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[Update] Official HW Album - Decisions & Backing Vocals


An Alteran Bard
! ! ! U P D A T E ! ! !

We're another step closer to telling the tales of Altera to a bigger audience!
In this update video you see some of the shenanigans during the recording day for the backing vocals.
We've done some choir recording stuff, single recordings, clapping, and most importantly; different voices for different parts of songs:
Maceo has now got all the different Gods and Goddesses singing their parts!
You've got to run now has female vocals for the second chorus too.
God of Luck is has almost become Gospel, with a choir and clapping.
Halbed has become a proper pub-song, as has The Tale of Scourge.
Love has never been kind
is sung by different people in each verse, as if the people all know about Nwalme's tragic lovelife.
And finally Linlea has gotten a whole different lead, with call and response during the choruses.
The other songs Alta eta Ghul and The Mountain & I are still sung by myself and will get more layers of percussion soon.
You can listen to the old version of all the songs in this playlist:

Album Name:
I did not receive any suggestions for the album name.
For now, I've settled with the name Tales from Altera.
If you've got a better suggestion, I'm always open to hear ideas.
As it stands now, Tales from Altera will be the name on the album cover.

Art Competition:
Nobody has shown interest in doing the art for the cover. As it stands currently, I'm doubting between pictures or doing some art myself.
One of the singers; Sjoerd, is a photographer and he has made some pictures during the recording. I might use a couple of those on the cover or the back of the cover too.
Or I'll do some art myself. At the moment I'm thinking I might do both!

Final Words:
That's all for now. In 2 weeks time the percussion will be recorded, but I won't be present for that. We've had contact about it before and the percussionist and the recording studio producer both know what the idea is for each of the songs he's needed in. I'll contact a violinist this week, who has already agreed on joining in, to give her some of the details. The recording stage of this album is almost done, then comes the mixing!
Will give a new update once there's anything noteworthy to update on!

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An Alteran Bard
Thanks! We're almost done recording and then it'll take a while to get everything right in the mix. I'm thinking either by 2020 or a bit after in January
:D :D