{Peaceful} [Sorrowlands Settlement] Eresse


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Due to a leadership change, this is essentially a repost so I can edit residents. Thank you for your patience~ (And before you judge me for bad formatting, I'ma fix it later - @mucusBONES I'm looking at you.)

Rumors of peaceful oasis deep in the Sorrowlands are on the rise.
They say there is a path that lights the way. . .
They say . . . it is called...
Beautiful, Tranquil, Serene
For those seeking solitude.
For those seeking refuge.
For those seeking peace.
For those seeking tranquility.

Settlement Name:



A peaceful snowy forest community where all are welcomed to live peacefully.




Head west to the end of the beach, where you will find torches.
Ride a boat south, then follow the light (west)

Current Wealth:


Daily Tax Rate/Rent/Anything Related to Money:


Major Tenets:

No harm shall be done to any creatures, while on Eressian property.
Monetary wealth shall be donated to those in need.
Items crafted from Rare-Alteran-Gems shall be donated to those in need.
All are welcomed into Eresse. Always.

Eressian Adventures:

Adventure 1
Adventure 2
Adventure 3
Adventure 4
Adventure 5
Adventure 6


Ni'p - An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting wakel rinds in a cool dark place. The taste is both sweet and bitter at the same time. It's alcoholic percentage can vary but is usually around 23%.


Will be releasing new images soon.

A painting of the "family" (to be expanded as members get portraits):

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Law of Eresse
Do no harm.
Assist anyone in need.
Think of others first.
Put simply: Be good.

Punishments for breaking the Law of Eresse
For all offenses:
A hearty scolding.

Depending on severity:
Hard physical labor. Could be as simple as uprooting leaves for an hour or two. Could be as awful as shoving animal manure for a few days.


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