Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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[Project] Chill RPG Medieval/Fantasy Playlist


An Alteran Bard

I've spent several weeks putting together the most enjoyable RPG playlist I could possibly make.
I started on this project back when I was doing the HW radio things and continued for weeks after that.
Then, I kept refining, polishing, adding and deleting, till I finally had a satisfactory list with my favorite songs.
To me, it's a way to advertise my music as well as put it in context with other music of the same genre, back to back so to say.
I managed to put the tracks of Tavern Songs From Altera in there here and there. Hopefully it'll also advertise the server in that way to people who already like the medieval fantasy theme in music.

So, if you were looking for a chill playlist to put on during casual RP or when you're building on HW, I hope this playlist will be enjoyable for you!

(I'm still refining the thing, so if you have nice soundtracks from games or movies or medieval style songs that you think would fit in there, do comment so I can add them!)