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Active Maple


Loyal Servant of Altera

- Maple, the Wanderer -



Name: Maple. Just Maple.
Full Titles: No.
Nickname/Alias: "maebin" (-Ronak Rothguard), "May" (-Seeker), "Mapes" (-Thryss Vendolyn, Kazu)


Battle Theme



Gender: Female
Race: Human
Social Status: Ragtag traveler
Sexuality: Definite lesbian
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125 lbs
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: N/A
Homeland: Storm's Landing.
Current Home/Status: Maple is healing in Eldpoint's hospital from the siege on Kralak's palace, badly emotionally damaged from an event she will no longer speak of.


Short but fairly muscled, built up from years of training.
Hair: Wild, red and very curly, commonly tangled with twigs, dirt and leaves.
Eyes: Sea-green and large. Dotted with large flecks of orange and red.
Skin: Very pale, with a smattering of freckles on her cheeks and upper arms.
Identifying Marks: Veinlike scars on her hands and wrists.
Appearance: Maple has visible muscles on her arms and torso, although she's still relatively lean. She has curly red hair that puffs up around her head and large, green eyes speckled with orange. Her skin is very pale with scattered freckles along with a strange network of scars on her hands. With less clothing, many scars of varying sizes can be seen on her abdomen.
Clothing: Maple usually wears a brown tunic and pants, along with her favorite blue Cloak of Gliding and some leather boots.
Weaponry: A scimitar she won in a carnival game, and a pack of throwing daggers given to her by a dear friend.
Prized Possessions: Her sword
Hygiene: Not the best in the world. Maple commonly smells like sweat, seawater, or both.



Determination, ability to read people, physical agility, devotion to those she loves
Fears: Maple is terrified of the ocean, and of her adoptive father.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, recklessness, emotionality, insensitivity.
Intelligence: No formal schooling. Maple has been taught how to read and write by her father.
Languages: Maple speaks Common and Astremian.
Profession: Co-owns a candy shop with her girlfriend. Part-time adventurer.


Upon first meeting Maple, she would most likely seem either friendly and brash or hot-headed and reckless. Maple is determined, honest and easy to impress, appreciating all types of skills. She's very good at reading other people's emotions, however, she's a bit blind as to how to deal with said emotions. Maple is hasty in her actions and constantly overestimates her abilities, causing her to ignore the warnings of others and do what she wants, however dangerous the outcome might be.

Religion or Cults: Maple is not religious, but has recently been seen visiting the Sword of Archon frequently.

Alignment: Chaotic good


Short Term Goals:

~ Convince Milah that she's ready
~Stay alive

Long Term Goals:

~Learn eviscism
~Prove them wrong
~ Understand
~ Learn
~ Love
~ Kill him




Place: Anywhere unfamiliar
Pastime: Sword-training
Food: Cookies
Drink: Cider
Colour: Yellow
Animal: Dragons

Least Favourite...
Place: Anywhere near open water, Astrum
Pastime: Waiting
Food: Maple will eat anything, so she doesn't exactly have a least-favorite food.
Drink: Milk
Colour: White
Animal: Dragons


General Inventory:

~ A leather satchel she’s carried for most of her life.
~ A collection of drawings bound together with twine This was burnt when Maple set the Bastion bridge on fire.

~ A juggling pin she found in a warehouse
~ A worn-down piece of charcoal for drawing
~ A filthy doll, given to her by a “performer”.
~ An iron dagger
~ A wooden, nicked training sword
~ A small fishing rod
~A crossbow bolt from a Jishrimite she escaped. She keeps it as a souvenir.
~A red sketchbook, along with a quill and inkpot.
~A silver bell, given to her by a friend.
~A Shalheranan dagger she won in a carnival game Given to Elwin to remember her by.
~An Arachian tower shield she also won in a carnival game
~A scimitar she, unsurprisingly, won in a carnival game.
~An arrow made from Archon's feather
~A satchel with five throwing knives
~A carved ram skull
~ Many jewels of different types, cuts, and sizes.
~ Several limestone lizard necklaces she carved herself
~The sword and shield of Kralak.




Aislin (uhavebeengalaxyd) ~~~ Maple's girlfriend! "I love ya, Linny. I can't wait to live the rest of my life with you."


Foxbells (Sussurous) ~ One of Maple's most valued friends. Although she doesn't understand half of what the woman says, she admires her deeply. "She just wants to have fun, and hey, I get that."

