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Introducing the PR Team


HollowWorld's Announcer
[Introducing PR]
Public relations (PR) is the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

PR (Whitelisting + Media)
Goals & Purpose

-Upkeep Whitelisting
-Ease process to whitelist / re-whitelist
-Ease access to questions for all types of players - Redirecting where necessary
-Managing threads and posts relating to the readability of guides and public information to keep players informed (Those not within other departments)

This position leads projects relating to a position more in-tune with what PR is. Those in PR will help manage Whitelisting, Newsletters, Warp Highlights, Forum/Server related contests, and more. These are all familiar jobs to the public eye and is not planned to change- but be more spread out within aid. Our choice in advertising on social media sites will be limited, but focused, moving forward.

Goals & Purpose

-Provide a welcoming community in the Server's Hub Region, to help players jump into the roleplay world

This position helps lead the main region hub of the server. They consider projects under their field, assign these projects to volunteers under the team, and make sure these projects continue to fruition. "Spawn Events" fall under this team. We are different than server events, in which our focus is for the growth of the spawn region and focusing our events to the community there. By doing so, we make sure there is always a form of roleplay in the spawn region to new and returning players.

Solus - Admin
Tideborne - Media Project Manager
Kamaoe - Spawn Project Manager
I am Wake

[!] Want to join? Send a conversation to the current "Admin" of the team with a formal staff application.


Staff member
As time went on- Instead of 3 branches (whitelisting, media, spawn), it made more sense to merge media with whitelisting and pull it under the title of "PR". This is a new department I'm helping structure for now. If there's any questions- do ask! We're still getting used to the new structure as well.


Staff member
I would like to be transparent on the folk in the PR team. Future additions should and will have explanations to their hiring:

Solus -
Most of you know me and what I'm capable of with projects. I can run a region, handle projects, etc. I was asked to help the PR team form a few months back and my progress has trickled down in small areas visible. This position is meant to be temporary.

Tideborne -
Prior the Media Coordinator, he focuses on some main aspects of media related publications such as: Newsletter, Warp Highlight, Contests. He also handles forum permissions + name changes and houses.

Kamaoe -
Prior the Spawn Coordinator, she now focuses on the main aspects of Rent, Build structure, the Guard System and is in charge of the Council System. She'll host events related to these themes or of her own accord in SL.

Jase -
He has long since found his place in actively monitoring Whitelist Apps and has been active in communicating with new players as they found their way to our server.

Niko -
Focused in the Spawn Event team- he has experience in hosting group events from past DMing. He'll continue to host Events through the SL Port Authority, or expand into other event areas inside SL.

Lenore -
Split positions in both Spawn and Media - they'll help host spawn events for the playerbase, after their work in the main events team. Lenore is also helping with work outside the server on social media and the likes of Planet Minecraft. And will also pick on Whitelist apps on the side.

I am Wake -
Working namely in PR, they'll be helping process Whitelist Apps and communicating with new players. Wake will also be helping upkeep of current threads to make sure they're up-to-date.

What we've done so far:
Spruced up New Player Guides:
New Whitelist App forms:
New Rent System:
Spawn Event Tier List:
+Hosted a few small scope events by a few members.