Finished {Moderate} Bottles and Biscuits: The Tipsy Traveler's Grand Opening [14th September | 2 PM EST]


The Pacific Garbage Patch


The Tipsy Traveler in Blackrush Crossing is celebrating its grand opening. Come enjoy hors d'oeurves, vintage brew samplings, and prizes!
All food and drink will be provided and prepared by Aspen Telfarn.
Invitations are available for purchase, for a meager fee of 100r.
This establishment is not fitted with lodgings. If you pass out, please enjoy our floor.


Attendance List:
Kaarina Yuki_The_Witch.
Branko Callas Kostadim
Connor Hayden Mudpaw11
Helena Valdis Elz
Garrett L. Herennius Galaxy
Jocasta Vita Blorbis83
Benvoli Ravili Blorbis83 but again
Kitrana Dawnriver French Roast

What: A gathering to celebrate Tipsy Traveler's opening - Public, just pay the cover charge! (100r)
When: Saturday, 14th September | 14:00 EST/13:00 CST/11:00 PST/19:00 GMT
Where: Blackrush Crossing
Host: Aspen Telfarn

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