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Mel Actually Does Art


Lord of Altera
Uhhhhhh I haven't really shared much of my art outside of Discord...mainly cause it's been fan art but ehhhhhhhhhhhh I'll share some stuff here :3 I'll share more as I finish them. I do take commissions, so just shoot me a message if you want one!

donchard magic carpet ride.png
Jester Sona.png
leave luanne.png
lord muzki.png
sara 1.png
fem dawn.png
ooo pjo persona.pngbaby d gang au wo words.png
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I am Wake

The Rose
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Here I sit, in this little box, to await further artwork to feast my eyes upon :p

Thank you for sharing these! You are very talented! ^_^


Lord of Altera
o wow, so much love :D
I was gonna share a comic I did but the forums doesn't like how big it is so uh....another fan art piece I did that is based off of the same story that the comic I was gonna share is from.
Change Uni crying while wearing Dunis hoodie.png

I have a month worth of art just kinda sitting in a folder so.....I'll share it piece by piece.


Legend of Altera
IGN: Celestea
Characters: Florence Caron
Price Level: 3.5k for shading and a flat color

At the moment, I lost the reference art I think bestttt fits Florence, but here is a peek at some other stuff and basic info


Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130
Distinguishing Features: Pre-raphaelite red hair, fair skin, many freckles
Build of Body: Lean structure, leaning more on the muscular side
Eye Color: Deep Green
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Long and wavy, to her lower back
Scars: Deep scars on her right thigh, and right side of her stomach.

Clothes: 1. Grey dress w/ black details, berry (purple-red) cloak.

or 2. blood-red dress with black cloak around her.

If you need anything else my discord is celeste#6003 :heart:



Lord of Altera
If commissions are still open, I'll happily get one of the 3500 ones for Ronak. I'll even pay double because art deserves extra :D


Lord of Altera
Characters: Ronak Rothguard
Price Level:
3500 (Still happy to pay double because art)
Height: 4"8
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Dark Green
Skin Color: Pale-ish
Build of Body: Stout and strong
Hair Color: Dark Grey, almost Black
Hair Style: Casually messy
Complexion: Average
Scars: Unknown, aside from the burn scars on his chin that are pretty visible, removing his ability to grow a beard.
Voice: Deep and booming, like a bell in every tooth
He's usually wearing black trousers, and a cream coloured shirt. Occasionally when he's out for a fancy gathering, he wears a light blue shirt instead.
(If you'd be willing to do 2 pictures of Ronak, maybe one at work in his forge, and one like a simple portrait, I'd be happy to pay 14K instead)
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"Something need doing?"
Will take the 3.5k one!
Ign Whitespoor
Char: Set'iki

Profile [x][x]
You mind giving her little mouths on her right arm, and having her left arm in a stump? (No left hand)
Ref on her profile(s) is/are pretty good.
Brown eyes brown hair dark skin?