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Ok so here is how we know what you took/broke/placed/dug/mined and opened

So first what you broke/placed this shows who broke X block or who placed Y block so we can see if what you are breaking/placing

Ok so what you did with chests we can check if you take something or if you put something in, thiefs beware! 2011-12-12_21.39.01.png

Opening and closing doors! we can check if you opened a door to tresspass on someone's property, allthough not against the rules just know that we can check if you do!

Now to mining allthough this is the same as breaking / placing blocks people dont seem to get that we can check this too!

and finally we have a web based version. with this we can have bigger search perameters so we can search for everything player X said or whatever player Y broke. this is a powerful device to find xrayers cause we can search for every diamond ore break across the server and the information stays there for good. (thanks to kaies for the pic and reminding me of this)



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Remember folks, at the drop of a hat, (alphas hat to be specific) one of the admin team will be on the scene at the mention of thievery, griefing, x-raying or rule breaking in general.

Not only can we see block breaks and places, but we can also track chat logs, both public and private, and we can also see any commands you may have used. Furthermore, Hawk Eye will even tell us who killed who in a pvp situation. The point is, in no way can you expect to get away with it, because it takes us all of ten seconds to figure out exactly what happend, to whom, when, and why.

The Solution? Read the Tome of Citizenship and take it to heart. After that, simply dont break any of the rules, and your life on Hollow World will be fun, stressless and extremely addictive.

So in light of this Divine Revelation, should you find yourself reading this and are about to post a ban appeal, do NOT claim that our evidence is either faulty or non-existent. Hawk Eye is omniscient, omnipresent, and infallible.
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