Poster Linistel play: In need of Actors and helpers.

The Cartoon Witch

Lord of Altera
The poster below is written neatly and orderly for all those to read. Poster would hug up in Linistel, Storms landing and where else it would be allowed to go up in.

Illyrana Silveira is writing and putting on an Aori play called:


The tragedy of a girl who takes matters into her own hands when a group of gang members continue to terrorize her friends and family.

Illyrana is looking for people to play the following roles:

Gang member 2
•Gang member 3
•Leonardo: The Gang Leader
•Guard 1
•Guard 2
The Father

Actors are not the only thing needed. Stage helpers would be grand as well. Those who help with props, costumes, Narrator, etc. If interested, please send a letter to Illyrana.

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