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[Song] Whitespoor the Cultist


An Alteran Bard

Or perhaps the rise and fall of Whitespoor?
Whitespoor, the wicked.

Whitespoor, the thief.
Cast from his family
at the age of thirteen.

Whitespoor, the streetrat.
Whitespoor, the poor.
Stole from the people.
Slept on the floor.

Whitespoor, the sickly.
Whitespoor, the wretch.
Jishrim reached for him
and he took his hand.

Whitespoor, the tainted!
Whitespoor, the plague!
Unleashed a horror
and left death in his wake.

Whitespoor, the evil!
Whitespoor, the ghast!
Dark was the order,
that took revenge for his past.

Whitespoor, the cultist!
Whitespoor, the flame!
Set fire to the Landing,

then the hunt began.

Oh the hunt bega-a-a-a-an.

Whitespoor, the hunted.
Whitespoor, the doomed.
He lost his life to the mad one.
Now peace could resume.

But Whitespoor, the teacher,
had an ace up his sleeve.
His followers increased, then
and they did as they pleased.

Whitespoor, the spirit!

Whitespoor, the mad!
His cultists now gathered
to resurrect the dead!

It’s said he’s still out there,
haunting the roads!
His screams can be heard!

How he yells and moans!

How he yells and mo-oa-ans...

He mo-oa-ans...

Kakers Jase


"Yes, milord?"
I- i dont know what to say bart
Beyond this is amazing and I love it so much xD