as she sang the lines of Sallana, she seems pleased with this take haha

Both of us listening while Sanne re-does some of her lines.

Myrthe arrived to sing the female vocals in You've got to run. Here she's listening again, to get to know the song.

Final Words:
That's all for now. I will have to sit down with the producer and the percussionist some time before 2020 if I'm lucky.
Then the violinist has to send all her pieces over. And then I'll have to travel to Rotterdam to help the producer to create a sound that I can be happy with.
As it stands now, we're still on schedule and will most likely be done around February 2020 :)
Will give a new update once there's anything noteworthy to update on!

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The Green One
This is amazing Bart, you and the people contributing to this album are doing an awesome job!


An Alteran Bard
Thank you for the kind words everyone! It's really starting to take shape now and I'm as excited as you are to hear the finished product! :D I will of course keep you updated once more steps have been taken