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Pardon our dust: Mortan, a Narrative Shift


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Hello everyone! I hope this October is treating you all well, and that you are all staying healthy and hard at work, whatever you find yourself doing these days. As you may or may not know, I have been placed as acting lore head as Blarg is majorly preoccupied. While I have lots of help from friends writing lore and polishing out the writing, there is more than one nail in the coffin that I have taken to calling "Hollowworld 2". If you haven't seen it, Lannis has been just as hard at work with this wonderful addition to the server.

You may be asking what in the world this has to do with Mortan, and your dozen or so frozen tickets regarding it. Allow me to explain from the start. It is no secret that we have a magic rework coming by the end of the year, which we fully intend to integrate into a plugin similar to the one shown above. This rework only started some few months ago, and before that, Augury was in full swing. Mortan was, at its core, a method for players to obtain individual power that is separate from divine and arcane narratively, allowing players to steer far away from the flaws that "old" (still current) magic was unfortunately littered with. It was, by design, easy to use and easy to obtain. Now, our magic rework fills that role, shedding its elitism and exclusivity, and allowing most, if not all players to obtain it, and carve it to their own niche, with a whole suite of fancy new abilities, both minute and grand.

So, where does this place Mortan? Well, the out of character mechanics of Mortan are being filled by the new Magic rework. So, now we need to look at it separately. I believe Mortan has a lot of potential to fill a certain narrative niche that has not been filled by anything else, which will be a stark contrast to the out of character mechanics it provided before. Going forward, Mortan will be frozen until the Magic rework, where it will find itself a thorn in magic's side, the "black sheep" school of arcane, the odd one out. It will benefit from the ease of access that the new magic rework provides, but will provide a vastly different experience than the rest of the "paths" provided to players for obtaining and using magic. Mortan has a lot of storytelling potential, so I am excited to lay it down in it's final place in the magic rework as my input towards it.
(I was not acting head until after a lot of the magic rework was already written.)

Here's a TL;DR: Mortan is going to be thrown into the magic rework as its own different path that alters your experience drastically from the others in the magic system. Shift your understanding of Mortan as the "for everyone" school of abilities, and plant that understanding in the Magic rework as a whole. Mortan's new place in the narrative is going to be almost black and white to what it was before.

Here's what you need to know for your character: After the death of the mad wyrm, there was a single moment in time, when suddenly... The phrases you spoke to bend the world to your whim suddenly do not work. You look over your writings, you swear you speak it right. You bug your friends and allies for their writings, just to make sure you have not gone as mad as the wyrm itself. It does not take long to come to the understanding that, what takes civilizations centuries to do, changing the meanings of words, had happened in an instant. Mortan simply does not work as it did before, and no attempt at stringing words together yields results.
Players are free to ask questions to their otherworldly assets to see if any mote of insight can be gained for this loss of power.

Conclusion: I know it is annoying to have things taken away when they seemingly worked just fine before. Believe me, I fully intend to allow those who visited it once before to revisit with some sense of familiarity, and I will try and answer their in-chracter questions to the best of my ability when the time comes. I also fully intend to allow players to turn their back to Mortan and abandon it without consequence if they do not want to touch it in its new place in the setting. Furthermore, I just wanted to speak briefly on the pace of my work. I'm a full time student at college, and I have a lot of obligations in real life, but I love writing, and while I am not the most efficient writer, I do like to get things done, and my bursts of inspiration are sporadic. I fully intend to see this all through, but I just beg your patience.

Please! Ask questions!
I'll answer what I can, no question is off limits, but I may have to withhold an answer for the sake of keeping things exciting. (Ugh, I know.) You can reach out to me on the forums or on discord: Cole#9497. I'll post a FaQ with questions and their answers.


Q(About magic as a whole.): "...I'm wondering if there will be a balance between being inclusive yet not saturated. Basically, is the idea to make it a bit more accessible, or to make it very commonplace as opposed to "special" like it could be considered rn?"

A: "There are mechanics in the magic rework that allow for groups to fast-track their progress. It shifts things to groups being rewarded, not individuals being punished for not being in a group. I believe there's a good balance that proves the two aren't the same thing. Furthermore, the rework in general has many new avenues for player individuality, and mages will work with lore so that their own identity is fulfilled."
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