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having some issues


Lord of Altera
okay so upon creating a character, everytime I click 'enter the middle-earth' the lotro client crashes. I've put down the graphics setting to Direct 9 instead of 10 and it still does it. And somebody said to change the name of userpreference file in the Documents and I did and it still didn't work. Anyone having the same issue? Did anyone find a solution?


<3 Hollow World
Open the launcher, you'll see lots of icons at the top, pick the single down arrow, select options and try to repair. It'll reset a few options but should attempt to fix the problem. Whatever you do don't try to defrag the game files with the lotro-defragger util that some people suggest, it's not been supported for about 2 years and tends to cause more problems than is solves.

Hate to say it but it's possibly time for a re-download if it still won't fire up.