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[Sallana] Anwar Attia


Settling in Altera
IG NAME: adam_unavailable
CHARACTER: Anwar Attia


TIER: Blessed


Action: Prayer and the holding of a container of water.
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One day.
Spell: The caster blesses the equivalent to one cup’s worth of water and changes it’s qualities. It must remain in a container, and contact with said container must be held for at least ten seconds to fully turn its contents. The contents may be poured into another container but will turn back into water the next day. This cannot be stockpiled, for any liquid will revert back after the duration. The following can be made by any Blessed:

Holy Water: Undead, Vyres, Mages, and Heretics (those who worship something not of the Pantheon) are burnt by this water like it has the same properties of boiling water. It causes nasty burns, but these burns will heal over the span of three days and leave behind no markings, not can the burns become infected. If consumed by any individual not those it burns, it eases and heals: headaches, minor bruises, stomach upsets, scratches.
Lifeblood: This blood can be used to satisfy any Vyre as sustenance, tasting wonderful and lightening their mood. This blood does not burn anyone, not holding the same properties as Holy Water. A small circle made of this liquid has been known to ward away supernatural entities such as ghosts/wraiths for a limited time, as if the blood itself reminds them of the living. It can be smelt as normal blood would be, and may trigger Feral Vyres in the same manner.
Divine Oil: This oil cannot be used to harm another, but it becomes scented and ideal for the use of anointing in ceremonies. If the container is lit, it will burn for one day as a small fire with hues thematic to the specific divine (up to the player), though will extinguish if removed from the container and return to water.

: An uttering of; “[Divine], let them hear me.”
Cost: 1SP
Duration: Five minutes.
Spell: A halo of light forms behind the caster’s head, the colour thematic to their deity. For up to five minutes, those in RP chat range will be able to hear them clearly (providing they are not behind a wall or so on) and consider them paying attention to. They may instil a faint sense of Calm, Fear, or Courage within the audience.
Note: Should a higher tier blessed cast this spell in the same radius, it will over-ride the lower one.

: Touch, or the offering of an item thematic to the divine (holy symbol, coin, bone, letter, etc).
Cost: 1SP
Duration: One minute.
Spell: By touching the target or offering an item, the caster wills the scene of something vaguely thematic to their divine in the mind of another, though it is not distracting enough to hinder them in combat or tense situations. With enough focus, the target can try to tune it out, but it cannot be entirely ignored. Can only be used on the same target once per day.

: Prayer, and ritual/offering themed to the Divine.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: As long as it takes to ask a question and receive an answer.
Spell: With a ritual based around their chosen divine(such as lighting candles or incense, giving an offering, etc), a blessed may ask a question, and receive a response. This is limited to once per OOC month and must be at an event in game to be given. This is only available to T3 and upwards.
Divine Request Thread: [ x ]

: The prayer of, “[Divine], carry my words.”
Cost: 1SP per rank.
Duration: Must be asked and answered in the same day.
Spell: The caster is able to send a word or sentence depending on the rank it is used, which become available as your rank higher in divine tier. It can travel any distance, and the target will hear it spoken in their mind with the voice of the caster. The caster must know their target in some manner, be it name, face, or alias, the spell will work based on intention for who it is for and cannot be accidentally sent to another. This is a universal language, heard and understood by each as clearly as their native tongue.
Rank I - T1
The caster can send one single word to their target. They cannot be given a word in response.
Rank II - T2
The caster can send up to ten words to their target, and they can hear a response of up to as many in response.
Rank III - T3
The caster can send a far more cohesive message, and they can hear one in return. The word limit here is one single PM, so whatever you can fit into that box.

: Prayer. They must keep their hands on the location on which to summon it for one minute.
Cost: 1-3SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The caster summons forth a platter of food that can feed up to three people. It can be cast upon an existing surface (table, for example), or the floor. Eating divine food will restore some energy, ease minor pain, and give a sense of warmth and comfort from the divine in question. Once the spell ends, everything flickers away.
This spell can be cast at 1SP per person, up to three.
(Sallana; Feast of Merriment
Excessively fancy porcelain tableware forms, with crystal glasses and utensils of gold, set upon a deep red silken tablecloth littered with rose petals. Fruits, sweet pastries, and foods of decadence litter the table in excess. Wine is served.)

: Prayer, an offering to the divine, and touch.
Cost: 3SP
Duration: Permanent.
Spell: The caster offers something thematic to their divine (an animal, a corpse, golden goblet, sword, etc - It should be notable) and prays whilst marking a symbol upon an infant anywhere from newborn to three years old. This marking can be in water, ash, blood, etc. and does not denote where a marking (no bigger than an inch long/wide) will form. The marking location is at the choice of the parents OOC, and whilst most markings will be replaced by another, it is possible for a secondary mark to be present as a 'birthmark' only (in the cases of two parents of different faiths). Clarify with Divine staff if it is applicable.
(Sallana; Mark of the Virtuoso
The offering disperses into red and white petals before vanishing entirely. A mark appears upon them like a red or white petal, musical note or small rose, more akin to a birthmark. Children who grow up with this mark may show traits of being more artistically inclined, be it painting, dancing, or making music. )
: Sallana.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer.
Cost: 1 SP
Duration: One hour.
Spell: The blessed can instil an aura over an area of a 10 block radius, red rose petals falling gently from the air with the faint tune of music for the next hour. Those in this area unless feeling violent will feel blissfully at ease, with love in their hearts.

