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General Info:
Name: Florence Caron
Nicknames: Flor, Petal
Age: 24
Birthday: (unknown)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Social Status: Lower Middle Class
Current Residence: Aegis
Previous Places of Residency: Linistel, Valercea
Occupation: N/A
Previous Occupations: Army Recruit (Valercea), Councilor of Valercea, Steward of Housing of Valercea
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Intertwined
Religion: Sallana


Illnesses: N/A
Injuries: N/A
Healed Injuries: Boiling Water burn on Right forearm
Memory: Quite good
Eating Habits: Average
Energy Levels: High
Drinking Habits: Below Average
Exercise Habits: Very Agile, can be found roaming around constantly
Sleeping Habits: Below Average

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130
Distinguishing Features: Pre-raphaelite red hair, fair skin, many freckles
Build of Body: Lean structure, leaning more on the muscular side
Eye Color: Deep Green
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Long and wavy, to her lower back
Scars: Deep scars on her right thigh
Voice: Naturally Silvery

General Attitude: Full of life, playful
Religious Inclination: None
General Intelligence: Average
General Sociability: Ambivert
Appears: Quiet, Simple, Plain
What She Hides: Pressure to provide and care for her family and those she cares for

Likes: Warm bread, good jokes, running, fields, peaches, climbing trees
Dislikes: Overly seriousness, short books, blue ink, wrinkles
Fears: Marriage, Illness
Strengths/Good Traits: Strong Moral Code, Dependable, Calm, Caring
Neutral Traits: Sweet tooth, Imaginative
Weaknesses/Bad Traits: Sensitive, Self-destructive, Impatient
Values: Family, Hard Work, Adventure, Trust, Security
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Place: Storm's Landing Cathedral
Pastime: Baking
Food: Marzipan cakes
Drink: Rum
Color: Lilac
Animal: Chickens

Least Favorite...
Place: Stuffy rooms
Pastime: Being serious
Food: Burnt Chicken
Drink: Sweet Wines
Color: Brown
Animal: Crows

Place: The kitchen in her family home
Drink: Cool Water

Languages: Common
Education: Taught household skills from her mother and neighbor (cooking, cleaning, forgery, childcare, lil bit of sewing), some skills from her father (sailing, fishing, archery, navigation, swimming, etc.), and how to read and ride from her older brother.

* Drinking - Utterly Terrible
* Healing - Fundamental Awareness
* Navigation - Novice
* Archery - Intermediate
* Fishing - Intermediate
* Forgery - Intermediate
* Sailing - Intermediate
* Baking - Advanced
* Riding - Advanced
* Storytelling - Advanced
* Swimming - Mastered
* Writing - Mastered

Short Term Goals:
* Buy a house
* Take a bath
* Go fishing
* Weave more flower crowns (and perhaps not depetal them)
* Find a seamstress
* Nurture a new friendship

Long Term Goals:
* Build a new family (not necessarily biological)
* Baking to Expert
* Open a Bakery/General Store
* Buy a horse
* Find a confidant
* Learn to play an instrument
* Live in peace and joy
* Live in Sallana's light

* Long dagger made of crude steel
* Long sword of steel
* 3 crushed flower crowns (purple and white)
* Half a tough loaf of bread
* Gold Coin
* Slowly diminishing radiants
* Steel Sword
* Well kept map
* Stolen rum glass

* Stolen rum glass {Returned - jkjk we stole that hoe back}

* (Briefly) - name typically unknown, very little interaction

Age 23
Met: Keya (briefly), Marceau (briefly), Leonhard, as well as many others who went namely unknown
Favored Events: Arrived in Linistel
Neutral Events: Left her family
Disfavored Events: Hurt her ankle

Age 24
Met: Stella, Set, Nyla, Raynor, Amos, Lana (briefly), Tylla, Maebh, Uriel, Fronslin (briefly), Rowley (briefly), Podric (briefly), Jorvun (briefly), Katherine (briefly), Asher (briefly), Thure (briefly)
Remet: Leonhard, Keya, Marceau
Befriended: Raynor, Amos, Keya, Uriel, Maebh, Nyla
Favored Events: Acquiring new weapons, Growing close to Raynor, Buying a home, Moving to Aegis, Fortune Reading with Maebh
Neutral Events: Moving to Valercea, Writing to her family, Famine in Valercea (allowed her to leave)
Disfavored Events: Drinking heavily for the first time, Fighting with Raynor, Burning herself

Philip Caron {Father} ~ "I pray your cough softens as I distance myself. Perhaps my presence was merely the illness."

Elizabeth Caron {Mother} ~ "While I might as well be Mary Grace when your mind fails you, I love you like the moon loves the sun mother."

Leo Caron {Brother, deceased} ~ "To the sea, the waves have certainly crashed my soul now."

Mary Grace Caron {Sister} ~ "You were born to step up, I trust you are doing such now."

Augustine Caron {Brother} ~ "My precious plum. Enjoy your simple tasks, as life will soon only burden you with those much more difficult."

