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[The Grey Lady] Ventare Seymour


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Blessed Profile

Minecraft name:
Character name: Ventare Seymour
Link to normal character profile: Link!

Patron: The Grey Lady
Overall Tier: Tier III
Spell Points: 7 Per Day

Prepared spells per day:

: Grey Lady.
Tier: 2
Action: Vocal prayer and the motion of thrusting a hand out or a foot down.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster sends out a rippling wave of purple light, a divine power that destroys all undead in a ten block radius at the cost of severely weakening themselves. This spell cannot be used more than once per day. It will only work as described on undead of the average humanoid size but this includes Ghouls. For the next hour, any undead will avoid the caster and those in physical contact with them (up to a limit of three extra individuals).

: Grey Lady.
Tier: 1
Action: Whispered prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster wills an area to fall under the influence of the Grey Lady. All sounds are dampened in a ten block radius, resulting in soft words and whispers at maximum. All light here becomes a faint grey-purple hue, and an area of fog lingers on the ground below knee height. Those in the area feel calmed unless they are feeling extreme emotions.

Additional granted boons (# of times cast):


[Ethereal Companion]

Passives(s) or Sustained Effects:

[Eternal Service] - He has made an oath of service to the Grey Lady in both life and death.

Current Divine Status:

Teaching Gvaudoin Pellingare
Developing his own form of worship more cohesively


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Divine log:

- Laying to Rest [x] - A ceremony in which those who's graves were dug up were buried once more.

- Festival of Passing [x] - A festival to teach people not to fear death but to live life while they still have it.

- Warning to the Living [x] - A sermon carrying a warning to the masses about the influence of Skraag.

- Confessors Circle - Construction of the Confessors Circle in Halbed done by the request of Ventare.

- Judgment Listens [x] - A chance was given to those who wished to confess their sins to the Lady at the Confessors Circle in Halbed.

- The Retrieval [x] - Ventare took part in an expedition to cleanse a ruined monastery of the Grey Lady's, Ven felt it was his duty as a blessed to do so.

- To Altera [x] - A posted telling people to put aside their differences and take on a temperament of neutrality towards each other in lieu of a greater threat.

- A Divine Funeral [x] A ceremony in which steel Idols of the three gods killed during the events of Aldred were put within a crypt in order to comfort those who followed them and allow them to say goodbye.

- Starving the Worm [x] - A poster declaring that Ventare would use his divine magic at any grave yard that would allow him to in order to make sure those dead couldn't be raised by Skraag (before T1 lost the ability to cast repose)

- To remember the Fallen [x] - Ventare was called in by Andre Ursae to bless his new graveyard located in the Cradle.

- Establishing a Foothold [x] - He joined a party to go out into the sorrows and free the souls of the undead as it is his duty to the Lady to do so.

- The Grey Lady, thoughts and knowledge [x] - A book written by Ventare that contains information on the Grey Lady, her realms, her worship and the beliefs of her followers.

- Recruitment of Niluith - Ventare aims to teach her of the Lady's way and one day raise her up to the rank of Apostle.

- A private offering - Ventare offered the Lady his book, after a brief conversation with her he also offered her his service in both life and death.

- Construction in progress of a large building on the island located in Icewater Bay outside of Halbed in her honour that will be used to host funerals, confessions and any other rituals as well as a network of crypts spanning the island. Once finished it will be the perfect place for laying the dead to rest and keeping them from being defiled or corrupted.

- Vowed to serve the Grey Lady until he can do so no longer, and then eternally after that, gaining a new tier of blessing.

- Installed mort cages on the graves in Storms Landing.

- Prayed to the Lady requesting images of the realms, instead his soul was taken on a tour of the realms.

- Commissioned seven grand paintings to depict what he saw in each realm.

- Completed the main church of his island dedicated to the Grey Lady, it includes 7 paintings of the realms and a statue of the lady herself.

- Asked the Lady to take the island as holy soil.

- Reposed the corpses from Halbed after the blood moon and has prepared them for a ceremony 5x [Repose]

- Has called for any corpses that people cannot bury to be sent to his cathedral for burial with the others from the blood moon.

- Cleared up the corpses found in the slums of s.l after the rains and reposed every single one over the course of a couple of days. 14x [Repose] (spread over 3 days)

- Assisted with the clear up and laying to rest of the corpses found in the dungeon of the pits of magic - act 1

- Removed Melzar and destroyed his vyre hideout where he killed innocents and fed the locals their corpses.

- Talked with the G.l about having revenants be able to live one more life in order to strike a deal with Archon that was mutually beneficial

- Found a way to kill vyre permanently

- Staked the infected Raven

- Housed the staked body of Bok'yra deep within' his church

- Tried to banish a wraith but due to the actions of other blessed this path was soiled and the spirit destroyed. He later made this method known to the public via a notice [x].

- Held an event to remind people of what awaits them once they die and how it is an unavoidable fact that they will go to such realms, hence why even if not faithful they should pay heed to the Grey Lady as she will be their judge and jury when they pass [x].

- Agreed to take on Illy when she is older

- Has taken Raven on as an Acolyte

- Has taken Dorian on as an Acolyte

- Gained a ghostly arm.

- Has taken Illyrana on as an Acolyte

- Killed hundreds of undead in order to end the wave of undead in the landing and save those inside the fort.

- Killed the shadow with teeth, through use of his artifact.

-Destroyed the heart within the sewers of s.l that tied Skraag to the city. However, it was a great cost and left him devoid of energy afterwards.

- Despite being exhausted from the fight he spent sleepless hours seeing to the proper burial and or burning of the dead during the numerous stages of HoTC.

-Constructed a monument to those who fell during HoTC

- Dealt with Uriels corpse after a jousting accident and summoned his spectre in order to say goodbye to loved ones and console his son(?) who sadly was on the other end of the lance that killed him.

- Buried Einars corpse after he was killed in the s.l tavern.

Currently Teaching:

- Niluith Ruu
- Raven Hiraeth Kakers
- Dorian Portato
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Completed: Writing a religious text about the grey lady
New: Train Niluith to rank of Apostle


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Created a divine log of anything related to the Grey Lady that Ven has done or partook in.