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Looking for Linguist Tutor


Loyal Servant of Altera

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this poster to advertise my need for a, or many, linguists who may teach
me various languages. I currently know Common and Elven and will not be looking
for tutors for either of those languages. I wish to learn more languages to expand my
communication availability to various cultures which can aid me with my business
and connect better with people who may not speak my native language or the common

I can offer two things in return, either a generous payment for your lessons or to teach
one how to speak or read and write in elven or common. Please share this with any
linguists you may know, I am very eager to learn!


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I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
A letter is promptly sent

Dear Lamia,

My name is Lana Wake (soon Silveira) and I teach lectures every Sunderday (Thursday) at Frostwarts. I know a good handful of languages and will be willing to teach you. Learning a language is difficult from scratch and will take near three or four months to learn at a level acceptable to pass everyday conversation.
I currently teach one of my students Rede before or after every Sunderday lecture. You are welcome to join him in his study.

Whilst current events have us rather on edge, time flows ever onward and I am content to aid you for the future. Should circumstances change, albeit injury or emotional trauma through current events, I will let you know so that we may learn in a day-by-day basis. Come see me sometime soon. I welcome your company and willingness to learn.

Yours thankful,
~Lana "Luck" Wake (soon Silveria)