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[The Grey Lady] Raelur Fen'Shal


Settling in Altera
In-Game Name: AzureKnights
Character Name: Raelur Fen'Shal [Link]
Divine Patron: The Grey Lady
Divine Tier: Sacred [Tier 2]
Let not your Judgement be clouded by pity, and do not heed questions to your authority
Beware the Soul Stealer, and cut down those dead that rise in his image
Do what must be done to assure the safety of the Realms

Respect the dead, and those who mourn their passing
Spell Points [SP]: 5
──Spell List──
Action: Prayer and Touch, with the offering of something that once belonged to the individual.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One week.
Spell: The caster blesses either a living individual or the corpse of someone who has died within the last two weeks, placing a light grey hand-print upon their chest that lasts for the duration stated. This will prevent the target from rising again as undead upon death, and keeps their bodies intact, no parts being able to be removed or tampered with. Blood may be washed away and wounds may be stitched and clothing changed to prepare a body, but malicious grave robbing results in the individual being unable to physically remove anything. Dead bodies with this spell cast upon them are protected until they revive through a revival system, effectively permanent, but it must be re-cast weekly for living individuals.
Note: Should this spell be cast upon a staked Vyre, the stake can then not be removed until Repose is no longer present. This means the target must revive, cured, or wait an indefinite length of time for an opportunity to arise. This is permanent unless Depose is cast upon it, but can also be cast over Depose in turn.

Action: Prayer and the offering of something that belongs to the target.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: Permanent.
Spell: The caster offers an item belonging to their target in a sort of ritual, and makes a bond with them in turn, the offering dispersing into mist upon spell completion. They will feel if their target is near death, an uncomfortable sensation washing over them and giving them a sense of it but not the specifics to why their target is this way. Should their target perish, they will feel a brief sting of the heart and a bitter chill, instinctively knowing they have died. This spell applies for one person at a time, but it can be cast on three individual targets at any one time, and it must be recast on a target if they die and revive. The caster knows which is which.

Action: Touch.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The caster touches a surface with their hands or feet, regardless of shoes or gloves covering them, and wills ice to form in the rough size of their hands/feet. If this is over slow moving or calm water they are able to walk over the surface of it, with the ice they leave behind fading after they take another step. This ice forming is instant, but it creates a layer of it and does not freeze what is already there (no freezing part of a person, for example). The ice melts away into mist after the duration if not used for water walking.

Action: Whispered prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster wills an area to fall under the influence of the Grey Lady. All sounds are dampened in a ten block radius, resulting in soft words and whispers at maximum. All light here becomes a faint grey-purple hue, and an area of fog lingers on the ground below knee height. Those in the area feel calmed unless they are feeling extreme emotions.
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: Ten minutes.
Spell: The caster summons the touch of winter and calls down a hailstorm in a ten block radius of themselves, bringing a bitter chill and biting wind. It is enough to irritate foes and urge them to leave the radius, as well as put out flames within it. The caster and those within 1-2 blocks of them are not touched by the hail, even if it is cold. All ice melts to water upon the end of the duration, conditions otherwise returning to normal.

Action: Prayer and touch for 30 minutes.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent, until another location is made.
Spell: With a kneel and verbal prayer, over half an hour the Blessed wills an area of a 15 block radius to become a safe haven from the supernatural or unholy, pillars of grey stone rising from a layer of light grey fog that never leaves, with an altar to the Lady. Any who enter the area feel themselves vaguely chilled, but calmed, capable hearing the comforting whispers of dead loved ones. All light here takes on a purple hue. Any Vyre or Skraagite who enters this area will feel themselves unwelcome and the cold is bitter and biting. Supernatural entities (ghosts, wraiths, ghouls, etc) are simply unable to enter the area, as if the boundaries scorch and repel them. This includes any creature of Skraag’s making, and undead cannot rise here. Should this be cast again elsewhere, the old one fades.