Quill(Juvix_) ~ Astrum's healer, whom has had to heal many of Maple's constant injuries. "I'm grateful that you put up with how much I manage to get myself hurt.."

Thryss Vendolyn (Ellievator) ~~~ "I'd tell ya to stop getting hurt, but... "

Elwin Dur(SpiritBloodz) ~ "Stay safe, 'kay?"

Lady Milah Sicarus-Freyr (Jasper151627237 ) ~ "You trust me, I think, for some reason... aside from trying to pull me away from magic, you're pretty alright.”

Kazu (Zitrine) ~ "You want the best for me... you were always there for me, and I never feel like I have to prove myself to you."

Jocasta Vita (Blorbis83) ~ "Fellow Amazon, fellow dumbass, fellow warrior! We /need/ to go beat up someone together or something."

Hakovi (Juvix_) ~ "You... saved my life, even when I tried to push you away. I don't get it, but I do trust you a hell of a lot, birdbrain."

The Seeker (FizzyDrinks) ~ "Please just don't try to bite me again."

Lana Wake(I_am_Wake) ~ "Ya know, I really should ask you about more stuff..."

Maebh (Magic_Intern) ~ "Magic on its own is awesome, but with a friend? Aaaah, I can't wait..."

Bennett (TheDeester) ~ "My safety net. You owe me a spar."

Glenn Louvel (Zoslore) ~ "I'll prove ya right 'bout bein' a hero, wait an' see!"


Gerry McIvy (Jeroxia) ~ "I owe ya one."

Clement (Rustard) ~ "I wish you'd stop thinking I was so helpless... but I guess you have a reason to."

King Thordil (Jasper15162737) ~ "Now I owe /you/, too, but I don't mind. You seem pretty alright."

Tylla Goraya (Blorbis83) ~ "A fellow drus... dru... eh, forget it. Cool warrior lady."

Asero Crow (electricwisekid) ~ "You fought with me against Kralak, and against the Ashen Hounds.. I need to see that book you wrote sometime!"


Gunter Schmidt (Philipe) ~ "You're a pretty good fighter, even though you seem kinda shy. A rematch sometime, yeah?"

Silk Tongue (Doctor_Brown) ~ "Kinda weird. They hurt Aislin... but it got the elemental out of her. They proposed a game, but they were the one who benefited. We'll see."

Lune Tek'ton (Icanra) ~ "Thanks for not, uh, throwing me in jail."

Unsure of:

No one

Wary of:

No one

Afraid of:

Ronak Rothguard (FEARxTHExJOKER) ~ "You hate me, and I deserve it."


Illyrana (Yuki_the_Witch) ~ "How have you gotten that far being a cold bitch who snarks at everyone within five feet?."

Jonah Noether (GeneralFisher5) ~ "Bitch."


Alfric(Secki) ~ "I'm gonna make you pay, you rat bastard."




Combat Skills:

Swordplay: [8/10] -
"I think I’m getting better!"
Hand-to-Hand: [7/10] - "I can throw a pretty decent punch."
Magic: [0/10] - "Someday."
Agility: [8/10] - “No one can catch /me/!”
Aim: [6/10] - "On you if I take yer eye out."

Utility Skills:

Sewing: [3/10] -
"Ugh. Boooo-ring."
Handwriting: [4/10] - "Everyone keeps saying my Y's look like G's."
Reading: [10/10] - "Mmhm!"
Cooking: [0/10] - "Sorry about that pan..."
Cleaning: [1/10] - "Why? I don't mind dirt."

Practical Skills:

Climbing: [10/10]
- "Ya can count on me."
Swimming: [0/10] - "No."
Writing: [3/10] - "Not /my/ fault every word has extra E's."
Art: [9/10] - “Didn't think I'd actually get this good, heh.”
Singing: [9/10] - "No one must know."
Construction: [2/10] - "...I built a toy horse once? It broke within five minutes, but still."
Forging: [2/10] - "... yeeeah, no."
Survival: [8/10] - "Used to it."
Woodcutting: [0/10] - "How do you even lift this thing?!"

~||THE VOWS||~
"I told ya. I never break a promise."


= Come home safe

= A rematch

= Kill him. Complete.


My in-game name is: WaterPrincess_


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Added some more relations, and updated the appearance. Some relations (aka two) now have music, click on the ~~~


Loyal Servant of Altera

Here's a collection of all the art I have for Maple so far, done by Galaxy, DrBrownCa, and Abirosse! Ily guys :heart:3

I've updated Maple's profile since I aged her up recently, as usual let me know if you want a relation!