Planet Minecraft Revamp




Greetings Adventurers,
The media department is currently in the process of revamping the Hollowworld Planet Minecraft [PMC] page.
To bring it into the modern age we will be needing a number of new screenshots to help advertise the server to new players. That is where you all come in!

What we will be looking for:
Aesthetically pleasing screenshots of player builds and regions.
Utilizing the Conquest texture pack and nice shaders. To keep submissions uniform.

To Submit:
Feel free to either send them to Tideborne in a forum conversation or post them in the thread below. Also consider adding a small blurb describing the screenshot, to be added alongside it if it is chosen to be displayed on the Hollowworld PMC. Once we have a large enough pool to draw from, our selections will be made public. This will be a chance for you to advertise your region to new players and help them get right into the game!

After you've made your submission, please be kind enough to award the PMC page a 'Diamond' to increase server visibility.
Even if you're not submitting, leaving a comment and a diamond would be appreciated.

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Submitting on the thread. You can choose from this pool- couldn't pick one. Use pics from here if not big enough since I had to minimize it here.

| The Grey Isles of Linlea. The Citadel stands proudly against the gates to the Volcanic Ashlands during a rare sunny day.

| The docks of Linlea bustle as bells ring and sailors shout. A trading vessel sails into the harbor.

| A cold fog quietly rolls into the Temple of the Grey Lady...

| A silhouette of the Grey Isles of Linlea peeks through the foggy mist during a light storm..