Action: Prayer, the forming of sacred ash via burning bone and birch wood, and incense to cleanse to area before placing the ashen boundaries.
Cost: 2SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster performs a small ritual, forming a circle of ash no larger than 10b radius, and wills the soul of the deceased to take an ethereal form within it for a period of time even if they are unwilling. It can see, speak, and hear, and it holds its memories aside from the details of its own death. They may recall the ship they were on but not that it sunk in a storm and they drowned, for example. This ethereal form can interact with items and people within the boundaries set, and after the duration has elapsed, they will retain this memory regardless of them reviving or not. The ash will not move by winds or natural types, but can be disrupted by mortal intervention in which the apparition disperses abruptly.

Action: Vocal prayer and the motion of thrusting a hand out or a foot down.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster sends out a rippling wave of purple light, a divine power that destroys all undead in a ten block radius at the cost of severely weakening themselves. This spell cannot be used more than once per day. It will only work as described on undead of the average humanoid size but this includes Ghouls. For the next hour, any undead will avoid the caster and those in physical contact with them (up to a limit of three extra individuals). A Vyre will try to avoid the caster for the next hour but not be destroyed.
[Aesthetic I] Features become more defined, such as cheekbones, the collarbone, the jawline, etc. This can be extreme enough they seem vaguely skeletal in appearance.
[Aesthetic II] The edges of held items can take on an outline of a glowing purple hue, wisps of it flickering around it. This can be on weaponry or mundane items, activated at will or spurred by an emotional response. It does not tamper with the items themselves.
[Quirk I] They no longer need to sleep, finding themselves fully rested after only a few hours of doing something less intensive (reading, lounging, so on.)
[Quirk II] They gain more of a resistance to the cold, with chills of no concern, frost being a pleasant day, and even wandering the tundra they can manage in a shirt.

Description: A silver circlet, inlaid with a cut amethyst at the front and etched in Mok’yra runes along the back; “Guk Embrak Zik”.
Passive: The attuned is more emotionally resilient; situations that would normally evoke fear or anger do not affect them as much. (One step of advantage for Determination rolls.)
[Ability - Deathwatch]: Twice a day, the circlet’s power may activate on command, causing the gemstone to shine brightly in a purple glow, altering the attuned's vision for a few seconds. A range of up to 10 blocks is illuminated around them, in which all undead are outlined in a teal hue, feeling paranoid that something is coming to punish them. Does not work for identifying Vyres unless the attuned is already aware of the curse.

Name: Ribbon of the Dead
Description: A large red ribbon, giving off a soft shimmer from its silky texture. It's held together with a small golden scale.
Effect: The ribbon is like a small beacon to spirits, a comfort of reassurance that the living will communicate with them, or even convey what they want. The wearer is able to hear whispers of spirits in a five block radius. This often makes the wearer a target by aggressive spirits.

Name: Sorrow Staff
Description: A quarterstaff made of steel that shines purple under light, at the edge of it sits a small lantern that when lit, emits a purple flame.

Effect: When the light from the flame is emitted, spirits within a 10 block radius find their emotions lowered, turned to a more neutral state.

Name: Death's Chill
Description: A skull of light grey quartz, matching the size and proportions of the average human. Streaks of purple run throughout the material.
Effect: It is always cold to the touch, and exudes a cold chill within whisper range.

Name: Frozen Flower
Description: A crystal translucent flower of ice shaped to a rose.
Effect: This iced flower glimmers under bright light. The ice is cold to the touch and does not seem to melt.

Name: Amethyst Ring
Description: A silver ring with a marking of an hourglass upon the inside. A deep purple amethyst is set upon the band.
Effect: Will glow a lighter purple hue when undead are near (RP-Chat Range).

Name: Essence of Archon
Description: A small feather that can sit in the palm of a hand, colored pure white but always shifting with flickers and streaks of teal hues. It leaves a faint glowing trail through the air when moved, and can be willed to dim entirely or emit teal light at the strength of a candle.
Effect: Those clutching the feather may find their positive emotions heightened and that they are more prone to caring about things that were once considered 'beneath' them or too small to care for which can bring them moments of great joy.
───────────⋄Divine Progress───────────
──Current Status──
Ex-Member: Ministry of the Grey Lady
Cultist: Sect of the Grave-Ward
Exile: Disillusioned, he's chosen to quit the Ministry and depart from Linlea, swearing off from returning until all the Skraag effigies across the continent are destroyed
Has made use of his skills to produce anti-Vyre commodities and religious objects
Learned: Studied both Vyres and Spirits through reading and lectures, aware of their abilities and how to counter a few

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Settling in Altera
───────────⋄Duty of the Exorcist───────────

At this stage, the Grave-Ward has a fair reputation within their circle and has the ability to help individuals plagued by magical curses.
They use their abilities to purge, release or cure - of or related to death: Curse by Undeath, Vyres, Possessed Spirits, etc.

