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Poster Shamanic Services Available


Lord of Altera
Posters are set up around the Landing, Verdant Valley, Eldpoint, Astrakhan, and Queensport.
The handwriting is crude, but legible.


For Those Seeking Spiritual Advice:

Come to Verdant Valley and Ask For Tylla Goraya.

Payment is Prohibited. Offerings Must Be Minimal.

No Appointment Required.

OOC: I enjoy Tylla's shamanic activities and I find that I rarely get the opportunity to do them. So if you want your character to get some sound- albeit strange- advice, or for them to get bewildered by her trance-induced displays, hit me up on Discord, on the forums, or on this thread to organize an RP. Or, you know, ICly when I'm on as Tylla.

Tagging Lenore bc it's her region

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