Finished [Frostwarts] - Bringing color to your life: Dye Making with Jin


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Dye Making
"Bringing color to your life"

Our most promising student at Frostwarts will host a lesson to show he's about ready to graduate!
Jin Elsattir will be showing us all how to make dyes in the Alchemy Room, the most characteristic of all classrooms.
Be ready to boil water, mix colors, and take your first steps to understanding the process of dye making!
Be advised: Wear clothes that you don't mind getting stained.

Points can once again be earned for the students competition, which will be tallied up on the student scoreboard downstairs.
And like always, the best instructional or informative notebook will receive 1000 radiants.
All reasonable notes will be copied and added to the student's own bookcase in the Common Room.


Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: 10th of October
Time: 22:00h GMT+2 / 3.00pm CST / 4.00 pm EST

To get to the Alchemy Room, follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Sanardu] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [Alchemy Room]

Go to Spawn, find the ship with the white mast. It takes you to Sanardu, find the boat with the grey sails and purple grape on it. It'll take you to Halbed, walk through the gates and make your way to the most South-Western point of town, you'll get to Frostwarts. Inside Frostwarts, Go left up the stairs, take a right turn through the hallway, underneath the stairs and up through the outside corridor into the Alchemy Room.
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Olligreen is ready to graduate! By hosting this lesson hell get his final points and will be Frostwarts first graduated scholar! Be there for this historical moment!
Now on the 10th of October