Upcoming [Pits of Magic] - Act III


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The Pits of Magic - Act III
To attend this player-campaign event, you require Optifine with Dynamic Lighting


The rumors have been confirmed, the chase has begun, what will the pits spit out next?
"You cannot control evil without its own dark rituals.
Just like you can't control the light without bathing yourself in its good grace.
There is no control over the balance of good and evil without a fair share of both..."

So speaks Áedán, repeating the words of the Cast Overseer, and so it is written.

~ V I O L E N T ~
Find out more about this campaign through threads with the [Pits of Magic] tag,
the rumors thread, set up a party to re-visit the first pit with me as a DM or PM me about the details of loot you found.

Newfound information will be posted in the overview thread, to keep you updated!

Relevant Threads:
The Clues

Date & Time
21st of September (Saturday) - 21:30h GMT+2 / 3.30 pm EST

Starting location:
The border of Nid Arach on the road to Storm's Landing

Sign up [8]:
Please mention the character with which you intend to attend
Vulrye - Olligreen
Theo - Edouard2000
Asero - Electric
Podric - Luam
Kaarina - Yuki_The_Witch.
Kopii - Omikuji
Ardaric - Tideborne
James - Tot
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Arguments and discord within the ranks of the adventurers in the second pit have given cause to an unspoken split between the group. Those that seek knowledge, and those that have already made up their mind about The Scales. Áedán told of the impossibility to regard them as good and evil, for they are both and neither. But who is Áedán? Is he truly still aligned with Ignis, or has his time infiltrating The Scales changed the man?
May the third pit give answers to our questions!


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I'm not sure how busy I'll be that day but I'll give it a shot since I was busy the last time. Slap a Kopii in there.