──Acts of Purging──
Deed #1: Assisted in a fight against three Ghouls who were killed and brought back accursed, eventually cutting them down and destroying their remains with a spell [DM-Encounter]
Deed #2 Cut down an idol of Jishrim that had been placed among the festival grounds [DM-Encounter]

──Acts of Releasing──
Deed #1: Released a Wraith's presence on Linistel as it held a grudge on the populace, solved through burial of its remains and a prayer [DM-Encounter]
Deed #2
Oversaw the purification of a Skraag Artifact with Marian Olliran, slaying the Possessor Spirit within it [DM-Encounter]

──Acts of Curing──
Deed #1: Provided a cure for two Vyres, Aleksander Kane and Candice Kane [Player-Encounter]
Deed #2: Performed a ritual to cure a group of Vyres by transforming them into Gravewalkers, which included Granny, Valtae, Frost and Aki [Player-Encounter]
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Settling in Altera
───────────⋄Divinity Journal───────────
Tier 0-1 Story
Midsummer's Night of Spirits [Link] | 5/14/21

As a citizen of Linlea, he was drawn by invite towards the temple dedicated the Grey Lady, where the faithful and curious gathered for a special ceremony. Conducted by a certain priestess, the event was used as a means of sanctifying the Isles of Linlea in order to protect it from foreboding influences, namely the undead. Circled around a reflective pool, each participant lit a candle, enlightened by divine power which in turn represented itself in the sky above, flickering in hues of white, grey and purple. With the activity complete, the priestess had been attacked suddenly by an assassin, being forced to step in to give aid and subdue the attacker. Together, short work was made with the threat, however the experience left troubled thoughts in his mind, wondering about the course the future would take.

From the Ashes [Link] | 6/11/21
A festival was held in Queensport in celebration of its prosperity and continued relations with its neighbors. Amid the feasting and revelry, an opportunity was held for those who'd cherish their deceased, paper lanterns were written with messages to friends and family long dead, cast aloft by divine flames and blessings by the priestess. While he did not participate himself, he was familiarized with some of the aspects followers committed to and revering the dead. Should he die one day, who would be there to remember him?

Undawn [Link] | 6/23/21 - 6/30/21 - 7/5/21 - 7/23/21 - 7/26/21 - 7/29/21
For a time, he embraced his condition as a Spiritblessed, finding safety in the flames he could conjure. However, as the dangers he found himself in began to escalate, he pondered the risks through an unsettled mind. The risks involved in his travels could require carful planning and patience, difficult traits for a Fire Elemental to attain for long. As he laid in his home, mired in thoughts, a familiar face made herself known. She had introduced herself as Illyrana Silveria, a follower of the Grey Lady. Seeking allies, she had suggested to him the unbonding process, to which he eventually agreed. In search of answers to this solution, he left his familiar home behind to travel across the continent, to the distant city of Linistel. Illyrana had spoke of her home in peril, crimes of graverobbing and attacks perpetrated by Skraagites. As he walked upon the streets for the first time, the city was recovering from a recent undead attack, finding pyres erected to deal with the mass of bodies created during the struggle. Being met with some familiar acquaintances staying in the city, he was further informed of the local rumors, that the region was beset by sickness, murder, and undeath. Eventually, he made the decision to remain longer than originally expected, in order to return the favor of assistance by defending Linistel and uncover the mystery of the Skraagite attackers.

