Selling Skins on Request


Lord of Altera
Hi! This is another skin thread, I'll be selling skins here to raise money for materials for my giant treehouse in Tauredal.

Update 12/20/2012: Hi guys! I'm sort of back from the dead... I hadn't checked this thread, or really gone on HW at all on the account of my schoolwork, but as of this week and the next couple of weeks I'll have enough time to revive the thread. The customer list has been cleared as I'm assuming that after four months or so very few of those orders still stand. It's great to be back and I'll be making skins again very soon :)

Custom Skins:​
I'm selling these for 750 R each. All of the money will go to my treehouse build.​
Changes to existing skins:​
Depends on the complexity, but it will probably stay below 500 radians.​
Buying Process:
  • Fill out this form, and post it in the thread.
New skin or edit to an existing one?:
Skin color/details:
Hair color and style:
Eye color:
Outfit: (Please be very specific and list everything you want. Accessories belong here too. Finding large reference pictures, and even color references, is extremely helpful to get exactly what you want, but make sure you still list the pieces of the outfit you want me to include.)​
Marks: (tattoos, scars, etc.)​
  • Then I'll make the actual skin, and post a preview in the thread. This is the time when you tell me if you want anything changed.
  • Once you're happy with your skin, send me the payment in-game. After it's sent I'll post the actual skin file in the thread. They will also probably go on my planetminecraft profile, just because.
Under0athx : Paid and Posted
freyadavis: Paid and Posted
Frankieba5: Preview Posted
Minez2000: Working
I usually use a certain eye style, however if you want something different for the eyes that is okay too. Just tell me!

Here are some of the skins I've made before:



Legend of Altera

This is my current skin, but I don't like it that much. I'd like you to make me a new skin with the same skin color and eye color (but feel free to change the style) and hair color, but with a different hair style and set of clothes. There must be red in the color scheme of the clothes. I would also like to have some gold accessories. I'm thinking for the clothing that I have red woolen tunic with a deep V, a white surcoat (ooooh and if this could be made to look like ermine that would be amazing.) possibly with a red design or pattern on it, if that looks good. (not a templar cross though, something like a sword or idk)

Also, I'd like a red hat sortof like this one, although I'd also like a skin without the hat as well.

Finally I'd like some accessories such as a silk girdle of either royal purple or golden hue, golden shoe buckles, and as much ermine or gold trim as can be put in.

Sorry if I'm being overly specific, some people like that some people don't. Feel free to change the colors if you think it would look better a certain way, I'm not to set on anything. As this basicly starting from scratch, I'll pay you the full price


Legend of Altera
Its good, but there are two things.
1: Make the red significantly darker, I'm thinking maroon should be the dominant color (

2: Could you explain what the 1 or 2 pixel long gold parts are in the hat and the sleaves?Also what is the band of red (with gold pixels in it) just above the feet?

Other than that it looks great!


Legend of Altera
Alright cool. Thank you for your services, I am happy with my skin now. I've sent you your fee in game


Lord of Altera
And 9290, you want a better, more evil version of that, right? Also, any different color schemes or different details I should include?


I think I might like it here
I'd like to commission a skin, please.
Race: Greyling (, if you aren't familiar with them)
Skin colour: Pale green-grey
Eyes: Dark grey, nearly black.
Hair: A long white braid running down the center of his head.
Outfit: Tattered grey+black academic robe with the same design as this, grey is the dominant colour (, old leather shoes, white wool tunic, dark grey pants.
Additional bits'n'bobs: Silver crescent moon amulet, eyepatch over right eye.


Lord of Altera
Frostyvamp, here's a preview of your skin:
Please either send the fee in-game, in which case I'll post the skin file, or tell me if you would like any changes. :)

9290, I'm working on yours right now.


I think I might like it here
Do you mind adding some pointy ears, similar to the ones on the greyling race page? Other than that, it looks good :D


Lord of Altera
Oh haha, actually there are ears but I forgot to toggle the hat layer in that picture. Here's what the head actually looks like:

TrollGoast, you're after 9290 now.