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[Korog] Thôrdil Bárúmur


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Life, Evil and lots of rubble
-Thordil held the perimeter of The Cathedral until it was certain there were no enemies from this side.
-Once the fight against Evil commenced, Thordil entered The Cathedral and began attacking Evil alongside Uriel, Podric and Bennett.
-At risk of death, Thordil continued his attack even when it became apparent Life might take The Cathedral down. He watched Life be corrupted once, and would not risk such again.
-Daeron and Thryss attempted to extract a battered Thordil with a broken leg, but were halted when a piece of debris pinned Thordil and Thryss down.
-Steadfast to the end, Thordil utilized Korog's Divine Spells to hold up the rubble so Thryss could be extracted. As a result, Thordil was crushed to death shortly thereafter.