: Sallana.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer and eye contact for a moment.
Cost: 1 SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The blessed makes eye contact with their target, and for the next 30 minutes they will be distracted by thoughts of a lover or loved one, making them less inclined to intervene or argue and more likely to go find a seat and daydream. They will be broken from their reverie if faced with violence, and able to defend themselves as a result.

: Sallana.
Tier: 1
Action: Prayer & Touch, after the target drinks from a sacred goblet of wine/juice/water and are anointed with rose oil.
Cost: 2 SP
Duration: One pregnancy.
Spell: The caster blesses a female target with renewed fertility, making their chances of falling pregnant for the next month incredibly high, even if they had struggles or difficulties prior (including damage to the womb, etc). The chance of twins is also particularly high, up to the player or rolls of 80+. Pregnancies as a result of this spell or pregnancies that were present when the spell was cast become significantly safer for mother and child, the risk of miscarriage or harm to the child becoming extremely low and the child remaining strong and healthy regardless of the health of the mother. Childbirth as a result of this spell never results in complications. Morning sickness will be a thing of the past, but in return the mother will crave red fruits over anything else and the infant will be born with a red or white marking of a little, subtle rose or a petal.
This spell can also be used to determine the gender and race of the child/children of any pregnant woman, regardless of if they are pregnant as a result of the very same spell.
Note: This spell only works on compatible couples, Human/Caparii couples for example would not benefit from this spell.

: Sallana.
Tier: 1
Action: Maintained touch.
Cost: 2 SP
Duration: 30 minutes.
Spell: The blessed may keep their target from bleeding for up to 30 minutes providing skin contact is maintained with one hand for its duration. This spell does not help fix internal bleeding, only preventing blood spill externally. In this period of time the target also feels a content, calm aura, relaxing themselves.


NAME: Lover’s Chalice
DESCRIPTION: A golden goblet inlaid with rubies, and highly detailed with scenes of merriment and celebration.
EFFECT: Drinking from this goblet invokes a brief moment of happiness, pulling from a precious memory held in high regard. Drinks from this are always delicious, and never harmful.
ITEM HOLDER: Anwar Attia
AESTHETIC: [x] Their body changes slightly, appearing more lithe, their skin soft and exceptionally healthy.
QUIRK: [x] Upon the touching of a nearby plate or bowl, they may summon forth any type of pink, red, or purple fruit upon or within it (apples, bunch of grapes, so on).
STATUS: Growing, teaching.

━━━━━━ ━━━━━━
Show extended worship, with one month OOC since achieving Blessed status. [Completed!]
Must significantly contribute to or host at least two events which are of thematic significance to their divine. [Pending...]
The character should keep something on them that represents their Divine personally. (Items, Clothing, etc) [Completed!]
Must create a small shrine to their Divine, and grant it an offering. [Pending...]
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant seen favourably by their Divine separate to the event(s) above. [Pending...]

━━━━━━ ━━━━━━
2021/05/24 Attended a service for Sallana at the cathedral out of curiosity, sparking his interest in the faith.
2021/05/27 Met up with Sophie Velour, continuing to ask questions and getting advice in return.
2021/05/28 Visited the cathedral, praying to Sallana and offering up a bolt of silk along with a bottle of wine, officially changed faiths.
2021/05/28 Started learning how to play the lute from Loriss.
2021/05/29 Visited the Sallana tarp at Praes Divina and wrote a poem dedicated to someone special while sitting under it.
2021/05/29 Built a shrine to Sallana at Praes Divina.
2021/05/29 Offered up the poem at the cathedral.
2021/05/29 Officially became Sophie Velour's student.
2021/05/31 Wrote another love poem and recited it for a crowd at the Frostwarts Ball.
2021/06/01 Took part in a blessing of the Storm's Landing gardens in the name of Sallana, actually ended up meeting Sallana (in bird form).
2021/06/01 Wrote another poem for someone special, offering up the original (including a note addressed to the person who inspired it) at the Sallana shrine and then published a few copies.
2021/06/04 Progressed in his lute lessons with Loriss, he also started taking singing lessons from her.
2021/06/04 Received his own lute to practice with, which he will now play every night.
2021/06/08 Practiced his lute in front of the Sallana shrine in the cathedral for a change in scenery, but also to show worship.
2021/06/25 Helped write a hopeful poem with Sophie Velour to inspire people.
2021/07/23 Ventured into the cathedral with Sophie, Linden, and Lana to retrieve some items from the Sallana shrine. He fond a golden harp and a golden chalice, both of which he's holding on to until the cathedral is safe again.
2021/07/29 Became blessed by Sallana.
2021/08/05 [STEM] was cast twice on Beatrice (an event NPC), the latter time saving her life.
2021/08/05 Returned a sentimental locket to Beatrice after it was taken by her former husband.
2021/08/09 Made a shrine to Sallana in his house in New Sool.
2021/08/09 Started trying to teach himself the harp (Keyword: trying).
2021/09/05 Spoke to Malo Oh'Ee about Sallana, explaining a few of her tenets and giving him advice on arts.
2021/09/17 [DIVINE WORD] was cast, sending a message to Hellmann Kegheart.
2021/09/17 Began teaching Avalyn the lute.
2021/09/20 Designed a tattoo for himself and got it inked onto his chest.
anwar tattoo.png
2021/09/24 Another lute lesson with Avalyn.
2021/09/24 Had a lesson with Malo on Sallana's tenet "Do not betray the love of the one you are bound to, remain faithful.", he also explained his own take on it.
2021/09/29 Began working on tapestry of his loved ones.
2021/10/02 Defended the Sallana shrine during the Playwright event.

2021/10/06 Officially joined the Lovers of Serenity.
2021/10/09 Performed music for charity during the Musical Evening event.

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