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Server News

✾Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • The Kaltic - The Kalts, Kaltic, or ‘Kaltic-Anhalder’ are all labels which describe an isolated northern culture which has in the past been associated with the more southern Anhalder culture. [x]
  • Brotherhood of Jishrim - Shalherana has lost two Archangels, and with it her power waivers and falters. [x] - [Revival System] [x]
  • Obsidian Marsh - The forces of the Mad Wyrm and Qlippoth joined together to create a well which waters corrupted and tainted the lands around it, forming great spires and expansive marshlands. [x]
  • Figments - Figments are entities which exist on a conceptual level. We conceive of them, and thus they are made real. [x]
  • Fluichs - A bloomin' nightmare. Not something you could ride into battle mind you, what with the big nashing teeth. [x]
  • Elementals - The embodiment of the land which they inhabit; they are known in many tongues, but the most apt is Old Arcturian: genius loci. The spirit of the land. [x]
  • Immortal Constructs - In the time before the defeat of Queen Grief, before even the birth of the Gods and their cousins, there existed ancient rulers of all. Lords of the very fabric of reality itself and all its inner workings that weave together existence. [x]
  • Mortan: The Magic of the Gods - Ignorance is the shield against man's ambition: if they know not the true heights they can aspire to, then they will never fall as Immortal Kings. [x]
  • Leylines - Reality is not without its flaws. Not this one, nor the last. For all that they were gods amongst gods, in the infant universe crafted under their care, the Immortal Kings could only imitate the perfection they coveted. [x]

  • [Looking for Events] - Event Request Thread - This thread is made in order to better help players get events with as little direct involvement on their part as possible. [x]
  • Instructions on How to RE-Apply - Welcome back to HollowWorld. You're now un-whitelisted and want to return? We'd like to make this process a lot easier for you. Please follow the guidelines and post the following form as your re-application. [x]
✾On-Going Server Facets
  • Great Suggestion Thread - Staff requests the community help us out in showing us what you think needs working on or needs updating. [x]
  • 1.15 Update --
    • Character information can now be displayed by hovering over a nickname in chat. Use '/card' to get started!
    • Languages spoken in RP can now be hidden based on your character's level of experience in it. Use '/card language' to get started on adding/removing languages from your character card!
    • Material lists for creative builds are now created and tracked by a plugin. Details {here}
  • Plugins & Game Commands - Updated our plugins to 1.15! Now including a shop plugin that actually works! [x]
  • Region Highlight-- Every month from now on we will be trying to highlight a particular region, if you would like to have your region considered please submit! [x]
  • Support Tickets-- Support Tickets are still available for utilization of all members of the community for increased ease in contacting staff and logged/recorded tickets so less is forgotten. [x]
  • Contributor Perks-- When contributing to the continued operation of the Hollowworld server a number of titles and other possible perks cane be gained. [x]
  • The Lost Frontier -- Do not forget about the availability of the Lost Frontier and your ability to freely claim four plots to build in. [x]


✾Campaign Events
  • A Final Grasp - September 6th 4:00 p.m. EST - A slither of power remains, grasping for anything it can use to further propel itself into greatness. Such a spark needs to be put away before it becomes untethered. Clashing lights and resonating earthquakes to the North provide a direction. [x]
  • A Bigger Fish - September 12th 4:00 p.m. EST - Storms circle to the west, lightning arcing across the horizon. One final fight awaits, but first there must be answers. [x]
  • A Note on Spontaneity and Player Initiative. [x]
✾Player Events-- Currently scheduled player events include the following.

  • When the Tavern Grows Dull - September 1st 3:00 p.m. EST - Silence can be quite boring...So let us gather once again to meet faces old and new! [x]
  • A Festival to Sallana - September 12th 2:30 p.m. EST - A festival of Love and Fellowship is to be held in Storm's Landing and YOU! are invited to attend! [x]

  • Make sure to check the calendar or front page of the forums for any new events. [x]
Recipe of the Month

✾ Iron Helmet--
  • Iron ingots like making a helm. Iron block middle. -- With war and chaos still raging across these lands, make sure you are well armored for what is to come.

Credit to Elz for recipes and pictures. [x]

Riddle of the Month

If you think you know the answer to this months riddle PM Tideborne, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer, and receive a 1000 radiant cash prize.

✾Last Month's Riddle --

Last months riddle was: I am unseen, nor will any person ever lay eyes on me. I am always to be, but never was. And yet I am that which gives confidence to all, to live and draw breath upon this hollow world. What am I?
  • The answer to this riddle was: Tomorrow
The only person to get it right was --
  1. Galaxy
✾This Month's Riddle --

This months riddle is: The cities lack people, my forests barren of trees, and my rivers are dry. What am I?

✾Next Month's Riddle? --

If you have a riddle that you would like to have featured on the newsletter, feel free to PM Tideborne. If it's used in one of the Newsletters to come you will receive 5000 radiants in game. Extra points if it's lore related!

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