Henriette Caron {Sister} ~ "Do not let the scraps you have been let with come as a sign of bad, but spin those threads into gold young one."

Uriel {Beloved} ~ "Perhaps my words are better spoken in hushed tones under the starry night, no?"

Keya Naetris {Friendly} ~ "Continue in your strength, I only wish we will grow closer someday."

Amos Merlyn {Friendly} ~ "Perhaps we shall both return home, together?"

Raynor var Emhril {Friendly} ~ "You led me to disaster, my trust is dwindling, and honestly, I fear what you might do next. Where have you gone?"

Nylatheria var Emhril {Friendly} ~ "Your kindness burned a heat of hope in my heart, I truly hope this friendship grows under Sallana's favor indeed."

Maebh {Friendly} ~ "A grin of my own taste, I've missed this playful banter that spills from your lips."

Leonhard Ironwood {Acquaintances} ~ "You certainly left me unsure if another meeting would go well or not. "

Stella {Acquaintances} ~ "A true sign of the beauty of childhood."

Set {Acquaintances} ~ "I certainly hope you find your way."

Marceau {Acquaintances} ~ "I see you going far."

Tylla {Acquaintances}

[in order of "meeting"]
* Linden

* Lana Wake

* Thure Von Hardanger

* Katherine I

* Asher Varyn

* Fronslin

* Eren Abel

* Rowley Durandal

* Podric

* Jorvun Aersvar

Keya Naetris {acquaintances} ~ "A warm and friendly face, forever thankful for your help."

Raynor var Emhril {Friendly} ~ "Perhaps too much bang heat in that forge of yours has made you crazy, but I suppose being sane is simply not for us some days."

Raynor var Emhril {Close Friends} ~ "You have dragged me this far, I sure hope the next place you push me too is not your precious dungeon."

Nylatheria var Emhril {Acquaintances} ~ "He certainly needs you to keep his head straight and ego in check, for this, I thank thee."

Uriel {Undecided} ~ "Someday we shall discover the greatest mysteries of the world. I will teach you of home and love, and perhaps you will teach me of greater things and epic adventures. I truly hope to keep that warm grin of yours alive for as long as I'm around."

Nylatheria var Emhril {Wary Of} ~ "I'm not sure if I should fear you, him, or both."

Maebh {Acquaintances}

"You wouldn't be strong if there weren't something to be nervous about. In some ways, they reside together."

"I've always been crazy."

"Only a fool is strong without recognizing the risks."

"Though I certainly would not claim a good brew as my best companion, we tend to tussle with my sanity."

"I don't wish to accept my own foolishness... Seeking truth I cannot swallow."


"Have you see your hair?.. And the way you can warm my heart- and burn those who spurn you.. Like poor ******."

"I got you the title of Grand Mistress of Valercea aswell.." [DISCOSTANG!!]

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Lil Update

* Updated Keya's relationship
* Added Inventory/Pack
* Changed Drinking Skillset (we are not the novice we once thought we were)
* Added Alignment
* Added Face claim


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An Update!!

* Updated some relations (namely Raynor's and added Amos)
* We completed some goals!!
* New inventory goodies
* Added Occupation
* We got a home, so check out the residency (now just to get Paar to name the streets/buildings so its cooler sounding)
* Added Education
* Started Florence Through the Years (more to come with that soon)

Stuff Coming Soon to a Forum Near You!
I have a long list of things I will be adding in the near future, and I want to soon (character building/story building is my absolute favorite part of rp) so here are just some things I want to add, though I have a very long list of stuff, I won't list it all here today.

* Add more to Florence Through the Years (all backstory, nearly a year by year rundown of her life)
* Further Details into her Traits, and definitely outlining more of her traits in general.
* Self Perception
* A Theme (wooo)
* Memories with Family/Friends
* Mental Stability
* Letters/Notes better-left unsent
* Clothing/Looks

...and much more. :)


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* New nick :') (me likeyy)
* As the radiants her parents provided have diminished greatly over the nearly 2 years she has lived on her own, she's begun to renounce her old comfortable life, and with such, she slowly is moving lower in class as she looks for stable, honest work.
* New residence, and previous ones now listed!
* Similarly to residences, occupations are updated
* Relationship status
* She believes she has found a confidant, and she hopes that work out eee (Long Term Goals)
* Inventory Update (new sword) and we returned that stolen rum glass as of recent, but I wish not to forget it so I added a new spoiler
*A few updates to "Florence Through the Ages"
* Relationships!
- Added Tylla and Maebh! (will add lil things in a bit, it was just stressing me out how much I needed to update honestly haha)
- Updated Uriel
- Updated Raynor
- Updated Nyla

In the next day or so, I plan to add some quotes I've ssed as well as maebh's precious fortune for lil flor :') (also ily if you read this all haha)


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Update Time!
* Relations: Updated Maebh + Nyla
* Added Strangers !!
* Added Religion
* Restole the rum glass whoopSS
* New Goals
* New Fav Drink + Place
* Alignment (Neutral Good > Chaotic Good)
* Newly Understood Values
* Healed from her injury
* Silly Quotes
* Theme
* Playlist