Rawkillers Ban appeal [Approved]


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Ban Appeal


Nature of offense as written out

Not long ago, you inquired whether you could make use of wines paired with specific substances to achieve certain effects. Although you were told to wait until your request had been discussed by Staff, it was later discovered that you had used and distributed those drinks already.

We specifically told you to wait with the drinks, because some of the effects you described. Mainly the aphrodisiac wine, because of its resemblance to roofying someone's drink. Even if it was not your desire to use it for such purposes, allowing drinks like such to exist opens the door for it if anyone is not fully privy to the restrictions thereof.

Due to both the nature of the wine's effects and you having gone ahead with and spread something that was not and would not be approved, we feel the need to extend a ban. Looking at past offenses and warnings, it was decided that a month-long ban with appeal would be suitable


I acknowledged the ban as soon as it came forth out of the blue and did not fight it as I had clearly broken the rules themselves as set forth and decided by the lore and moderation team itself in the above. After speaking to Jasper and figuring this all out as I did not know what the other warnings were warnings at all as they were not phrased as such. I gather that such a thing is not approved or wanted in this most recent event, as it was more akin to the effects of a heavy aphrodisiac which is a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire. and an ecstasy style of effect. It was more poor wording that led to the confusion of it being a roofie which is a tablet of a powerful benzodiazepine sedative and hypnotic drug which is not the case at all as one is an upper and the other is a server downer. But does not qualify it in my favor at all or as a defense as I was trying to keep it more akin to a modified opium style of drink.

The second offense that was brought to my attention was the following pulled from the inbox of the discussion at the time it was handed out.

Hey Umbra!

Someone brought it to our attention that your character recently performed a surgery using screws and metal plating on a shoulder. I can respect the ingenuity and quick thinking, however, the practice is a bit advanced for what our server's setting is. It's mostly noted as coming into use around the 16th century, while our server tries to stay kept around the 14th century.

When doing medical practices, just bear in mind what time period we are trying to keep to.
Andre could certainly remove the broken bone pieces and such to allow for long term healing, although I doubt he would be able to move it right after that. But the metal implants are a no go.

When i first perform this action I had researched and found a document and recent finding that had used copper plate to rivet and bind together a broken humerus and bone itself. When the staff addressed it due to a complaint that was issued and it came forth in the text above, we all rolled it back and retconned it and fixed the rp to even approaching the current magus at the time of formistry. To which andre then worked with to repair the shoulder itself.

The other one Jazzper could not recall at the time of me talking to him I do not defend any of my actions just merely explain to each cause and reaction. And my surprise to each as in both instances when staff inboxed me about them it was just hey we don't like this lets not do it, and did not say hey were issuing you a warning. If a warning is issued and such beyond just a hey please stop this we don't like it, it would be immensely helpful to players if the staff handling would say this is issuing a warning for x reason and you have x amount. I am sorry and apologetic for my actions and any discomfort it caused I was surprised as well as shocked when hit with the ban last month. As I had not been aware of any warnings that were issued against myself for breaches. I think hollowworld is a great place and a great community of people itself and would like to remain and be with its player base. I would even be happy to help improve the warning system itself and give a template that lays out warnings and bans that I use as an officer in a pair of guilds that has met with great success.I hope you all have a good day and got a take on what was going on in my head when doing such things as well my immediate stopping when told to by staff in each case I am sorry again for my actions and have learned to ask for more in the future and wait. As well as my actions reflecting poorly on myself as a person and jumping the gun as not wise in all of the cases, and can only strive to correct such actions and to help so that others do not make the same mistakes, and improve the system at the same time if I can so others are more aware when they mess up and can correct themselves before they lose out on an amazing community and player base as a whole.


An example of how we issue warnings to make it more as I call it crayola crayons so no one can misinterpret a warning from a hey you just did bad but its okay dont do it again.


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First of all, as this was the core reason for the ban, we would like to clarify that we know the drink in question was not a literal roofie in the sense of actually being the drug Rohypnol. It is the fact that such a drink loosens inhibitions, stimulates one of the things we do not want on Hollowworld and, finally, could be used to circumvent IC consent. The drug-like effect and the only real use for such a drink both go against the guidelines outline in this thread.

We are generally not so strict regarding (certain) drugs, when not overused, but this is a different scenario entirely due to its intended effects. This brings us to sex-related things (especially non-consensual) not being allowed on Hollowworld. This is why we did not, and do not, want aphrodisiacs on Hollowworld.

While the warnings may not have explicitly contained the word 'warning', which we do acknowledge as a problem of the past that has been remedied/worked on for over half a year now, this falls under the same category as using/RPing something not in accordance with HW's Lore. Additionally, you were informed that there would be a Staff discussion first. But, it was used in RP soon after.

We will lift your current ban, but we urge you to be a lot more careful in the future. If you wish to use something you do not know for sure is allowed on HW, make a ticket/conversation. Until it has been reviewed and allowed, do not use or reference/mention it in Roleplay.
Due to the nature of this specific case, we will issue a warning. For Lore-related instances, this will count as the final warning.

Hollowworld Moderation Team