At first, the daily routine of staying at the local Inn was undisturbed, awaiting the unbonding to be scheduled and his supplies to be transferred over from Linlea. And yet, upon one occasion of approaching the local tavern, The Nifty Waters, his usual drinking ceased as he and a familiar patron overheard rumors of sickness and strange happenings by the tavern's owner. Taking the initiative by offering assistance, both men made their way to the cellar downstairs to inspect it for anything out of place, eventually finding themselves at the bottom well. Observing this area, they discovered that the water barrels were tampered with, used for drinking by the citizens. Opening one, they were met with a swarm of undead rats inside. Frustrated, he sought to boil the vermin inside, only to discover that a number of barrels were also infested, hearing them struggle as they slowly succumbed to the heat. Sometime later, he was able to have the unbonding performed, free from the elemental's influence and with a clearer mind, he began to set up a temporary workshop within a city square. During one night, toiling at his workbench, he overheard an unusual commotion outside, realizing it was a small festival revolving around a troupe of jesters which had arrived, giving the suffering people a distraction from the fear and stress that had become a common phenomenon. All seemed well, but the merriment was cut short when a gathering of ghouls made themselves known, intending to feast on the flesh of mortals. With assistance, they were eventually cut down before more panic could spread, restrained by divine symbols and disposed of through cremation.

With his Linistel business in full swing, he honed his skills in carpentry to produce stakes and other necessities that would be useful against the expected dangers, sharing his ways to those he could trust nearby, selling the excess into the wider markets. With that said, he could not prepare for everything, a sudden attack at The Nifty Waters had left the owner wounded during a struggle with an unknown culprit, however, they managed to swipe an item from them, a mysterious key. In the effort to track down the suspect, a scent left him and a group to familiar territory, the well beneath the cellar. At first, it was believed to be cleared out, but on closer inspection, a wall revealed a slot of some kind, fitting the key perfectly. Opening the secret doorway, the group was met with a large mass of undead. In tight quarters, few were able to fight back and hold the line, eventually forced to retreat, sealing the doorway behind them. With a fight unfinished, the rotting horde persisted in his thoughts.

The palace itself had been under attack, servants running down in terror and shock. As he ventured above, a trail of bodies laid, torn and bloodied. With some help, he made his way into the entranceway, encountering the cause of all this death, a Wraith, a dangerous spirit. A battle ensued, but as the Wraith could become formless and invisible, it became difficult to lay a decisive blow, being hoisted from the ground eventually, having his arm twisted until it broke. Through the intense pain and adrenaline, he barely escaped with his life. It will be a lesson surely, that spirits are more troublesome than they appear, promoting caution and preparedness.

Upon his second encounter with the Wraith, it had returned causing a great stir of commotion much like the Palace attack before, appearing before the Library entrance. Still recovering from his injuries, he attempted not to fight the troubled spirit, but to contain it within a salt barrier. Unfortunately, it proved elusive and powerful yet again, avoiding capture. Forced to fall back, he made his way into the safety of the Library as the Wraith escaped for a while during the fighting. He offered the supply of salt stored in the building to a few brave men who dared to venture back outside to fight the Wraith, waiting the result. Alas, even a group wasn't able to defeat it, and so he went back to rest once more, thinking on what to do.

The Wraith, to no surprise, struck yet again at the library. He along with others were able to escape inside, narrowly avoiding a terrible end. Unknowingly, the salt barrier around the library was breached, allowing for the Wraith to make its way inside. Being forced to fight back, he and another were made to fight, allowing an opportunity to distract it during combat in order to apply another salt barrier around it to entrap, however, during this process he received a strange power, granting him courage in his time of need to complete the circle as the spirit shrieked and struck around, causing the interior to be slowly set ablaze by knocked lanterns. During all of this happening, this provided time for others outside to locate the Wraith's remains, discovering it in the form of a mummified woman. Taking a wounded outside, he rushed to the cemetery from where the burial would take place, offering some words of prayer to grant the Wraith peace and settle the spirit. As the wails and shrieks subsided, he felt relief, and the realization that he received his divine powers for the first time.

Crawler [Link] | 6/25/21
Rumors spread in Linlea and abroad of an encroaching threat, in this case, the spawn of Jishrim approaching through the Ashlands. A small band, including himself, volunteer to tread upon the fiery wastes to hunt down any creature of note, eventually combatting a great spider during the trek. A battle ensued, leaving him exhausted and spotted with burns, but, with the monstrosity killed. Expecting no reward, he fought not only to prevent Jishrim's influence from spreading upon divine ground, but to defend his homeland and people.

