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Active Hellmann Kegheart


Names: Puvan Hellmann Ferraro Rocher Kegheart
Titles: N/A
: Hell
Divine Profile: [X]

"Never Betray your Immortal Family" - Karn Clawheart

Divider Skraag Visage1.png

"One day you will meet your own mirror" - Foxbells

: 37

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Very Gay

Race & Culture: Dwarf, from Tambry

Social Status: Quite wealthy, self made business woman.

Profession: Trader and Company Owner, Ship captain

Current Home: Tilted Whale and Achored Taproom

Frequents: Storm's Landing, Queensport, Frontier Temple, Temple of Skraag

Quick Info: A young adult woman dwarven lass with braids, her har a auburn and her eyes amber. She's usually seen with a drink or cigar nearby.


: She's a large woman, Her stature holds her at a dwarf size holding her quite short.

Height: 4'6''

Weight: 180lbs

Hair: Hellmann is obbsessive about keeping her longer hair braided.

Eyes: She has Amber eyes, bags almost never present.

Physical Features: Her torso is heavily scared in many places, the rest of the body is missing such scars.

Signature Clothing: A leather jacket over a blouse, leather pants and leather boots. She likes her leather.

The bladed head of this battleaxe is a dirty bronzle color, glowing with a red and orange hue which highlights a thin engraved design of a ship being chased by a series of waves. These waves continue and swirl around down the oak hilt, landing on a leather grip. Under this, the symbol of a stag's head in front of a flame. Overall, the weapon reaches 16 inches (40cm), suitable for one-handed use.

Inventory: She would find herself with eight metal flasks, each with a diffrent color stopper that all hang from the inside of her jacket. White contains Vodka(Consistantly refilled.), Red would hold Red Wine, Brown holds rum, Blue holds milk, Gray holds water, Green holds water, Yellow holds Congeled Blood from the Heart of Skraag(In Branko Callas's possesion), Purple holds Moonshine

Hygiene: She keeps herself quite clean, not a clean freak but making sure she does not leave a scent.

"A dwarf can never dig too deep" - Hellmann

Hellmann is a woman with a goal, however divided she is between the pantheon, her goal stays the same.

- Relentless -
- Curious -
- Empathetic -
- Charismatic -
- Honorable -
- Articulate -
- Confident -
- Indecisive -
- Naive -
- Stubborn -
- Nosy -
- Sassy -
- Obsessive -
- Judgement -
- Chaos -
- Jishrim -
- The Loss of Intelligence -

She has a very good reading level and can recall most if not all common knowledge easily, she also posseses some uncommon knowledge as well.

Character’s soft spot:


Religion or Cults:
Children of the Wight(Skraag)
Lavender's Lament(Visage)
Inclination to Jax

Neutral Good

Knowledge is useless in a vaccum. I don't want to be curious for my own sake. Hellmann's given me reasons to be curious. - Ginnian

Description: A set of two simple silver bracelets.
Effect: Once per day the wearer of each can speak one sentence to the other wearer. It will grow warm when in the same town as the other, and otherwise remain cold.
(Gifted by Ronak Rothguard, he has the other piece)


A handheld lantern made of iron, which when lit gives off a soft green light despite the flames.


Blood of a Holy Man

Vial of Mysterious Old Blood

Mysterious Old Blue Stone

Two Sets of Manacles

Strength ~ [5/10]
Perception ~ [4/10]
Endurance ~ [5/10]
Charisma ~ [8/10]
Intelligence ~ [5/10]
Agility ~ [2/10]
Luck ~


Combat Skills

Swordsmanship [2/10] - Very Bad

Axemansship [5/10] - Average

Unarmed Fighting [6/10] - Above Average

Marksmanship [3/10] - Bad

Common [8/10] - Grew up in Tambry on the old continent, so it is her native toungue.

Horghaan [7/10] - Learned from her parents and uses it regularly when writing and reading her reports.

Rede [1/10] - Picked up on the Language phrases a bit while living in Queensport

Elvish [1/10] - A few phrases from a childhood friend

Greyling [0/10] - There might be a attempt

Blacksmithing [4/10] - Below Average

Stonecunning [5/10] - Average

Carpentry [6/10] - Above Average

Cooking [7/10] - Good

[9/10] - Accomplished Gambler

Persuasion [7/10] - Good

Deception [6/10] - Above Average


Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals:

Completed Quests:
A Hunt for Chaos
Hunt of a Wight
Digging for Death
Outsmarting the Fox
Temple Renovations
Lavender Sight
Keeping Confidences
A Lover's First Blood Ritual
A Hand in Death
A Bloodless Sacrifice

Family -
Keghearts - My birth family, they cannot know my truths but they can know my love.
Huvan - Someone I can trust, a good older brother.
Shuvan - He used to be so much like Ruvan, that was until he found the shrooms
Ruvan - A hilarious man with a jolly heart who’s kept me on my path without him even knowing it
Luvan - A sweet sister, damned lazy and eats a bit too much but shes there If I need to talk
Tuvan - Taught me how to selectively give thy knowledge, and when to keep my mouth shut
Duvan - Wisest of the brothers, always head strong and made the best decisions
Hysope - Reunited sister who was thought to be dead,
Children of the Wight
- My Eldest Immortal Brother, caring, strong, relentless.
Karn - Our immortal father, wise in his guidance and hilarious with his jokes.
Aileni - A little sister to be nurtured and infused with empathy, caring and passion.
Foxbells - The sister I never had, So much depth, Intelligence, Cunning, Reliable

Lana Wake - Smart, Charming, Cunning
Marian - Headstrong, Respected,
Ronak Rothguard - Complicated, Sorrow
Valtae - Sweet wonderful lady, someone to never be harmed
Thryss - Nice woman, a bit old but wild. Ever changing, ever moving. Respected
Ginnian - a child to be nurtured, one who must be cared for deeply

Drinking Buddies
Malark - Nice man, I still have yet to speak to him properly, but good to my customers and pays his tolls. A better blacksmith than most people with twenty diffrent jobs.
Anwar - Never shows up to his damn shifts or does his work, I dont know why I pay him
Asero - Fun man, powerful, talented

Eliss - Borderline drinking buddy, dissatisfied, cunning
Loriss - Complicated
Xozu - Respected, never to see eye to eye perfectly, but allowed a look within ever so often
Malark - Respected, Odd bloke but I figure we ought to get along fine

Ardaric Tideborne - Future boss, scary, successful
Bok’ra - Unstable chaos, disgusted
Iqya Mut - disgusted, sandbag
Cyrus Lavender - Unknown, Illusive, Kind
Ashna - Interested, has something I am interested in
Matieu - Potential for growth
Ventare - Interested
Cassandra - Heavily Respected
Fronslin - Respected, Good husband
Aryn - Respected, Good husband

- Nice to listen in on
Elwin - A bit of a stubborn fool
Alfonso - A disgusting fool
Adora - A brat
Erwin - Not a bad bebbin
Dayton - Someone to be nurtured
Eimar - I’m sorry


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