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The Bank of Azarin publicizes a brief formal history for those who are interested in such matters: According to the history, it began almost a year ago with the mass liquidation of the Azar inheritance, from which the bank was built. The bank quickly grew and prospered, and as it began to expand, it quickly moved from the small city of Veraci to expand into foreign investments - where we are at now. The formal history of the bank embraces its singular nature: the pursuit of wealth.

The Bank of Azarin is an investment bank seeking investors in the bank who will permit for their money to be stored within free of charge, so that the bank can then reinvest the money elsewhere and share the profit with its investors. It is a sole proprietorship and all profits that are not shared with account holders fall into the lap of the Azarin family.

There are no formal roles in The Bank of Azarin, the job title for those who work for the institution simply being Representative. Representatives serve a dual function: pursuing new ventures to invest in, and to draw people to the bank. Salaries are negotiated independently with each Representative, but typically are either a flat monthly rate or a commission on the amount of profit that they bring to the bank.

☾ || Samael Azarin - Owner.
☾ || Helena Valdis - Representative.
☾ || Lewis Doggett - Representative.

☾ || "The Azarin Bank" - Located in Storm's Landing, after the Veraci branch burnt down.
☾ || "The Azarin Hall" - Located in Storm's Landing.

Consider it open for business. Also, hiring.

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This is updated a bit. The Veraci branch of the bank has burnt down, and relocated to Storm's Landing. This can be public knowledge, especially for those who have accounts with the bank. Nothing was lost.