Veil Spires [Link] | 7/5/21
As a new disciple to the faith, he is invited back to Linlea when a special ceremony is prepared. As lost souls are struggled for from the grasp of Jishrim, an attempt is made to rescue some of the recently deceased. A peculiar alliance, between Shalherana and the Grey Lady, between former life and death, produced the use of special seeds, from which planted produced a miraculous growth of sprawling birch trees within the temple. Watching the events unfold, those attending witnessed the unique resurrection, bringing back some people.

Burial & Exhumation | 7/10/21 - 7/11/21 - 7/12/21
A normal night in Linistel was interrupted when an acquaintance brought company to his doorstep, alongside the body of a staked Vyre. While the circumstances were tragic, he sought guidance to deal with the remains, eventually deciding to inter them within the crypt. Unexpectedly, this was his first burial of a person, and alone as he was with the coffin, he gave a small prayer to offer a blessing so that the spirit may pass over peacefully.

The familiar strangers who accompanied the body returned, however, stating their desire for the heart itself, a possibility to cure oneself of the Vyre condition. Begrudgingly, knowledge acquired beforehand confirmed the demand, and so he found himself at the coffin once more. Opening it alone, he clutched his carving of the Grey Lady, silently praying for forgiveness for this act of what he feels is desecration, hoping that curing a Vyre would absolve his actions, preventing the spread and suffering one would find as an unwilling infected. Eventually, the deed was done, leaving him scarred of the memory. No one should have to suffer through this, he thought to himself.

Lessons in Death | 7/13/21 - 7/20/21
Illyrana begins her teachings with him during a brief, yet troubled, respite. She started off by informing him of the afterlife, more specifically, the realms that would lay before a soul upon death. The realms of Limbo, Reward and Damnation, each specific to a soul's constitution, whether they await their judgement still, deserve a paradise from their deeds or an eternal punishment for their mortal sins.

Ventare, another follower of the Grey Lady, had visited his workshop in Linistel to drop off some equipment, leading to a conversation being struck regarding the essence of death itself. It had existed some time before the creation of the Grey Lady, leading to the loss of life in Shalherana's first creations. In a way, the Lady herself kept the balance of souls and order in the afterlife, whilst death aids in continuing this perpetual cycle, promoting change in the world. Whether this world will meet death as well in the end to promote change in of itself, was a question most puzzling. Nonetheless, the matter was enlightening to him.

Reclamation [Link] | 7/18/21
A great calamity had occurred in Storms Landing, ending in the ruination if its great cathedral, leaving it as a heap of ruins to be eroded away by the elements and picked clean by looters for some time to come. Drawn by the tragedy, he accompanied a few followers to view what remained of the shrine dedicated to the Grey Lady. Paying their final respects, they were able to gather what few valuables remained to safeguard.
Tier 1-2 Story
Undawn [Link] | 7/31/21
With the Wraith dealt with, access to Linistel's palace could be made possible without potential danger. As it was the initial site of the Spirit's manifestation, there were casualties numbering over two dozen, the bodies of servants torn apart and cast aside upon the stairways and entrance, indicating they were trying to flee in a hurry. To give these poor souls some manner of dignity in death, he gathered the remains for proper burial.

From Dawn till Dusk [Link] | 8/17/21
Walking along the streets of Storms Landing, he came upon the ruins of a familiar tavern he used to frequent in simpler times, hearing of its recent demise, he decided to pay his respects and offer help to the owners. Afterwards, he and another acquaintance went towards the other tavern in the area, coming upon a few individuals who expressed their desires to him. They were Vyres, and as they were advancing rapidly in their condition, a standard cure couldn't be acquired by them, choosing instead to undergo the process of becoming Gravewalkers. With haste, he and another follower invited them to Linlea to perform the ritual, where he learned of how the process would change their forms irreparably. While not a true cure, the afflicted wouldn't succumb to the temptation of blood, flesh, or whatever manner their Vyre-type craved. As a small group of turned Vyres arrived, they were led towards the graveyard, where a set of open graves and coffins awaited them. With each individual placed beneath the earth, salt was sprinkled upon the lid of each coffin, then marked with his and the follower's blood, reciting a prayer to the Grey Lady to commence the ritual. burying them afterwards. For nearly a day, they would transform in darkness, plagued by visions and inner-turmoil for some. Eventually, they would be exhumed, arising once more in a different appearance, forever changed.

