Active Jinx Hiraeth -- Child of Many Lives


Loyal Servant of Altera
& the temporarily ugly profile

(Yuya -- By Elda-QD)
General Information:

Name: Jinx Hiraeth
Other Names: -
Titles: -

Age: 6
Race: Silver Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Current Residence: With her mother & aunt in Halbed.
Relationship Status: -
Social Status: Working class.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 3'8"
Weight: 42lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale white
Shape of Face: Diamond
Distinguishing Features: -
Build of Body: Average little girl, if not a bit smaller.
Hair Color: Platinum blonde.
Hair Style: Pixie cut
Complexion: Pale and childlike
Posture: Usually, tall and formal, unless she's kneeling on the ground digging in the dirt.
Is Seen By Others As: Kind, but strange.
Scars: -
Voice: Quiet and sweet.


Likes: Animals, Nature, Her mom & aunt
Dislikes: Mom & aunt's boyfriends, People who don't take care of animals, nature, or their things.
Strengths: Passionate, kind, creative
Weaknesses: Stubborn, impolite, childish
Fears: Upsetting any animals she comes across.
Values: Individuality, family
Education: Taught simple things by her mother & aunt.
- Marjash: Her first language, as she was raised in the Caravan.
- Spoken: Fluent
- Written: Rough
- Elven: Taught by her mother and sister when she was very young.
- Spoken: Slightly Rough
- Written: Rough
- Common: Taught by her mother and sister when she was very young.
- Spoken: Slightly Rough
- Written:Rough
General Attitude: Barely paying attention.
Religious Inclination: -
General Intelligence: Average for a girl her age.
General Sociability: She comes off as strange, but good-hearted.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Short Term Goals: Get mommy to get me a pet!! Three pets!! TEN!!!

Long Term Goals: Make friends with every single animal in the whole world.


Wardrobe: Eccentric outfits designed by herself and her mother.
Jewelry: Several ear piercings, because mom says we gotta fight the man.

Pets/Animals: None... YET

Owned Homes: -

Carried Inventory: -
General Inventory: -

General Wealth: -


Illnesses: -
Allergies: -
Injuries: -
Sleeping Habits: Avoids sleep like the plague.
Energy Levels: Around her family, high, around others, low.
Eating Habits: She'll eat pretty much anything.
Exercise Habits: Running around in the woods.
Memory: Fine enough, she is young.
Unhealthy Habits: Eating dirt, sometimes.
Drinking Habits: -


Birthplace: On the road with the Caravan.

Childhood: Very fun and loving so far!

Teen Years: -

Adulthood: -

Family History: -

Past Places of Residences: -

Places Traveled: All across Altera with the Caravan


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful

Weaponry: -

Combat Training: -

Training & Skills:


Other Trivia:

Occupation: -
Favorite Types of Food: Sweet baked goods, especially cinnamon pie.
Favorite Types of Drink: Fruit juice
Hobbies/Pastimes: Wandering in the wilderness.
Favorite Colors: Green, blue


Relevant Family Members: Dove & Raven Hiraeth
Romantic Interests: -
Trusted Friends: -
Friendly With: -
Loose Acquaintances: -
Disfavored Individuals: -
Hated: -
Wary Of: Ventare Seymour