[Uncover] [Link] | 8/22/21
Involvement in the battle for the domain of life became more prevalent as the alliance between Shalherana and the Grey Lady solidified their stance against Jishrim and those that would side with the agendas of the mad god. He would eventually find himself amongst a group in search for the fourth known fragment of life, said to have been discovered amongst what appeared to be an overgrown maze, circling around a colossal tree at the center. Travelling with another follower, they delved deeper into the winding pathways, discovering notable resources but also dangers along the way in the form of spiders, bearing a venom that could cause rampant hallucinations for a time. Eventually, the fragment itself would be discovered at the center of the great tree, procured in safe hands. Departing the area, he could swear he felt a little taller, an aftereffect brought about by the strange ruins.

[Traverse] [Link] | 9/11/21
Across the land, one of the special Shrines were discovered dedicated to the Grey Lady. A small band of followers volunteered in its defense as the conflict between Jishrim and Shalherana continued to progress, awaiting a time when an attack could draw near. One day, a foreboding feeling drew him and others to the area once more, believing a presence would arrive to threaten what they sought to protect. Taking guard at the only bridge connecting to the tiny landmass, he takes watch until noticing a myriad of eerie green lights off in the distance, approaching closer. A large horde of undead approached, swarming him and another defender as they furiously fought to hold the line as others protected the shrine more closely from another threat. As steel and silver struck down Skraag's minions, a moment of prayer was responded, delivering assistance in the form of holy purple light, striking down the approaching numbers. Bolstered by the assistance, he offers a prayer of his own to offer courage in a time of need, finishing off the remaining attackers and standing victorious with the Shrine protected. For the effort, he notices a silver ring that wasn't there before, fitted with an amethyst.
Tier 2-3 Story
[Frozen Garden] [Link] | 10/2/21
As the quest for the fragments of life drew to an end, the final piece made itself known, drawing a party to venture forth into a frozen, mountainous north. With his divine power, he embraced the cold as they found themselves travelling through a frozen cave system, seemingly growing with tree roots and branches. They were not alone, however, as amid their search they were beset by packs of beasts, having to cut them down as they discovered where the life fragment may lay. Their last challenge was to fight again an encroaching Wildegroll, fierce and massive, but ultimately slain as well upon the quest's completion.

[Eclipse] [Link] | 10/15/21
The fragments were collected, by aid of many across the land, and many with different intentions. An instinct brought them to the conclusion, Shalherana's grove, from which laid a great tree, cast under an approaching eclipse. A fleeting vestige of Archon himself laid before the large group, used as a catalyst to bring the pieces together. With that said, he and many others saw an exchange between the restorers and Skraagites to offer the fragments once thought lost, out of desperation or necessity, a deal was struck, one to be remembered. Through a grand process, the seven became one, yet Jishrim's reign would stand defiant one last time, and so swarms of vermin and abominations drew forth to oppose them all. Despite foreseeing visions of madness and monstrosities, he remained standing. One grudge had ended, and yet another began, as Skraag's influence had been made apparent, this will not be the last of it, he thought.

Undawn [Link] | 10/15/21
The end of Jishrim's reign only left behind another war to be waged, as the Skraagite presence in Linistel spreads further across the land, plotting behind deceptions. As the faith's Ministry remains few in number, he stands alone for the task ahead, no longer a simple man. Through his travels, the land has broken him and rebuilt him into something different, whether through his achievements or blunders, victories or defeats, he remains alive. There is much work to be done.

Cleansing of Storm's Landing [Link] | 10/24/21
The Inquisition makes its presence known upon Storms Landing, calling forth volunteers to cleanse the land of any lingering, undead presence. As stopping the undead is part of his duties, he finds himself amongst a group of Ignites and less-equipped helpers, travelling by road to investigate the landscape. Eventually, they encounter the remains of a possible attack, alongside an old bloodied trail, leading them onward towards a trap as a pack of ghouls emerged from the bushes. With his past experience and strength, he makes quick work of his target as the others slay the rest. As the Ghouls were felled, he brings the bodies together to destroy the remains through a divine spell.

Festival of Haunts [Link] | 10/29/21
The coming of Autumn ushers in a night of celebration within Storms Landing, and thus he finds himself once more amongst the partying grounds, establishing a stall from which to sell his wares, some of which to entertain his skills in his craft, whilst others held more protective qualities against the threat of Vyres and undead, while also displaying objects to venerate the Grey Lady upon that night. Beside a constant feeling of unease he could not explain, all was well until a mysterious gathering emerged from afar, a throng of undead had begun to appear before the public. With blooded silver and divine power, he fended of the threat with the help of many onlookers, spreading themselves out as they were surrounded. Eventually, the mightiest, a giant abomination, was last to fall, and the bodies fell silent once more. As he cleared the remains for a proper burial, he noticed the source of his affliction, a foul totem of flesh and bone. With haste, he cut down this icon of Jishrim, returning back his usual calm, gathering the remaining dead with a local guard to cart off into the night.

Given New Form [Link] | 11/10/21
Amongst the few, devoted followers left, whispers are heard that bring his attention to the south. A Skraagite artifact originating from the war for Life, a wicked spear, had been in the possession of a worshipper of Theodra, intending to purge its foul influence upon a shrine in Verdant Valley. Cautious of the Soul Stealer's wrath, he arrived armed and prepared for the worst, seeing that the worshipper was the only attendant, for better or worse. As she uttered a prayer unto the weapon, it began to shake violently as a creeping smoke surrounded them, finding little time to brace himself. Suddenly, it emerged from the weapon, a menacing spirit, a mixture of bird and woman yielding what remained of the spear as it broke. A fight ensued as it attempted to strike down the two of them, however, its own form was met with his blade of blooded silver, clashed against the spectral form, quickly weakened and eventually defeated entirely. As the smoke cleared, the weapon was made anew to grace the Goddess of the Hunt.

Idol Hunts | 11/14/21
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Settling in Altera
───────────⋄Tier Logbook⋄───────────
The Grey Lady: Tier 1Raelur [X]
Show worship of a Divine for at least one month OOC from the creation of a divine profile/thread:The definitive start was on [6/26/21] therefore minimal requirement is reached on [7/26/21]
The character must be at least two months old OOC:Character Profile created on [5/1/21] although initially began some time earlier, therefore meeting requirement
The character must be at least sixteen years of age:The Character is over sixteen years old therefore meeting requirement
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host an event which is of thematic significance to their divine:Attended the event [Midsummer's Night of Spirits], participating in a ceremony devoted to The Grey Lady which finalized the Isles of Linlea becoming a Divine Ground. Afterwards, defended the Priestess who conducted the ceremony from an Assassin.
Three notable acts in line with their Divine (Hunting, Healing, Bartering, etc) separate to the event(s) above:[Undawn] [Link]
-Stopped a plot to poison one of Linistel's water wells with undead rats
-Fought against a group of ghouls with help, slaying them and participated in their cremation
-Helped to discover a secret entrance full of undead, fending them off to be sealed away for later disposal
-Fought against a Wraith, although forced to flee to deal with it later
-Fought the Wraith again, buying time to entrap it in a salt barrier and recover its body, burying it in a prayer to free the spirit
[Crawler] [Link]
-Fought a large spider with help, slaying it, coinciding with the Reclamation campaign and the Grey Lady's attempts to preserve life and preventing Jishrim's spread of influence
[Reclamation] [Link]
-Uncovered items from the Grey Lady shrine in the ruins of the Grand Cathedral
-Offered a Vyre cure to two people who were turned
-Buried his first body in a Crypt
-Began the production of items such as stakes to deal with Vyres
One offering of an item to their Divine at a shrine/church/etc (Log its OOC location for collection.):With the Grand Cathedral in ruins, Raelur returned to Linlea's Church of The Grey Lady, offering an item recovered from the shrine there. [Coordinates: 5577, 64, -9757] [Location: In the donation/offering hopper]
A cut Amethyst, engraved with an hourglass.

The Grey Lady: Tier 2Raelur [X]
Show extended worship, with one month OOC since achieving Blessed status:Blessed status achieved on [7/29/21] therefore minimal requirement is reached on [8/29/21]
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host at least two events which are of thematic significance to their divine:[From Dawn till Dusk] [Link]
-Aided in the transmogrification of a small group of Vyres through a ritual, allowing them to arise once more as Gravewalkers
[Traverse] [Link]
-Defended a Shrine of the Grey Lady from an undead horde
The character should keep something on them that represents their Divine personally. (Items, Clothing, etc):-Wears a silver medallion bearing a symbol of the Grey Lady, a scale held by a skeletal hand
-Wears a silver ring fitted with an Amethyst bearing a carving of an hourglass
-Wields a longsword, bearing skeletal iconography
Must create a small shrine to their Divine, and grant it an offering. (Must be an item, check notes at the top of the page.):Raelur has setup a small shrine area in his home, including a sizeable statuette of the Grey Lady of his own design. In the middle of trying times, he as placed some offerings to appease the divine.
[Coordinates: 5830, 39, -9311]
A blooded silver feather, representing his fight against the undead
An Archblossom fruit, representing their fight to preserve the cycle of life and death from interference
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant seen favorably by their Divine separate to the event(s) above:[Undawn] [Link]
-Recovered a little over two dozen bodies from Linistel's Palace
-Coordinating a plan to investigate and return to the city with supplies, continuing his fight with the undead
-Securing a citadel from an undead infiltration through silver, gold, salt, mirrors and more.
-Conversed with the spirits of children until they passed into the afterlife [8/10/21]

-Conversed with a Gravewalker on a basic introduction to the Grey Lady [8/21/21]
-Refined his knowledge of Vyres through various individuals and their conversations, ensuring the information is promoted accurately and across the land [Various Dates]

[Uncover] [Link]
-Accompanied a group in search for a fragment of life, securing it in safe hands whilst fending from spiders influenced by Jishrim

The Grey Lady: Tier 3Raelur [X]
Show extended worship, with two months OOC since achieving T2:Blessed status achieved on [9/21/21] therefore minimal requirement is reached on [11/21/21]
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or
host at least five events which are of thematic significance to their divine:
[Frozen Garden] [Link]
-Traveled with a group to retrieve the final life fragment

[Eclipse] [Link]
-Fought back against Jishrim's final attempt at Life, returning her whole
[Cleansing of Storm's Landing] [Link]
-Tracked down ghouls and their accursed idol, destroying them
[Festival of Haunts] [Link]
-Sold items for dealing with Vyres and promote worship of the Grey Lady
-Fought against a sudden attack of undead upon the festival grounds
-Destroyed a Jishrim idol

[Given New Form] [Link]
-Oversaw the purification of a Skraag Artifact
-Fought and destroyed the harmful spirit that resided within
The character must have earnest and genuine faith to their Divine:
Evidence of a more unique understanding and outlook towards their own faith:
Must show evidence in their log of teaching another something thematic to their Divine.
(Hunting, Fighting, Dancing, etc):
Must have at least five instances in their divine log
where they have personally done something significant in the name of their faith separate to the event(s) above:
[Undawn] [Link]
-Casted [Beckon I] to perform a séance, attempting two and succeeding one, conversing with a spirit [10/15/21]
[The Glade] [
-With a group, fought Undead and a giant abomination [11/21/21]

[Idol Hunts]
-Fought a roving horde of Undead, slaying the Cultists animating them [11/14/21]
-Defeated a spectral horror of Skraag [11/14/21]
-Dismantled a Skraag effigy [11/14/21]
-Performed a consecration ritual in Gardens of Endearment [11/29/21]
-Performed a consecration ritual in Compendium [11/30/21]
-Performed a consecration ritual in Mockingbay [12/2/21]
[The Armiger] [
-Traveled into the Nether to search and retrieve an artifact of Kilrox [11/28/21]

-Began amassing a collection of trinkets and items that could relate to the faith [10/3/21]
-Defied an undead controlled by a Skraagite, striking it down [10/15/21]
-Offered a funeral rite to Elmon Valleth, casting [Repose] on the body [11/13/21]
-Casted [Mark of Passing] on Milah Sicarus-Freyr [11/18/21]
[To Great Lengths] They must showcase ten additional instances of significance in the name of their Divine.
These should be of importance, be it through protecting a group, hunting down something of significance, the poisoning of a town, or some other action.
Why these actions are considered significant should also be added to your logs, how your character personally feels them necessary or important:
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